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Monday, July 27, 2015

My Review of Teen Wolf 5.06- Required Reading

A seriously psychological episode that messed with everyone's heads.  Scott has an asthma attack, Stiles sees his mom thinking the he's going to attack her, and Lydia has more visions.  We learn what happened between Liam and Hayden and we learn something interesting about Kira.

I have to say that I was wondering what was going on this season because it seems to be much slower than previous seasons.  Normally by this point, we have a pretty good idea of where things are headed, whereas right now things are still getting started.  Then I read an interview with Jeff Davis where he said that the entire 20 episode season is one story arc, so now things make sense.  Since an arc normally has 12 episodes, they can actually stretch out the story through a bunch more to give a slower build.  So we're actually closer to where we would normally be in episode 3 or 4 of a regular arc.  So things make a bit more sense.

Kira is the only one of the main group not affected by the book because kitsune have trouble with language.  And we got an approximate translation of the Japanese phrase she has been mumbling.  It means something like "I am the messenger of death."  I didn't write down the exact translation, but that is close.  It reminds me of the quote which most people know from Robert Oppenheimer, but actually comes from the Bhagavad Gita: "I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds."  Coupled with Scott's worries about her, this could suggest that if she does not learn to control the fox spirit within her, it will subsume her personality beneath it's own and become deadly.  That also fits in with the increasing lack of control that we've seen from her and her increased aggressiveness when she is fighting.

Lydia's banshee powers are somehow allowing her to view what the chimeras have seen of the Dread Doctors, which means that she hasn't personally dealt with them.  This makes sense because the banshee's powers are tied to death and the Dread Doctors are killing the original person and creating their own creature in the process.  This would mean that Lydia can sense that death and channel it to see what happened.  And the less said about the whole creep Eichen House scene, the better.  Shudder....

Watching Scott go through a severe asthma attack sucked.  I am not entirely sure how the Dread Doctors triggered his asthma, unless it was more along the lines of a panic attack than an actually asthma attack.  Remember that he has had panic attacks in the past after he became a wolf, but he has never had an asthma attack.  It is possible that he is correct and it is entirely a psychosomatic thing, but that still points more to a panic reaction than an asthma attack.

Stiles also had a rough night of it.  He remembered his mother attacking him because she thought he was out to get her.  Or was it really a memory?  He was actually attacked by a chimera at the same time, so I have to wonder if the attack itself was a part of the memory or not.  It is possible that the rest was a memory and that the attack was only a part of it because the chimera did actually attack him.  And you know that Stiles is going to love that Theo knows about Donovan and is using that to blackmail him into being quiet.

Speaking of Theo, he is very slick, creepy, and hot.  All at the same time.  He went into the room where Kira was sleeping and recorded her Japanese speech, insinuated himself by Scott's side, saved and blackmailed Stiles, and tried to seduce Malia, all in one episode.  He was quite the busy beaver.  I am not sure if the whole Malia thing worked because she was mostly focused on why he hadn't told anyone about her memories of the Desert Wolf shooting at her mom's car last week.  Not that she didn't engage in a little staring at Theo while shirtless though.

Watching Liam and Hayden do the whole frenemy flirting thing is fun.  Their little impromptu competition on the athletic field was pretty funny, particularly when Liam accidentally hit the guy in the stomach/chest with the lacrosse ball.  And we finally found out why she hates him.  Turns out that in 6th grade, she got in the middle of a scuffle between Liam and another guy and got herself punched in the face.  She returned the favor to Liam, so now they are not fond of each other.  Oh, and that money she needed?  It's to pay for medicine so she won't reject a kidney transplant, which is when (I am guessing) the Dread Doctors turned her into a chimera.  Fun, wot?

And the episode would not be complete without talking a little about the whole Lydia/Parrish workout/flirting session.  Anyone else expect him to burst into flames then and there?

Until next week!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

My Review of Falling Skies 5.05- Non-Essential Personnel

Tom goes to rescue Hal from Pope who has gotten a small following and even more insane and the 2nd Mass runs into a spot of trouble on their way north.

Honestly, tonight felt mainly like filler.  Nothing much happened on any front, which makes me wonder why the writers used (or wasted) an entire episode of the final season on what felt like something utterly non-essential.  There were also some extremely questionable decisions made by people, even for this show (which has a history of questionable decisions).

Aside from the fact that the episode felt like it was (almost) completely filler, my main beef was the Weaver didn't think to use Ben and Maggie to scout out what was going on before going in himself.  Actually, that is a problem I have with the show in general.  Here you have 2 super powered soldiers, but they are rarely utilized except as a last resort.  Sending them in to figure out what was going on would have made a whole lot more sense than sending in Weaver, who is the leader of the group.  Both of them could have snuck in relatively easily and immobilized the guy.  Granted, Weaver didn't know that there was just one guy, but he knew there were not very many people.  And not knowing is even more reason to send the two of them in.  They are both fairly level headed and know how to handle themselves in a fight.  The decision made absolutely no sense whatsoever.  As I said, this goes for the whole show in general.  They have woefully underused the abilities of the enhanced kids in general.  It's not like they're little kids, they're both relatively mature young adults who can make informed decisions.

At this point, Pope is just annoying.  I get that the people he rescued are grateful to him, but when he started just sending people off because they were "useless" that should have been a big honking clue that he is not all there.  And Anthony following him around like a little lost puppy is just sad and pathetic.  I was also hoping for more of a showdown between Pope and Tom.  Maybe they have that saved for later, so I'll not be too annoyed right now.

I am going to be honest and say that if this was not the last season of the show, I would have stopped watching by now.  You'd think that knowing this was the last season would mean that the writers would make sure that every episode is packed with only necessary material.  I know that the whole Tom/Pope fight has been bubbling beneath the surface since they first met, so I guess that storyline could be considered essential.  We're about midway through the season and I have no clue where they are going.  The stories seem to be aimless, as if the writers aren't sure where they are going.  I really hope the last several episodes tighten things up considerably and get a whole lot better.  I've been with this show from the beginning and normally I am almost fixated on the screen when it is on, but this season (and especially tonight), I have barely been able to focus on what is going on.  I know this show has been uneven, but they have had a while to get their stuff together to make a compelling final season and they have been failing miserably at it so far.

Until next week.

Monday, July 20, 2015

My Review of Teen Wolf 5.05- A Novel Approach

The gang visits Dr. Valack and learn about the Dread Doctors, some secrets are revealed about Eichen House, Malia and Theo have some serious heat, Stydia starts to resurface, and Scira hits a bumpy patch.

Remember that book Malia found last week?  Turns out it was written by Dr. Valack using a pen name.  He saw the Dread Doctors (DDs) coming and wrote the book to lead people who have also seen the DDs to him.  according to Valack, the DDs used to be human, but they used electromagnetic forces to give them more power and to extend their life.  They were in Beacon Hills once before, but they left and have returned because of the reactivation of the Nemeton by Scott's pack.  Here's what he said:

                  [The Dread Doctors] were scientists once, scientists
                  who worshipped the supernatural. They found their
                  secrets in electromagnetic forces — ways for them
                  to prolong their lives, give them more power and,
                  most importantly, making you forget you ever saw

Valack also revealed that Eichen House was built where it was for a reason.  Remember the telluric currents mentioned back in season 3?  Eichen House is built on the convergence of several of these lines and contains mountain ash in its structure.  The combination of the mountain ash and the telluric currents allows Eichen House to contain dangerous supernatural creatures.  Everything was going just peachy until Scott brought Kira to Eichen House.  Because she is a Thunder Kitsune, her growing powers interact with the telluric currents in such a way to disrupt their ability to contain the supernatural forces, which allows the DDs to get into Eichen House and take Valack's third eye.

Yes, that was a whole lot of mythology and background to dump into one episode, but it is starting to put things into focus.  Given what we have seen so far, I am guessing that the DDs are attempting to create the perfect creature for some unknown reason.  They apparently need a great deal of power to do so, which would explain why they are in Beacon Hills and only came when the Nemeton was reactivated.  Beacon Hills is a convergence point for a great deal of energy, both natural and supernatural.  Think of the Nexus from Charmed or the Hellmouth from Buffy and remember what Derek said a season or two ago.  Given the fact that there is a great deal of energy present, a guardian is needed in order to make sure that the energy is used properly, if at all.  Prior to Scott, the guardians were the Hales.  Since Scott is a True Alpha, he has replaced the Hales as the guardian of the energy.  This would explain why Theo is attempting to disrupt Scott's pack.  Scott relies on his pack to make up for his personal deficiencies and together they are well nigh unstoppable.  Disrupt that support system and Scott is of relatively little use as a guardian and the DDs can use the power as much as they want.

I so want to know what Kira was muttering in her sleep and outside of Eichen House.  I don't speak Japanese and couldn't make it out, so if anyone has any clue what she is saying please let me know.  She is also upset at Scott because he hasn't really followed up on his "I love you."  Well, not until tonight anyway.

Stiles had a seriously rough night.  He killed Donovan after being chased into the school library.  Granted, it was self-defense, but it obviously disturbed him deeply.  It didn't help that Scott inadvertently rubbed salt into an open wound with his assertion that killing is never justified.  For the record, I am with Stiles here, not Scott.  While killing should never be the first option, it should be an option when needed, such as self-defense.  And why is Stiles hiding the fact that he was attacked from everyone?  I get hiding it from his dad and Scott, but you'd think he'd tell Lydia at least.

Speaking of Lydia, what was with Stydia being mentioned tonight after being dormant for so long?  I was a huge Stydia fan, but I love their relationship as it currently stands.  They make an awesome team and always manage to get the job done, despite not having any special powers to help them out.  They've outlasted werewolves, hunters, and all sorts of supernatural creatures.  I did love seeing Kira's reaction to hearing that Lydia used to hide her smarts.  That was pretty fun.

Theo and Malia were throwing off some serious sparkage tonight.  He was definitely flirting with her and she seemed to be returning the favor.  We did also learn that the Desert Wolf was present at the crash that killed Malia's adoptive mother and sister.  Well, more than present.  Assuming that Malia's memory was accurate, the Desert Wolf shot two pistols at the car, causing the crash.  Was she trying to get to Malia?

Once again, we saw Parrish with a body, Donovan's this time.  I still want to know what he is and why he is burning the bodies.  Could he be the key to fighting the DDs?

Until next week!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

My Review of Falling Skies 5.04- Pope Breaks Bad

Pope has officially gone off the tracks and drags Anthony and Hal along with him, Cochise reveals something that send Anne into a tizzy, Tom has another visitation, and Tom and Weaver prepare the 2nd Mass to move on.

Pope has totally and completely gone off the tracks.  He is so consumed with grief and a desire for revenge on Tom (who he blames for Sara's death) that he goes farther than he ever has in the past.  While he has always been just this side of stable and has caused problems for Tom and Weaver many, many times, this time is different because he has actually become a different person.  He has twisted everything around so much over the years, that he has actually convinced himself that Tom and the Masons haven't suffered at all and that Tom is some kind of diabolical leader who is looking to sacrifice anyone and everyone to achieve what he sees as the "greater good".  And Anthony is so upset about what has happened and the fact that he was taken off duty by Anne and Weaver that he is going along with Pope.

Pope is right when he says that a lot of people have died because of tom's various plans.  What he is completely ignoring is the fact that many, many more people would have died if Tom didn't take some of the chances that he does.  I don't always like Tom's plans, but he tends to come up with the best plan in a variety of bad situations.  Tom's biggest problem is that this situation has been brewing since the 2nd Mass first encountered Pope.  Pope has always had a beef with Tom and his sons and Sara's death pushed him over the edge and completely unhinged him.  This Pope cannot be reasoned with or forced to back down.  I don't think that this will end without either Pope or Tom ending up dead.  My money is on Pope.  The only question is whether or not Pope will take Hal with him.

Anne has the dubious distinction of performing a transplant on Cochise to save his life at the expense of his father's.  Apparently, the Volm have some cultural more against using artificial means to extend a life if it reaches its natural end.  Given the fact that Cochise's father dies after the transplant, I have to wonder if the act of transplanting an organ kills a Volm, which would explain the more.  We did also get a fascinating look at the end-of-life ritual for the Volm.  When death is expected, the person dying and (presumably) a member of their family commune with each other.  If death occurs first, they can use a substitute and then each sees someone who has died.  That was really quite cool.

The original version of the Skitters is apparently a massive threat to the Espheni, enough so that they were the threat that the Overlord mentioned to Tom.  What I found most interesting was the assertion that they cannot exist on the same plane as humans.  That would seem to imply that the visitations that Tom has been getting is from someone in a different dimension.  Perhaps some sort of consciousness of the people before the Espheni changed them?  This should be interesting.

Tom has gone off after Pope because Pope kidnapped Hal after sort of threatening Anne.  I was honestly expecting Anne to die when Anthony brought her to Pope.  I'm glad she didn't but I have to wonder why.  And Weaver's warning to Tom not to lose himself is a good piece of advice.  Tom has become harder recently and (as I said) I don't expect both him and Pope to survive this encounter.  I wonder who exactly will meet the 2nd Mass in Fayetteville.

Until next week!

Monday, July 13, 2015

My Review of Teen Wolf 5.04- Condition Terminal

Theo's allegiance is (sort of) revealed, Parrish and Lydia have a talk, and the gang tries to figure out what the heck is going on....

My first question is about that conversation that Parrish and Lydia had at the beginning of the episode.  Did it really happen or was it really in one of their imaginations?  If it did really happen, when did it happen?  Here's what the conversation revealed to us:

[1] When he doesn't concentrate on it, Parrish is immune to fire as demonstrated by Lydia holding the lighter to his hand and there being no damage.
[2] Parrish has been having a recurring dream that he takes a body to the Nemeton and then fire consumes it and he lights on fire too.  Only problem?  As demonstrated by the end of the episode, it isn't a dream.  He is taking the bodies to the Nemeton to be consumed.

Since we still haven't been told what Parrish is yet, I am sticking with my theory that he is a phoenix.  Since phoenixes rise out of fire and ash to be reborn, this still makes a certain amount of sense for Parrish.  What if the bodies being consumed by fire somehow regenerate him?  Being a phoenix would also explain why he is uninjured by fire and why his eyes glow with a fire.

We also got the beginning of an explanation about why Lydia was able to do what she did at the beginning of the season premiere.  After what happened to her last week, she asked Parrish to train her in hand-to-hand fighting.  Presumably, as a part of her training, she figures out that she can channel power into her screams and use them as offensive weapons like we saw her doing.

Theo is at the very least aligned with the Dread Doctors.  He definitely has a relationship with them because they allowed him to come in and interrogate Donovan.  And he is definitely not a good person because he sent Donovan after Stiles.  I am still at a loss to explain why he can transform into a full wolf.  Up until now, that ability has been reserved for exceptionally powerful born wolves (the Hales) and according to his own story, he was bitten, not born, as a werewolf.  I guess it is possible that he is a science experiment by the Dread Doctors, but if he is, he is very different from the others.  I have a theory, which has very little support and a whole lot of speculation.  Theo is Malia's twin.  What if Peter and the Desert Wolf had two children and that was the information Talia stripped from his mind?  If I am right, then it is possible that Theo was born a werewolf and recently found out that Scott replaced the Hales in Beacon Hills and so he returned for revenge.  As he said to Donovan tonight, the best attack is on someone's emotions.  He could be trying to break up Scott's pack in order to weaken him so that Theo can take him down.  That would also explain why he can shift to a full wolf.

Scott and the gang definitely have their hands full.  I am seriously worried that Scott is going to overextend himself.  His flaw has always been that he takes on too much and tries to protect everyone and when he can't, he sees it as a massive failure on himself.  The problem right now is that he cannot predict what the Dread Doctors are going to do because he doesn't understand them at all.  They are mixing science and the supernatural to create some really weird hybrid creatures (chimeras [pronounced kai-mare-uhs]) that do not follow the normal supernatural rules.  Like I said last week, the normal defenses won't work because they are meant to repel supernatural creatures.  These chimeras aren't supernatural and so are stopped by the same methods.  Scott is going to need to come up with some radically different solutions.  His other problem is that Theo is close to him and is probably telling the Dread Doctors what Scott is up to, which is going to make it even harder for Scott to come up with a good plan.

Kira's powers are clearly expanding even more.  She was so completely consumed by the kitsune spirit that she nearly beheaded the chimera before Scott stopped her.  Since Scott also saw the fire spirit around her, I think it is safe to say that any supernatural creature can see the aura around her now.  I wonder if a human can as well or not.

Did anyone else love the whole speech by Melissa to Scott about how keep saying that you "should have" means that you are "shoulding" yourself?  That was classic!

On a totally side note, is Brett gay or bi?  Or is he just really comfortable with himself?  Not a major issue, just an interesting thing.

Until next week!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

My Review of Falling Skies 5.03- Hatchlings

The 2nd Mass finds out where all the Skitters came from, Tom finds out more about the alien he's been seeing, Ben and Maggie take drastic action against an Overlord, Anthony continues to deteriorate, and Pope's issues with Tom reach a new high.

That alien that Tom has been seeing in his head turns out to be a pre-Espheni Skitter.  Tom used Ben as a sketch artist and then showed Cochise the result.  Cochise was quite surprised and told Tom that they had been extinct for hundreds of years.  So how exactly is Tom seeing them?  Is it possible that some survived somehow and are looking to get back at the Espheni on Earth?  Or could some of the rebel Skitters have survived and have some sort of racial memory that they didn't share with Ben in order to remain hidden?  Lots of questions there.

Anthony is seriously going off the reservation.  First, he freezes in the attack on the Skitter factory (not sure how else to phrase it).  Then he lies to the other guard and attacks the Overlord.  While the Overlord did have something glowing in its hand, Anthony was definitely there to kill it no matter what.  Between this and his beating of the Skitter last week, he needs to be seriously reined in and needs some serious time off.  He is dangerous to be around and that is never a good thing.

I have to give Ben and Maggie props for being willing to invade the Overlord's mind while Tom tortured it in order to get information.  That was some serious guts.  I am not sure if it was the number of spikes that was needed or if it was the presence of two determined minds that made the difference, but they managed to do something that Ben couldn't quite manage to do alone.  And to do it while Tom was beating him wa impressive.  They were obviously in pain but manged to power through it anyway.  Kudos.

Hal needs to take a serious chill pill where Maggie is concerned.  His constant (and incredibly obvious!) attempts to be around her as much as possible in order to get her to choose him is incredibly juvenile.  She is being so much more patient with him that I would be under similar circumstances.  I'd probably have smacked him over the head several times by now.

Did Tom do the right thing by going to the Skitter factory before getting Sara?  I'd have to say yes because he was doing what was right for the entire group.  That, obviously, won't be of any comfort to Pope who was finally getting his life back together.  In fairness to Pope, his desperate desire to save Sara really was a good thing, but the whole timing was horrendously awful.  If Tom had gone to rescue Sara, he would have risked the entire 2nd Mass being overrun.  But, because he didn't, she died, and Pope obviously blames Tom for it.  Given the preview for next week's episode, he is going to go completely off the rails.

I do feel compelled to point out that under similar circumstances in the first season, Tom did keep trying to rescue Ben from the Skitters.  That being said, his circumstance have completely changed now.  He is now a worldwide leader and has to look at the broader picture, something that Pope is constitutionally incapable of doing.  This promises to be an explosive issue between the two of them.

So Tom is taking the 2nd Mass to Fayetteville and DC in order to figure out what the Espheni are hiding.  This should be interesting....

Monday, July 6, 2015

My Review of Teen Wolf 5.03- Dreamcatchers

The Sheriff has a date, Malia continues to learn how to drive, Liam consults a frenemy, Kira puts on a display, and the gang discovers something freaky about Tracy...

Tracy is a kanima.  Yup, that's right.  When the Doctors did whatever it was that they did to her, it turned her into a kanima.  The *REALLY* weird thing (and that is saying something in the world of Teen Wolf!) is that she was not held back by a barrier of mountain ash.  I suspect that the reason for that is because she is not truly a supernatural creature.  Remember, mountain ash is a substance which can be used to contain (or hold back) supernatural creatures.  So far, the only beings we have ever seen break the mountain ash barrier was Scott in the Season 3A finale when he pushed through the barrier to stop Ms. Blake and the oni when they assaulted Scott's house.  In both cases, it took some time and a lot of energy to break the barrier.  But Tracy ran right past the barrier as if it wasn't there.  Given what Deaton said last week, I suspect that whatever the Doctors are doing by creating supernatural creatures, they are breaking the supernatural laws and that the normal defenses won't work against their creations.  That is horribly bad news.

Just a couple of more questions about Tracy. First, what was that silver stuff coming out of her mouth?  Second, was anyone else simultaneously grossed out and also fascinated by that tail bursting out of her back?  That was pretty cool, but also completely disturbing.  Third, what was up with the exceedingly tough skin?  I don't remember Jackson's skin being that tough, but I don't think we ever saw anyone try and cut him, so it is possible that it is a kanima thing.  Unfortunately, I don't think we'll be getting many more answers about her because the Doctors killed her after her fight with Malia.

I want to know what was up with Kira in the Sheriff's station.  She was ringed by the fox like shape of what looked like fire that normally can only be seen when she takes a picture of herself.  Is this her powers (whatever they are exactly) expanding or did she simply draw on them in a major way when she was fighting Tracy?  Alternatively, it is possible that the fire was only seen by Lydia and then only because she was badly injured by Tracy.  I think that is less likely, but it is a possibility.  We know that Lydia is due for some power expansion, so it is possible that she can actually see things like this.

Did anyone besides me suspect that the Sheriff was dating Melissa when he told both Scott and Stiles that who he was going with was none of their business?  That would have been truly hilarious.  What I found really amusing is the fact that Susan Walters (who plays Lydia's mom) is Linden Ashby's (Sheriff Stilinski) wife in real life.  Talk about art imitating life!

I love Mason, but he is just a tad bit too excited about everything that is going on.  While it is definitely amusing, he needs to make sure that he learns caution too because this world is dangerous for a normal human.  Stiles has mainly managed to survive because he has Scott with him and because he is smart enough to get by.  Mason may have the same qualities, but I haven't seen them on display yet.  When he found out that Brett was a werewolf, it really was funny.  Brett and Liam have definitely settled into a what is very much a frenemy type relationship.  Liam was definitely not happy about seeing Brett, but he knew he needed to, so he went.  Brett, for his part, was good about the whole thing, if a little snarky on occasion.  That could be a truly interesting relationship.

People need to stop putting Malia behind the wheel of a car because she is incredibly dangerous there.  I must say that once she calmed down, she actually did a decent job, but it took a while to get her to that point.  I was amused that she and Kira just followed Lydia's directions without a word of protest.  It probably has to do with the fact that she was obviously following a feeling, which is what she does when she is using her banshee abilities.

Given their history thus far, I don't think Donovan is gong to have the brightest future with the Doctors/  So far, they've killed both of their creations that we've seen.  Here's hoping you beat the odds buddy, although I don't think your chances are very good.

I am still not sure what to make of Theo.  I can't shake the feeling that there is a whole lot going on there that we don't know about yet.  He could obviously be a villain working with the Doctors, but I hope it is a little more complicated than that.

Until next week!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

My Review of Falling Skies 5.02- Hunger Pains

Under relentless Skitter attacks, the 2nd Mass loses their food supply leading to a desperate mission to get some food.  Tom continues down the path he started on last week, Matt finds a new way to be useful, Maggie makes a false promise, and Tom and Anne make a horrifying discovery...

Am I the only one who was severely disturbed that Tom allowed Anthony and everyone else to torture that Skitter?  I get the whole no-holds barred thing, but that was going way too far.  The anger is understandable, but (as Weaver noted) there is the practical consideration that uncontrolled anger leads to bad decisions.  Then there is also the moral dimension.  Torture of any sort is never the right thing to do.  Is it occasionally understandable or necessary?  That is debatable.  But the gang who were torturing that Skitter had no justification for what they did.  The old Tom would have stopped them, but this new Tom, just stood there casually while they beat it.  I found that profoundly disturbing and scary.  At what point do they go too far and lose what makes them human?  Is that really the legacy they want to leave for future generations?  Once you start down that path, it becomes way too easy to stay on it because that sort of thing twists the psyche of everyone who participates in it.

It was nice that Anne gave Matt something useful to do while the girl was sick.  While it was undoubtedly busy work, it also was something that she needed to examine the bug that injured Tom last week.  That was a crude microscope, but it was a very good given what he had to work with.

Did Maggie do the right thing by lying to that girl about her brother?  That is a harder call.  The Skitterized brother was (is?) undoubtedly dangerous and the 2nd Mass really needed that food, so I would say that she had a decently good reason for the lie.  The one thing I don't get is why Ben didn't use his enhanced abilities to disarm the girl.  Actually, that is a major issue I have with the show.  Ben and Maggie both have enhanced strength, reflexes, and abilities that never seem to be used.  While I don't want them to be used as deus ex machina plot devices, it doesn't make sense to me that their abilities aren't used at all, particularly when the two of them were sent along specifically because they are enhanced.

Where exactly did all those Skitters that Tom and Anne saw at the end come from?  I thought that the Skitters were humans or other aliens transformed by the Espheni.  Did the Espheni really capture that many humans or have they come up with a new way to make Skitters?  The other problem is that the Skitters don't seem to have an Espheni Overlord with them, which would explain why they attacked with the strategy of using their numbers to overrun the 2nd Mass.

Until next week!