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Sunday, July 12, 2015

My Review of Falling Skies 5.03- Hatchlings

The 2nd Mass finds out where all the Skitters came from, Tom finds out more about the alien he's been seeing, Ben and Maggie take drastic action against an Overlord, Anthony continues to deteriorate, and Pope's issues with Tom reach a new high.

That alien that Tom has been seeing in his head turns out to be a pre-Espheni Skitter.  Tom used Ben as a sketch artist and then showed Cochise the result.  Cochise was quite surprised and told Tom that they had been extinct for hundreds of years.  So how exactly is Tom seeing them?  Is it possible that some survived somehow and are looking to get back at the Espheni on Earth?  Or could some of the rebel Skitters have survived and have some sort of racial memory that they didn't share with Ben in order to remain hidden?  Lots of questions there.

Anthony is seriously going off the reservation.  First, he freezes in the attack on the Skitter factory (not sure how else to phrase it).  Then he lies to the other guard and attacks the Overlord.  While the Overlord did have something glowing in its hand, Anthony was definitely there to kill it no matter what.  Between this and his beating of the Skitter last week, he needs to be seriously reined in and needs some serious time off.  He is dangerous to be around and that is never a good thing.

I have to give Ben and Maggie props for being willing to invade the Overlord's mind while Tom tortured it in order to get information.  That was some serious guts.  I am not sure if it was the number of spikes that was needed or if it was the presence of two determined minds that made the difference, but they managed to do something that Ben couldn't quite manage to do alone.  And to do it while Tom was beating him wa impressive.  They were obviously in pain but manged to power through it anyway.  Kudos.

Hal needs to take a serious chill pill where Maggie is concerned.  His constant (and incredibly obvious!) attempts to be around her as much as possible in order to get her to choose him is incredibly juvenile.  She is being so much more patient with him that I would be under similar circumstances.  I'd probably have smacked him over the head several times by now.

Did Tom do the right thing by going to the Skitter factory before getting Sara?  I'd have to say yes because he was doing what was right for the entire group.  That, obviously, won't be of any comfort to Pope who was finally getting his life back together.  In fairness to Pope, his desperate desire to save Sara really was a good thing, but the whole timing was horrendously awful.  If Tom had gone to rescue Sara, he would have risked the entire 2nd Mass being overrun.  But, because he didn't, she died, and Pope obviously blames Tom for it.  Given the preview for next week's episode, he is going to go completely off the rails.

I do feel compelled to point out that under similar circumstances in the first season, Tom did keep trying to rescue Ben from the Skitters.  That being said, his circumstance have completely changed now.  He is now a worldwide leader and has to look at the broader picture, something that Pope is constitutionally incapable of doing.  This promises to be an explosive issue between the two of them.

So Tom is taking the 2nd Mass to Fayetteville and DC in order to figure out what the Espheni are hiding.  This should be interesting....