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Friday, December 11, 2015

My Review of The Originals 3.09- Savior

The Mikaelsons are celebrating Christmas, but everything is not merry and bright and Tristan and Aurora strike back.  Jackson and Hayley come to an understanding about their place in the Mikaelson family and a new regent is chosen by the Ancestors.

It was nice to have Rebekah back, even if only for an episode.  Unfortunately, the stake that the Strix used on her was cursed and would slowly drive her insane.  So insane that she struck out against everyone around her.  The fact that it took both Elijah and Klaus to hold her down so Freya could remove the mark that was spreading showed how far gone she was.  The worst part is that the removal didn’t work because the Strix somehow made it so that the mark would come back.  So, she got Elijah to dagger her so that she wouldn’t go off on everyone again. Klaus is not going to be happy about this.

Just like I can’t imagine what he’ll do if Cami is actually dead.  That move by Aurora was both brilliant and stupid.  Brilliant because it will cripple Klaus temporarily.  Stupid because he will get vengeance and won’t stop no matter what.  He has quite the nasty imagination and I don’t think that anything will be able to stop him from going after Aurora.  I have to say that I hope Cami isn’t actually dead because I do like her.  It’s possible that Aurora gave her blood in order to turn her into a vampire.  If she does that, she may try and do something relating to the sire link to use Cami to get at Klaus.

It was nice to see Jackson finally get why Hayley keeps helping the Mikaelsons.  He kept trying to make it him or them, but he seems to get now that they can have each other and still be involved with the Mikaelsons.  They do need to be careful because of Hope, but it’s nice that they are finally on the same page.

Vincent is the new regent but, unless I misread the ending, Vincent is now Finn again and is under the control of Tristan.  That is definitely not a good thing.  Finn hates his siblings and having the Regent be someone who hates the Mikaelsons under the control of someone who also hates the Mikaelsons is not going to be a good thing.  On his own, Finn caused enough trouble, so I can’t imagine the type of havoc he can wreak as the regent and in conjunction with the Strix.

It was really nice to see Klaus help Detective Kinney when Klaus really had no reason to.  Granted, it was something Cami wanted, but Klaus doesn’t always let something like that inform his actions, so seeing him allow it to this time was good.  I assume that he was able to undo (or at the very least undermine) what Lucien compelled Kinney to do, so that is good.  And it led to that really sweet scene of Cami and Klaus together, so that was cool.

Marcel needs to be a little more careful about undermining the Strix’s plans.  Tristan seemed to suspect what was going on and I can’t imagine that he’ll take betrayal well.

Until January 29th!

My Review of The Vampire Diaries 7.09- Cold As Ice

Damon and Stefan have to live with the consequences of Lily’s death, Caroline starts to experience hormones, Nora bonds with an unexpected person, and Mary Louise continues to support Julian.

So, in the future, Stefan is with Valerie?  That was a little weird.  I’m still trying to sort out how all of these people end up with each other.  It occurred to me tonight that I have to wonder if these flash forwards are really flash forwards or if they are someone’s version of hell.  I know, it’s seriously far-fetched and highly doubtful, but just one weird idea.  Heck, this show has done weirder things, so it’s not exactly unprecedented.

Anyway, this week was Stefan’s week to be the impulsive and not exactly bright brother.  Normally, Damon does the stupid and impulsive things, but not this week.  Watching Damon play the sensible brother was definitely a little weird.  I’m not entirely sure if Damon is really hiding from his true feelings or if he is so full of rage at Lily for everything that he just can’t manage to be sad about her death.  And Stefan should know that Damon is not one to pretend emotions merely to mollify anyone.  He’s much too direct for that.  He may fake them to get revenge or something like that, but not for another reason.

Watching Bonnie and Nora bond was really fun.  They definitely seemed to hit it off as friends until Stefan kidnapped Mary Louise.  While I get that he did it to get to Julian, he should know that you never really get over someone you’ve loved intensely.  Nora’s reaction was pretty much the same reaction she had when Damon and Bonnie ripped out the heart of the other male Heretic earlier this season.  And did she get her revenge of Stefan.  Stabbing him in the heart and sending him to his own version of hell in the Phoenix stone?  Not fun.

Damon’s stabbing by Julian was equally not fun.  His version of hell has got to be pretty bad.  He has done all sorts of nasty things, so I don’t see him getting off lightly.  Anyone want to bet that Julian is right and Lily will make an appearance in Damon’s hell?

Watching a pregnant Caroline was amusing.  Her control freak tendencies kicked into seriously high gear and her hormones caused her to come really close to killing Alaric and other people.  I don’t see how blood can be bad for the babies.  Assuming her body acts the same as a human’s body, the babies should be shielded from any potential negative effects of the blood.  I also can’t imagine the Gemini coven putting the babies into her without taking some sort of precaution to shield them from potential side effects of being in a vampire.

The show will be back on Friday, January 29, so I’ll see y’all then!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Vampire Diaries and Original Mid-Season Finale Reviews

I wasn't home in time to watch The Vampire Diaries or The Originals mid-season finales tonight, so I'll post reviews about them Friday night after I watch them.  It'll be good practice for when the shows are switching to Fridays when the return.  Thanks for understanding!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

My Review of The Originals 3.08- The Other Girl in New Orleans

Klaus hunts for Cami who is being held by Aurora; Elijah, Hayley, and Freya torture Tristan; the Strix call on Marcel to prove himself; and Hayley has words for Jackson.

Aurora is a complete nutjob.  Well, maybe not a complete nutjob, but she’s convinced herself that she is Klaus’ true love and that no one else can compare to her.  That might have been true at one point, but sweetie, he hasn’t seen you in a millennium, so I don’t think he cares about you all that much.  Watching him break the news to her in the harshest way he would was absolutely brutal.  I’d feel sorry for her, except for the fact that she is completely delusional and had to be talked to in that direct manner in order for her to really understand what he was saying.  Sometimes reality sucks.

I had to laugh when Elijah was going through torture etiquette with Freya.  The fact that they discussed it as if they were choosing what set of plates to use for a dinner just made it even funnier.  Then there was his comment to Hayley about the house not being a good place for Hope to be unless she was “teething violently”.  He got the greatest lines tonight.  On that subject, Klaus’ offer to Cami to kill that guy who beat her friend form college was almost funny too.  I suspect that he was only half kidding.  If she had said yes, I have very little doubt that he would have sent someone out to kill the guy.

When Marcel betrayed Elijah, I honestly thought that maybe it was a plan between Elijah and Marcel to trick the Strix.  The fact that Marcel did it all on his own while saving Freya and Hayley was impressive.  That man can come up with some really good spur of the moment plans.  He knew that he needed to get close to the Strix and this was his best way to do so.  By making it look like he had thoroughly turned on the Mikaelsons, he is now closer to the Strix and has a good chance of figuring out what to do to stop them.

Cami continues to impress.  She stood toe to toe with Aurora and never backed down until it became physical.  When that happened, she didn’t stand a chance and she was smart enough to not resist and piss Aurora off any more than she already was.  The fact that she didn’t immediately recognize Aurora seemed to irritate Aurora.  If Aurora was at all rational, she might have realized what that meant: she didn’t mean that much to Klaus.

Klaus now has the latitude when Rebekah is located and he and Elijah have the route of a ship that she was probably on, which (given the preview) means Rebekah will be reunited with her siblings soon.  And Klaus made Elijah promise to leave Aurora to him, while apparently leaving Tristan and possibly Lucien to Elijah.  Spot more of torture anyone?

I was glad to see Hayley stand up for her support for the Mikaelsons.  Twisted or not, they are her family too and she needs to protect them.  I really hope Jackson gets that.

I’m really curious what Freya and Finn are going to talk about.  This could be interesting.

Next week, the mid-season finale.  See y’all then!

My Review of The Vampire Diaries 7.08- Hold Me Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me

We get a quick glimpse of who is threatening the Salvatores in the future, Lily and the Heretics makes a choice, Caroline makes a confession, and it’s the end of the line for one character…

Goodbye Lily.  Not sure whether or not I’ll miss her yet.  You have to admit that she did her damnedest to make sure that her sons and the Heretics were safe.  Unfortunately for her, Mary Louise had already delinked her and Julian when she staked herself, which meant that her sacrifice was all for naught.  I am glad that she stood up for herself and her children at last.  Sadly, that didn’t seem to make an immediate difference to Damon, who was just to hurt and angry to acknowledge what Lily had done.  Not that I can really blame him, after all she did separate him from Elena, which is going to make him seriously cranky.

I’d feel sorry for Mary Louise, except for the fact that Nora returned her ring because she sided with Julian over the other Heretics.  I’ll grant that Valerie is not the most reliable person, but when she saw Nora and Beau go with her, you’d think she might have considered that Valerie was telling the truth.  I don’t know if this means that Nora and Mary Louise are over, but they are going to have a rough time.  Now that Lily is gone, I am not sure if the truce she negotiated with her sons is going to hold.  Unless Julian will keep it in her honor, I don’t see it lasting and that is bad news for everyone.  The Heretics are tremendously powerful and I don’t think the brothers can stand up to them.  This is not going to be good.

It was nice that Stefan and Caroline seemingly managed to patch things up relatively quickly.  Caroline dropped a rather massive bomb on him and his reaction, while not awful, wasn’t exactly encouraging either.  In all fairness to Stefan, he really needed time to process everything.  It’s not every day you find out your girlfriend is magically pregnant with another couple’s twins.  So can anyone really blame him for not being sure what to say.  It was nice to see him and Lily have a good conversation where she helped him work his way through what was going on.

Actually, now that I think about it, I have to wonder if Caroline’s being pregnant with the last of the Gemini Coven will help keep the peace.  Granted, the Coven didn’t treat the Heretics well, but this could be their chance to set that straight and start over with the new Coven.  Admittedly, it is equally likely that the news that the last of the Coven is in her could set them off given the way they were treated.  Talk about a complicated situation.

So Matt has started (or found?) a new group to help him protect humans in Mystic Falls.  Given the trouble that secret groups have given everyone in the past, I have to wonder why he is willing to work with a new one now.

And who is the mystery woman who has Damon?  She has a nasty kick and shoulder length (at least) hair which looked pretty dark.  I didn’t recognize the voice right off hand, so she is still a mystery to me.

Next week is the mid-season finale.  See y’all then!