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Monday, August 17, 2015

My Review of Teen Wolf 5.09- Lies of Omission

Sciles implodes spectacularly thanks to Theo who is also busy insinuating himself into the Sheriff's trust and making demands of the Dread Doctors, Malia and Liam are losing their faith in Scott and his leadership, and Lydia brings Parrish into the investigation of his supernatural identity.

I have to start with Theo because his motives are becoming simultaneously clearer and more murky.  He is clearly trying to undermine Scott and Stiles but he also seems to be looking for his own pack and wants Hayden in it.  I think this makes him really interesting.  The Dread Doctors are over the top, unstoppable villains, but Theo is much greyer.  From what I can see, he is not evil, he is just desperate to have his own pack and has aligned himself with the Dread Doctors in order to get it.  He is also clearly secondary to their plans, much to his chagrin.  If anything he seems to be like a younger version of Peter only not quite as psychotic.  He is out for himself above all else, but he also seems to have something of a conscience.

He also has managed to masterfully insinuate himself into Scott's head.  Telling Scott that twisted version of how Donovan died just to split up Scott and Stiles was brilliant, albeit in a twisted way.  Scott's head is so screwed up at this point that he has managed to psychosomatically give himself asthma again and drive most of his pack away.  His relationship with Stiles, which has always been central to his life, is shattered at this point.  I am sure they can put it back together, but it is going to require both work and Scott regaining his confidence.  Scott's insistence that they not kill anyone was understandable given what Theo told him, but I was really upset that he never let Stiles really explain what happened.  Instead, he passed everything Stiles told him through the mental filter of the story that Theo told him.  This is not good.

Refusing to bite Hayden is another symptom of Scott's lack of confidence.  I also suspect that his clinging to what he views as moral imperatives is his attempt to maintain control in the face of everything that has been happening to him.  Scott has lost Kira and Stiles, had protectees, and is facing an enemy the likes of which he has never contemplated before.  His strength and abilities aren't doing him any good and he can't come up with any ideas that will work against them.  Aside from Theo being in his head, Scott's other big problem is that he can't give himself the emotional distance he needs to come up with any sort of halfway decent plan.

Unfortunately for Scott, I suspect that he is going to lose both Malia and Liam soon.  Malia is tired of having people die and Liam is undoubtedly going to be furious that Scott won't bite Hayden.  Between this, Scott's confidence being shattered, and the loss of Stiles and Kira and you have a recipe for the complete implosion of Scott's pack and the subsequent weakening of the defenses to Beacon Hills.  All in all, not a good thing at all.

As for Parrish, I was hoping we would find out what he is tonight.  We didn't, but we did get some fairly big clues.  He seems to be a creature that ensures that the supernatural world is hidden from the natural world.  That would seem to indicate that he is acting as a balance of some sort.  He is clearly a guardian of the whole supernatural world, which would seem to indicate that he is more of a neutral creature rather than good or evil.  The problem is that he locked himself up with two new bodies that he will probably be compelled to cover up.  Given what he did in the hospital, I have little doubt that he could force his way out of the jail cell if needed.  And that would be problematic, to put it mildly.

Until next week!