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Friday, December 11, 2015

My Review of The Vampire Diaries 7.09- Cold As Ice

Damon and Stefan have to live with the consequences of Lily’s death, Caroline starts to experience hormones, Nora bonds with an unexpected person, and Mary Louise continues to support Julian.

So, in the future, Stefan is with Valerie?  That was a little weird.  I’m still trying to sort out how all of these people end up with each other.  It occurred to me tonight that I have to wonder if these flash forwards are really flash forwards or if they are someone’s version of hell.  I know, it’s seriously far-fetched and highly doubtful, but just one weird idea.  Heck, this show has done weirder things, so it’s not exactly unprecedented.

Anyway, this week was Stefan’s week to be the impulsive and not exactly bright brother.  Normally, Damon does the stupid and impulsive things, but not this week.  Watching Damon play the sensible brother was definitely a little weird.  I’m not entirely sure if Damon is really hiding from his true feelings or if he is so full of rage at Lily for everything that he just can’t manage to be sad about her death.  And Stefan should know that Damon is not one to pretend emotions merely to mollify anyone.  He’s much too direct for that.  He may fake them to get revenge or something like that, but not for another reason.

Watching Bonnie and Nora bond was really fun.  They definitely seemed to hit it off as friends until Stefan kidnapped Mary Louise.  While I get that he did it to get to Julian, he should know that you never really get over someone you’ve loved intensely.  Nora’s reaction was pretty much the same reaction she had when Damon and Bonnie ripped out the heart of the other male Heretic earlier this season.  And did she get her revenge of Stefan.  Stabbing him in the heart and sending him to his own version of hell in the Phoenix stone?  Not fun.

Damon’s stabbing by Julian was equally not fun.  His version of hell has got to be pretty bad.  He has done all sorts of nasty things, so I don’t see him getting off lightly.  Anyone want to bet that Julian is right and Lily will make an appearance in Damon’s hell?

Watching a pregnant Caroline was amusing.  Her control freak tendencies kicked into seriously high gear and her hormones caused her to come really close to killing Alaric and other people.  I don’t see how blood can be bad for the babies.  Assuming her body acts the same as a human’s body, the babies should be shielded from any potential negative effects of the blood.  I also can’t imagine the Gemini coven putting the babies into her without taking some sort of precaution to shield them from potential side effects of being in a vampire.

The show will be back on Friday, January 29, so I’ll see y’all then!