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Monday, July 13, 2015

My Review of Teen Wolf 5.04- Condition Terminal

Theo's allegiance is (sort of) revealed, Parrish and Lydia have a talk, and the gang tries to figure out what the heck is going on....

My first question is about that conversation that Parrish and Lydia had at the beginning of the episode.  Did it really happen or was it really in one of their imaginations?  If it did really happen, when did it happen?  Here's what the conversation revealed to us:

[1] When he doesn't concentrate on it, Parrish is immune to fire as demonstrated by Lydia holding the lighter to his hand and there being no damage.
[2] Parrish has been having a recurring dream that he takes a body to the Nemeton and then fire consumes it and he lights on fire too.  Only problem?  As demonstrated by the end of the episode, it isn't a dream.  He is taking the bodies to the Nemeton to be consumed.

Since we still haven't been told what Parrish is yet, I am sticking with my theory that he is a phoenix.  Since phoenixes rise out of fire and ash to be reborn, this still makes a certain amount of sense for Parrish.  What if the bodies being consumed by fire somehow regenerate him?  Being a phoenix would also explain why he is uninjured by fire and why his eyes glow with a fire.

We also got the beginning of an explanation about why Lydia was able to do what she did at the beginning of the season premiere.  After what happened to her last week, she asked Parrish to train her in hand-to-hand fighting.  Presumably, as a part of her training, she figures out that she can channel power into her screams and use them as offensive weapons like we saw her doing.

Theo is at the very least aligned with the Dread Doctors.  He definitely has a relationship with them because they allowed him to come in and interrogate Donovan.  And he is definitely not a good person because he sent Donovan after Stiles.  I am still at a loss to explain why he can transform into a full wolf.  Up until now, that ability has been reserved for exceptionally powerful born wolves (the Hales) and according to his own story, he was bitten, not born, as a werewolf.  I guess it is possible that he is a science experiment by the Dread Doctors, but if he is, he is very different from the others.  I have a theory, which has very little support and a whole lot of speculation.  Theo is Malia's twin.  What if Peter and the Desert Wolf had two children and that was the information Talia stripped from his mind?  If I am right, then it is possible that Theo was born a werewolf and recently found out that Scott replaced the Hales in Beacon Hills and so he returned for revenge.  As he said to Donovan tonight, the best attack is on someone's emotions.  He could be trying to break up Scott's pack in order to weaken him so that Theo can take him down.  That would also explain why he can shift to a full wolf.

Scott and the gang definitely have their hands full.  I am seriously worried that Scott is going to overextend himself.  His flaw has always been that he takes on too much and tries to protect everyone and when he can't, he sees it as a massive failure on himself.  The problem right now is that he cannot predict what the Dread Doctors are going to do because he doesn't understand them at all.  They are mixing science and the supernatural to create some really weird hybrid creatures (chimeras [pronounced kai-mare-uhs]) that do not follow the normal supernatural rules.  Like I said last week, the normal defenses won't work because they are meant to repel supernatural creatures.  These chimeras aren't supernatural and so are stopped by the same methods.  Scott is going to need to come up with some radically different solutions.  His other problem is that Theo is close to him and is probably telling the Dread Doctors what Scott is up to, which is going to make it even harder for Scott to come up with a good plan.

Kira's powers are clearly expanding even more.  She was so completely consumed by the kitsune spirit that she nearly beheaded the chimera before Scott stopped her.  Since Scott also saw the fire spirit around her, I think it is safe to say that any supernatural creature can see the aura around her now.  I wonder if a human can as well or not.

Did anyone else love the whole speech by Melissa to Scott about how keep saying that you "should have" means that you are "shoulding" yourself?  That was classic!

On a totally side note, is Brett gay or bi?  Or is he just really comfortable with himself?  Not a major issue, just an interesting thing.

Until next week!