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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My Review of Teen Wolf 5.02- Parasomnia

Stiles is suspicious of Theo which causes tension with Scott, Lydia and Parrish get their flirt on, a student suffers from night terrors, Liam hands Mason some news, and Malia is...Malia...

After last night's packed premiere, tonight's episode moved much slower without losing any of the intensity.  The Doctors are apparently messing with supernatural creatures and changing the rules that the supernatural world is governed by such as giving werewolves talons from birds.  Which leads me to my one serious issue with the episode.  Last season, it was stated very clearly that a True Alpha's power could not be stolen.  Yet tonight, Deaton said that a Beta of Scott's making could take his power.  So which is it?  If what Deaton said tonight is correct, then my original theory (which I had discarded last night) could very easily be correct.  If Deaton misspoke tonight, then my original theory is wrong.  If he did misspeak, then I suspect that he meant that a Alpha's power can only be stolen by a Beta that they create.  The only problem with that idea is that Derek (who was born a werewolf) stole Peter's Alpha powers in Season 1 and Peter (also a born werewolf) stole them from Laura, which creates a rather massive issue with the mythology.  They really need to sort this out with some sort of explanation.

I can't exactly blame Stiles for not trusting Theo, particularly after the past couple of years.  Generally speaking, when someone new and mysterious enters the scene, they are up to no good.  I am not fully convinced that Theo is bad yet, but that is very much up for debate.  What we know for sure is that the people who are his "parents" aren't really his parents.  Also, his story about how he was changed is complete hooey.  Unless my memory is very bad, the ability to change into a wolf completely is a very rare ability and one that only certain born werewolves have.  Unless he has been messed with by the Doctors somehow, that means that Theo was born a werewolf.  If he was born a werewolf, then the fact that he can change into an actual wolf probably means that he is not a bad guy.  We have only seen three people in the show who have been able to change that way and they were all Hales: Talia, Derek, and Laura.  We don't know anything about Laura really, but both Derek and Talia were good people.  Derek may have sucked as a leader, but he was a good person deep down.  However, if Theo has been messed with by the Doctors, then all bets are off.

Scott, on the other hand, is continuing in his fine tradition of trusting someone until they prove him wrong.  I was more than a little surprised to discover that he thought that Peter could still be saved.  That is taking faith in people just a little too far IMNSHO.  While it is nice that Scott wants to save people, that can also be a very dangerous trait.  There does come a point when you need to write people off, particularly when it is someone like Peter who is a congenital liar and is always out for his own best interests, everyone else be damned.  Based on interviews with Jeff, we know that Scott makes a major mistake, and I think this could be the first step down that path.

The fact that Scott is in AP Biology is quite interesting.  I know that he has been pulling his grades up and has been focusing on school, but to taking an AP class is quite the step for him.  If Kira is right and he wants to become a vet, then taking the class makes total sense.  If he can apply himself the way he has been, then he should be fine, particularly with both Lydia and Kira in the class with him.  I loved the non-verbal conversation that the two of them had before Kira talked with Scott.  That was quite amusing.

Malia's listing of reasons why Stiles should be threatened by Theo was classic Malia.  That girl totally lacks any sort of mental filter and it shows.  The look that Stiles gave her was half annoyed and half expected.  And Malia definitely needs to get some help about her car issues.  I get why she was traumatized, but if she hopes to drive, she really needs to get someone to help her out.

Watching Parrish and Lydia flirt with each other was fun.  I was surprised (well, sorta) to discover that Lydia is only in school to remain with her friends.  We've known since Season 1 that she is a genius, but I hadn't realized that she had taken enough classes to graduate early.  The only thing that the two of them need to keep in mind is that they need to keep a closer eye on the person they are watching because Tracy walked away from her house without Parrish noticing.  He may be cut (okay, HOT!), but he is definitely not the brightest apple in the barrel.

As for Tracy, what is up with her?  She appears to either be a werewolf being messed with by the Doctors or she was made a werewolf by them.  Either way, it is not good.  Messing with the natural order of things they way the Doctors are never ends well.  For anyone.

Mason took the news that Liam is a werewolf quite well.  I have to admit to being seriously surprised that Liam hadn't filled him in sooner.  I understand that he didn't want to lose his best friend, but since (as Stiles pointed out) Mason had been inducted to the world of the supernatural by fire, it didn't make much sense to keep him in the dark.  I also have to wonder why Theo forced Liam's hand.  I also love that Liam casually teased Mason about wanting to watch the soccer team.  And what the heck did Liam do to that one girl in 6th grade?

I have to wonder why the Sheriff chose now to take off his wedding ring.  Has he met someone or did he decide that it has simply been long enough?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Until next Monday!