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Thursday, November 19, 2015

My Review of The Originals 3.07- Out of the Easy

Klaus and Elijah throw a dinner party, Aurora reveals what happened to Rebekah, Marcel and Vincent make a startling move to protect Davina, Hayley and Jackson have a fight, and Cami is placed in danger.

Well, if you are the Mikaelsons and are going to have a party to celebrate Thanksgiving, would it be complete without a spot of torture?  Of course not!  Turns out Aurora took Rebekah and dumped her into the ocean.  The problem is that she doesn’t know the exact location.  She knows the latitude and Tristan knows the longitude of Rebekah’s watery location.  This, of course, does not sit well with Klaus, so (in typical Klaus fashion) he takes Tristan hostage so Aurora will give him Rebekah’s location.  Unfortunately for him, he didn’t count on the fact that Aurora knows that Cami means something to him and she will use Cami as a way to bend Klaus to her will.

Freya is obviously upset about everything that is going on.  She can’t locate Rebekah and can’t take her frustrations out on Aurora because she needs her to get Rebekah back.  The one thing that is confusing me is that Freya is supposed to be one of the most powerful witches alive, but she seems to be consistently frustrated by whoever the Triumvirate is using to do magic.  So either they have one super powerful witch (or maybe a coven?) or Freya is not as powerful as advertised.

I get why Jackson is upset with Hayley, but he doesn’t seem to get that her loyalties will always be divided between the pack and the Mikaelsons.  She is a hybrid and her life is bound to Klaus’ (presumably since he is Hope’s father), so she will never escape their orbit.  Then there is also the fact that Klaus is Hope’s father and her feelings for Elijah, which binds her to the Mikaelsons.

Getting the New Orleans witches to shun Davina was a sure fire way to make sure that she wouldn’t be able to help the Triumvirate, but it was also quite cruel.  I have to wonder what effect this will have on Davina.  Since the New Orleans witches seem to get their power from their links to each other and the Ancestors, will Davina be disempowered?  I would assume so, but inquiring minds still want to know.

So now Klaus has Tristan and Aurora has both Rebekah and Cami.  This is a classic standoff.  Klaus is not going to bend and release Tristan and I don’t see Aurora releasing either Cami or Rebekah anytime soon.  The good news is that Lucien (apparently) gave Klaus and Elijah the medallion, so they have part of what is needed.  I also don’t see them giving that up either.  More torture anyone?

Next episode in two weeks.  See y’all then!