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Sunday, June 28, 2015

My Review of Falling Skies 5.01- Find Your Warrior

The fifth and final season of Falling Skies starts off with a bang.  Tom returns with a brand new (and much more hostile) attitude which has Anne and Matt worried; the love triangle of Ben, Maggie, and Hal continues; and we possibly have a new player (or two) at the table.

Given that this is the final season, I am surprised that show appears to be introducing a new player to the game.  I am not sure who Tom was talking with when he was hallucinating, but I doubt that it was the Espheni or the Volm.  If it was the Volm, I would have expected Cochise to know more about what was going on.  While it could have been the Espheni playing with his mind, I don't see them telling him to become a tougher warrior and become much more aggressive, unless they think the by doing so, he will either alienate the other humans and Volm or he will galvanize the Espheni and Skitters to coalesce into a tougher unit in order to wipe the humans out.  It is possible that there is a faction of the Espheni that is akin to the rebel faction of the Skitters from the second season.  I think the most likely possibility is that there is either another race out there attempting to fight the Espheni or Tom came up with everything on his own.

Tom's new attitude is quite a drastic change from where he started.  Granted, he has been through a seriously tough several years, which is enough to harden anyone, but his new viciousness is quite the startling change.  He has really decided to go all out to give the Espheni a final defeat.  From killing the winged Skitter to using Scotty's body in the explosion to casually shooting most of a clip into the head of the Overlord who was controlling Ben, Tom has most definitely turned a corner and I am not entirely sure that it is for the best.  I will grant that it may be necessary for the final push, his new attitude is definitely worrying Anne and Matt.  Ben seemed a little worried after the Overlord was killed, but I may be misinterpreting the look he shot Tom.  Hal has barely reacted, so I assume that he is in agreement with Tom's more aggressive posture.  Weaver remains a cipher, but the rest of the gang seems to be going along with what Tom wants.

Hal's completely transparent attempt to get Maggie to choose him over Ben was pathetic.  Arranging for Maggie to stay with him while Ben went elsewhere was about the most obvious play he could have made.  I'm glad that Maggie had sense enough to see through it.  I think that if Hal continues to push, he is going to drive her right away.  You also know that this little love triangle is going to surface at the absolute worst time for everyone.

Cochise's news that there are several hundred more militias around the world is a good thing.  I am not so sure that having the Volm as the only conduit of information is a good thing.  They have proven too willing to sacrifice the humans if their ends conflict with the Volms own goals.  I just hope that the Volm will operate with the ultimate goal of defeating the Espheni in mind.  Handing the Espheni a solid defeat on Earth may inspire a wave of other rebellions on other worlds.  Maybe not, but it is always possible.  The Volm just need to make sure that they work with the humans to defeat the Espheni.

There are 9 hours left in the show, so I hope that the show doesn't waste time and keeps the storyline moving as briskly as they did tonight.  I also hope that they don't introduce any new players because they really won't have much time to get them integrated properly.

Until next week!