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Monday, July 20, 2015

My Review of Teen Wolf 5.05- A Novel Approach

The gang visits Dr. Valack and learn about the Dread Doctors, some secrets are revealed about Eichen House, Malia and Theo have some serious heat, Stydia starts to resurface, and Scira hits a bumpy patch.

Remember that book Malia found last week?  Turns out it was written by Dr. Valack using a pen name.  He saw the Dread Doctors (DDs) coming and wrote the book to lead people who have also seen the DDs to him.  according to Valack, the DDs used to be human, but they used electromagnetic forces to give them more power and to extend their life.  They were in Beacon Hills once before, but they left and have returned because of the reactivation of the Nemeton by Scott's pack.  Here's what he said:

                  [The Dread Doctors] were scientists once, scientists
                  who worshipped the supernatural. They found their
                  secrets in electromagnetic forces — ways for them
                  to prolong their lives, give them more power and,
                  most importantly, making you forget you ever saw

Valack also revealed that Eichen House was built where it was for a reason.  Remember the telluric currents mentioned back in season 3?  Eichen House is built on the convergence of several of these lines and contains mountain ash in its structure.  The combination of the mountain ash and the telluric currents allows Eichen House to contain dangerous supernatural creatures.  Everything was going just peachy until Scott brought Kira to Eichen House.  Because she is a Thunder Kitsune, her growing powers interact with the telluric currents in such a way to disrupt their ability to contain the supernatural forces, which allows the DDs to get into Eichen House and take Valack's third eye.

Yes, that was a whole lot of mythology and background to dump into one episode, but it is starting to put things into focus.  Given what we have seen so far, I am guessing that the DDs are attempting to create the perfect creature for some unknown reason.  They apparently need a great deal of power to do so, which would explain why they are in Beacon Hills and only came when the Nemeton was reactivated.  Beacon Hills is a convergence point for a great deal of energy, both natural and supernatural.  Think of the Nexus from Charmed or the Hellmouth from Buffy and remember what Derek said a season or two ago.  Given the fact that there is a great deal of energy present, a guardian is needed in order to make sure that the energy is used properly, if at all.  Prior to Scott, the guardians were the Hales.  Since Scott is a True Alpha, he has replaced the Hales as the guardian of the energy.  This would explain why Theo is attempting to disrupt Scott's pack.  Scott relies on his pack to make up for his personal deficiencies and together they are well nigh unstoppable.  Disrupt that support system and Scott is of relatively little use as a guardian and the DDs can use the power as much as they want.

I so want to know what Kira was muttering in her sleep and outside of Eichen House.  I don't speak Japanese and couldn't make it out, so if anyone has any clue what she is saying please let me know.  She is also upset at Scott because he hasn't really followed up on his "I love you."  Well, not until tonight anyway.

Stiles had a seriously rough night.  He killed Donovan after being chased into the school library.  Granted, it was self-defense, but it obviously disturbed him deeply.  It didn't help that Scott inadvertently rubbed salt into an open wound with his assertion that killing is never justified.  For the record, I am with Stiles here, not Scott.  While killing should never be the first option, it should be an option when needed, such as self-defense.  And why is Stiles hiding the fact that he was attacked from everyone?  I get hiding it from his dad and Scott, but you'd think he'd tell Lydia at least.

Speaking of Lydia, what was with Stydia being mentioned tonight after being dormant for so long?  I was a huge Stydia fan, but I love their relationship as it currently stands.  They make an awesome team and always manage to get the job done, despite not having any special powers to help them out.  They've outlasted werewolves, hunters, and all sorts of supernatural creatures.  I did love seeing Kira's reaction to hearing that Lydia used to hide her smarts.  That was pretty fun.

Theo and Malia were throwing off some serious sparkage tonight.  He was definitely flirting with her and she seemed to be returning the favor.  We did also learn that the Desert Wolf was present at the crash that killed Malia's adoptive mother and sister.  Well, more than present.  Assuming that Malia's memory was accurate, the Desert Wolf shot two pistols at the car, causing the crash.  Was she trying to get to Malia?

Once again, we saw Parrish with a body, Donovan's this time.  I still want to know what he is and why he is burning the bodies.  Could he be the key to fighting the DDs?

Until next week!