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Thursday, January 28, 2016

My Review of DC's Legends of Tomorrow 1.02- Pilot, Part 2

The gang returns to 1975 to stop Savage from selling a nuclear weapon, Sara gets her flirt on with an unexpected person, Snart and Ray have words, and there is a surprising death....

Unlike the last review (which was originally written for another site), the remainder of my Legends of Tomorrow reviews won't include synopses, mainly because they take forever to write.  So enjoy that one.

The team showed some serious cracks tonight.  Snart's and Rory's pasts as criminals is definitely going to be an ongoing source of friction for the foreseeable future, especially with Ray.  Sara is able to take it in stride, probably because of her own speckled past and Martin and Jax seem to be able to go along with it too.  When they were with Ray is Savage's house, Ray seemed shocked that they were going after other invaluable objects. While they may not be the most wholesome guys to be around, they are very valuable to the team for their skills and Ray needs to accept that they know things he doesn't.  Speaking of accepting things, they need to learn to accept Ray's earnestness.  Until they can learn to work together, there are definitely going to be some sparks flying.

Watching Sara flirt with Marty was really funny, as was Jax's reaction to seeing a younger version of the man he carries around in his head when they become Firestorm.  Stein definitely enjoys lecturing, so seeing a younger, less polished, pot smoking version of him was hilarious.  The fact that he was seriously cute didn't hurt either.  Her knocking him out was a typical straightforward solution, as was her method of getting Ray's stolen tech away from Savage's people.  Jump down, take out the guards, and steal it back.  Simple and straightforward.  And Jax, she knows how to handle herself, so don't go helping unless she asks.

The fight scenes outside of Savage's house and at the auction were really cool to watch.  This show is definitely more effects intensive than either The Flash or Arrow.  Having Firestorm and the Atom flying around blasting things and Cold and Heatwave shooting their guns has to consume a fair amount of time, which probably explains why they also have Sara do hand-to-hand fighting so much.  Her fight scenes simply require a good amount of choreography, but not many effects.  The other really cool effect was when Firestorm absorbed the nuclear explosion.  It makes sense that he would be able to, but I hadn't quite expected it, so it was sort of surprising to see.

I am really curious about why they had Savage kill Carter.  Unless my memory is very bad, he can only be reborn if Chay-ara also dies, which means that he is gone unless the gang can go to a time when he is still alive and persuade him to come along.  I am also curious why only Kendra is the only one who can wield the blade to kill Savage.  Was it because it was a gift from Khufu to Chay-ara?  Or is there something else going on?

I loved the fact that they had Damien Dahrk on the show.  While he didn't really do anything, it was just fun to see him.  As for getting into the auction, I had to groan when Stein decided to act all tough.  It was sort of amusing, but Snart didn't seem to happy with him for what he was doing.

Until next week!