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Monday, July 27, 2015

My Review of Teen Wolf 5.06- Required Reading

A seriously psychological episode that messed with everyone's heads.  Scott has an asthma attack, Stiles sees his mom thinking the he's going to attack her, and Lydia has more visions.  We learn what happened between Liam and Hayden and we learn something interesting about Kira.

I have to say that I was wondering what was going on this season because it seems to be much slower than previous seasons.  Normally by this point, we have a pretty good idea of where things are headed, whereas right now things are still getting started.  Then I read an interview with Jeff Davis where he said that the entire 20 episode season is one story arc, so now things make sense.  Since an arc normally has 12 episodes, they can actually stretch out the story through a bunch more to give a slower build.  So we're actually closer to where we would normally be in episode 3 or 4 of a regular arc.  So things make a bit more sense.

Kira is the only one of the main group not affected by the book because kitsune have trouble with language.  And we got an approximate translation of the Japanese phrase she has been mumbling.  It means something like "I am the messenger of death."  I didn't write down the exact translation, but that is close.  It reminds me of the quote which most people know from Robert Oppenheimer, but actually comes from the Bhagavad Gita: "I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds."  Coupled with Scott's worries about her, this could suggest that if she does not learn to control the fox spirit within her, it will subsume her personality beneath it's own and become deadly.  That also fits in with the increasing lack of control that we've seen from her and her increased aggressiveness when she is fighting.

Lydia's banshee powers are somehow allowing her to view what the chimeras have seen of the Dread Doctors, which means that she hasn't personally dealt with them.  This makes sense because the banshee's powers are tied to death and the Dread Doctors are killing the original person and creating their own creature in the process.  This would mean that Lydia can sense that death and channel it to see what happened.  And the less said about the whole creep Eichen House scene, the better.  Shudder....

Watching Scott go through a severe asthma attack sucked.  I am not entirely sure how the Dread Doctors triggered his asthma, unless it was more along the lines of a panic attack than an actually asthma attack.  Remember that he has had panic attacks in the past after he became a wolf, but he has never had an asthma attack.  It is possible that he is correct and it is entirely a psychosomatic thing, but that still points more to a panic reaction than an asthma attack.

Stiles also had a rough night of it.  He remembered his mother attacking him because she thought he was out to get her.  Or was it really a memory?  He was actually attacked by a chimera at the same time, so I have to wonder if the attack itself was a part of the memory or not.  It is possible that the rest was a memory and that the attack was only a part of it because the chimera did actually attack him.  And you know that Stiles is going to love that Theo knows about Donovan and is using that to blackmail him into being quiet.

Speaking of Theo, he is very slick, creepy, and hot.  All at the same time.  He went into the room where Kira was sleeping and recorded her Japanese speech, insinuated himself by Scott's side, saved and blackmailed Stiles, and tried to seduce Malia, all in one episode.  He was quite the busy beaver.  I am not sure if the whole Malia thing worked because she was mostly focused on why he hadn't told anyone about her memories of the Desert Wolf shooting at her mom's car last week.  Not that she didn't engage in a little staring at Theo while shirtless though.

Watching Liam and Hayden do the whole frenemy flirting thing is fun.  Their little impromptu competition on the athletic field was pretty funny, particularly when Liam accidentally hit the guy in the stomach/chest with the lacrosse ball.  And we finally found out why she hates him.  Turns out that in 6th grade, she got in the middle of a scuffle between Liam and another guy and got herself punched in the face.  She returned the favor to Liam, so now they are not fond of each other.  Oh, and that money she needed?  It's to pay for medicine so she won't reject a kidney transplant, which is when (I am guessing) the Dread Doctors turned her into a chimera.  Fun, wot?

And the episode would not be complete without talking a little about the whole Lydia/Parrish workout/flirting session.  Anyone else expect him to burst into flames then and there?

Until next week!