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Monday, August 3, 2015

My Review of Teen Wolf 5.07- Strange Frequencies

Scott and the gang try to save the next victim from the Dread Doctors, Theo and Stiles spend quality time together, the Sheriff and Melissa investigate, Mason does a little investigation on his own, Kira struggles to contain the fox within, and a beloved character dies....

Let us all bow our heads in a moment of silence for the departure of Roscoe, the beloved Jeep which was trashed by Parrish (or Theo) shortly before Parrish took another body.

Scott's plan was good as far as it went, but his lack of knowledge about the Dread Doctors and how they operate means that almost any plan he comes up with is almost guaranteed to fail.  He was trying to use frequency jammers to weaken the Doctors and that failed miserably.  Not only were the Doctors not affected by the jammers, they still managed to disable Scott, Lydia, and Malia by playing on their fears.  Not only that, but Scott lost both Hayden and Liam to the Doctors.  Right now, Scott's plans against the Doctor's have the same success rate as one of Derek's plans, and everyone knows how well Derek's plans always went.

I am still trying to figure out Theo's place in the Doctors' schemes.  He seems to think of himself as an equal partner, but they are withholding information from him about what is happening to the failed chimeras, which would indicate that they see him as less than them.  That can't sit too well with him.  Yet, he still continues on his quest to split Scott and Stiles up, which means that he is either seriously dedicated to the task at hand or he has reasons of his own for getting between them.  He also seems to genuinely want to figure out what is happening to the bodies, so there is that.  His reasons are beyond murky, so I guess we'll just have to wait to see what he is doing and why.

Speaking of Theo, it was interesting to see him in the car with Stiles.  What I found especially interesting is that his eyes are still yellow despite the fact that he has killed, which could indicate that he is not a true werewolf.  Couple that with the fact that he can transform into a full wolf, and I feel fairly certain that he is a successful chimera.  If he is, why was he successful and later ones not successful?  But, if he is truly a werewolf, why aren't his eyes blue?  He claimed that because the life he took was not innocent in his eyes, the color didn't change.  That's possible, which would indicate that killing itself doesn't affect a wolf, but rather it is the remorse of taking a life acts in a psychosomatic manner to punish the wolf such as when Derek killed Paige, which stripped him of his potential True Alpha status.

The Sheriff and Melissa discovered that all of the chimeras so far have received a graft of some sort and that seems to be what allows the Doctors to do what they want.  The question is whether the the Doctors did the grafts themselves (or through a lackey) or if they simply used the graft as a portal which allowed them to create the chimeras.

Mason found a chimera on his own.  The good news is that he brought the information to Scott and managed to pull Scott out of his Doctor induced hallucination.  The bad news is that he arrived too late for Scott to prevent Liam and Hayden from being kidnapped.  And this after Scott used Hayden as bait and promised Liam that he would do everything he could to protect Hayden.  That does not bode well for their future relationship.

Kira is in trouble.  She is most definitively having trouble controlling the fox, to the point that she almost killed her mom during a faux fight.  I think she made the right decision to try and make sure that she gets everything under control before trying to help other people.And who was that pinned with a sword in the McCalls' kitchen?  Couldn't tell.

Until next week!