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Monday, August 10, 2015

My Review of Teen Wolf 5.08- Ouroboros

Scott and the gang go to rescue Liam and Hayden, the Sheriff and Melissa have a falling out, Kira makes a discovery, and Deaton has a horrifying confrontation with someone from one of our character's past...

Ouroboros.  A symbol of cyclicality and eternity shown by a snake eating its own tail.  Given the fact that the Dread Doctors have been in Beacon Hills before, we have an obvious reference for the title.  However, if you think about it, there are a couple of other references in the episode.  In his haste to rescue Liam, Scott is coming perilously close to making some of the same mistakes that Derek made which made him such an awful Alpha.  Then there is the repeated cycle of a dead body disappearing and being taken to the Nemeton by Parrish.  We also have the very strong possibility that Parrish is a phoenix, which is a symbol of cyclicality on its own.  Then there is the underlying theme that Liam is much like Scott when he was first turned, which implies a cycle all of its own.  Am I reading too much into this? Possibly, only time will tell.

As I sad above, Scott is coming perilously close to repeating the leadership mistakes that Derek made.  Much like Derek with Erica and Boyd when the Alpha pack was holding them in the bank vault, Scott rushed into a situation without taking the time to think it through, despite what Stiles and Lydia were saying.  While I do understand where Scott is coming from, he needs to start keeping his head about him.  The repeated losses to the Dread Doctors is starting to take a serious toll on him, as is his uncertainty about what is happening to Kira.  His talk with his mom at the end of the episode and his near breakdown in the tunnels with Mason and Malia are not good signs.

Speaking of Kira, she had her own disturbing revelation this week.  First, she blacked out and apparently killed a chimera (the one from last week) and then she reads the Dread Doctor book backwards and remembers the Dread Doctors pulling her out of her parents car and jamming a device in her eye, which caused lightning to come into it.  I can only assume that is what caused her powers to start going haywire.  It is almost as if the Doctors jumpstarted the fox within her so that they could use her for their plans.  Interesting note: we know that the Doctors play with electromagnetism and elements.  What if her powers as a kitsune could somehow be important to defeating them?  Jumpstarting the fox made it harder for her to control her powers, which would lessen her threat to them.

Well, we found out why Melissa slapped the Sheriff.  She called him to her house to deal with the chimera body and he called it in after promising her that he would not deal with this as a sheriff.  In retaliation, she put all of the supernatural details she knows into her statement, presumably to remind him that there are some things he can't deal with.  I'm not sure if he doesn't have as much faith in Scott and the gang as she does, or if he feels that (as sheriff) he has to do certain things to protect everyone.  Given how much he has helped Scott and the gang out, I suspect that his breaking his word has less to do with a lack of faith and more to do with his needing to walk the line between being sheriff and helping Scott out.

We have seen most of Lydia's vision from the first episode so far.  Last week we saw Stiles in the ruined jeep, this week we saw the slap.  We have also seen Parrish in a fire and Kira leaving Scott in a car.  The only scenes we haven't seen yet are the fight between Scott and Liam or Theo and Malia huddling as she meets the Desert Wolf.  Given the look Scott was shooting at Theo at the end of the episode, I would wager that we see the two of them fight.  And we also know that the Desert Wolf said that she'll have to kill Malia if she finds her, so that should be next week.

Speaking of the Desert Wolf, why does she want to kill Malia?  Could that be the reason that Talia had Peter's memory erased so that he would forget Malia, as protection for her?  Whatever he reasons, this not going to be a pleasant experience for Malia.  Given the damage that the memories have done to her, I can't imagine how meeting her mother face-to-face will affect her.

Given the way Parrish was acting, I don't think he is in control when he steals the bodies.  He had a very blank look on his face, which leads me to suspect that either his supernatural side takes over or he is under the control of another force which is using him.  Could the Nemeton itself somehow be controlling him to get him to feed it power?  Remember that Paige dying is what reactivated it in the first place.  It is entirely possible that having the bodies burn there are continuing to feed it power.  What if Parrish is connected to the Nemeton somehow and feeding it empowers him as well?  Too many questions until we learn more about him.

What was that thing the Doctors placed in Liam's arm?  I wonder if it somehow interfered with his ability to take away Hayden's pain or if he simply needed to not be trying in order to do it.  How did Theo manage to open the electrified gates without being thrown backwards a second time?  And was I the only one creeped out by the look on his face as he look at Liam and Hayden kissing in the mirror?

Until next week!