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Sunday, July 26, 2015

My Review of Falling Skies 5.05- Non-Essential Personnel

Tom goes to rescue Hal from Pope who has gotten a small following and even more insane and the 2nd Mass runs into a spot of trouble on their way north.

Honestly, tonight felt mainly like filler.  Nothing much happened on any front, which makes me wonder why the writers used (or wasted) an entire episode of the final season on what felt like something utterly non-essential.  There were also some extremely questionable decisions made by people, even for this show (which has a history of questionable decisions).

Aside from the fact that the episode felt like it was (almost) completely filler, my main beef was the Weaver didn't think to use Ben and Maggie to scout out what was going on before going in himself.  Actually, that is a problem I have with the show in general.  Here you have 2 super powered soldiers, but they are rarely utilized except as a last resort.  Sending them in to figure out what was going on would have made a whole lot more sense than sending in Weaver, who is the leader of the group.  Both of them could have snuck in relatively easily and immobilized the guy.  Granted, Weaver didn't know that there was just one guy, but he knew there were not very many people.  And not knowing is even more reason to send the two of them in.  They are both fairly level headed and know how to handle themselves in a fight.  The decision made absolutely no sense whatsoever.  As I said, this goes for the whole show in general.  They have woefully underused the abilities of the enhanced kids in general.  It's not like they're little kids, they're both relatively mature young adults who can make informed decisions.

At this point, Pope is just annoying.  I get that the people he rescued are grateful to him, but when he started just sending people off because they were "useless" that should have been a big honking clue that he is not all there.  And Anthony following him around like a little lost puppy is just sad and pathetic.  I was also hoping for more of a showdown between Pope and Tom.  Maybe they have that saved for later, so I'll not be too annoyed right now.

I am going to be honest and say that if this was not the last season of the show, I would have stopped watching by now.  You'd think that knowing this was the last season would mean that the writers would make sure that every episode is packed with only necessary material.  I know that the whole Tom/Pope fight has been bubbling beneath the surface since they first met, so I guess that storyline could be considered essential.  We're about midway through the season and I have no clue where they are going.  The stories seem to be aimless, as if the writers aren't sure where they are going.  I really hope the last several episodes tighten things up considerably and get a whole lot better.  I've been with this show from the beginning and normally I am almost fixated on the screen when it is on, but this season (and especially tonight), I have barely been able to focus on what is going on.  I know this show has been uneven, but they have had a while to get their stuff together to make a compelling final season and they have been failing miserably at it so far.

Until next week.