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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

My Review of Teen Wolf 5.11- The Last Chimera

Scott tries to recover from the disastrous events that tore his pack apart, Stiles desperately tries to help his father, Parrish looks for Lydia who has quite the eventful night, Liam and Mason look for Hayden, Theo assembles his pack, and we continue the events of the future.

Scott has managed to get himself into quite the pickle.  After dying at Theo's claws and then being revived by his mom, he has quite the way to go to reassemble his pack.  He lost Stiles because Theo came between them, he lost Liam because he didn't turn Hayden, Kira is gone, Lydia is in the hospital because Theo stole her memories (ok, mentally raped her), and Malia has gone her own way after breaking up with Stiles.  What he really needs to do is focus on getting Stiles, Kira, and Liam back first and then worry about Lydia.  Stiles is going to be the hardest to get back because their friendship was completely shattered after the two of them let Theo get into their heads.  It is mostly Scott's fault because he didn't listen or believe Stiles, but if Stiles had told him earlier what had happened with Donovan, they could have handled it a lot better.  I am honestly not sure if they can ever truly get back what they had.  Coming back from that sort of personal sense of betrayal is never easy, but if anyone can do it, the two of them can.

Getting Liam back will be easier because Liam seems to want to come back.  When he was in the library with Mason, he seemed to truly regret what he did to Scott.  With Hayden being ok and due to the fact that what he did was (in part) because of the super moon, I think he'll be able to come back to Scott quicker.  I wouldn't be surprised if he second-guessed Scott for a while, but I think he'll come back.  Getting Kira back into the fold will simply require her returning to Beacon Hills.  Hopefully, when she returns she'll have a better grip over her new abilities.

Getting Lydia back is going to be the hardest thing to do.  First off, she's in a semi-catatonic state after what what Theo did to her.  Second, her mother seems determined to keep her as far from Scott and the gang as long as she can.  While she may not be totally up to speed on what is going on, she knows enough to know that they are at the center of everything and she wants to protect her daughter as much as she can.  Throw in the fact that (in the future) Theo comes looking for her and Parrish shows up as well, and it will get complicated.  Of course, it seems that Theo only wants her so he can use her to lure Parrish in, but I wouldn't be surprised if he will use Lydia too.

I am honestly not sure what to think of Theo.  While he seems to be a mini-Peter and out for his own power, there are also moments when he seems like Derek from Season 2.  He's out to expand his pack and his power in order to confront whatever it is that the Dread Doctors are attempting to bring forth.  He knows he can't trust them, so he is doing what he can for himself.  This is not to say that he is a good guy bu any stretch of the imagination, but I am not wholly convinced that he is as evil as Peter was.  If anything, he seems more like the Twins before they went to join Scott's pack: out for himself and willing to do whatever he needs to do in order to protect himself.

If what I have read is correct, we are going to see la Bête du Gévaudan, which was mentioned in the first season when Allison was researching her ancestors and that beast is one of the beasts from painting in the wall.  I am assuming that Parrish is the other beast (the one on fire).  If so, it looks like we are going to have a major clash between the two.  La Bête seems to be very animalistic and possibly evil and, as a hellhound, Parrish seems to straddle the lines between good and evil.  The reason that I say la Bête is "possibly evil" is that to be truly evil requires making the choice to be evil.  If it is as animalistic as I expect and is operating on mostly instinct, then I don't think it can truly choose evil.  I could be wrong, so we'll have to wait and see.

Melissa and Scott are going to have to read Liam's dad in on what is going on.  He knows that there are things Melissa isn't telling him and he seems content, for the moment, to trust her, but having another adult in the hospital would be a good thing for the pack.  That would bring most of the parents in on the secret, which would make it easier for them to do what they have to do.  Lydia's mom will be the hardest to bring in because she is so protective of Lydia, but she may come around eventually.

Scott's pack now has an official symbol, Scott's two circle tattoo.  Theo was not happy when he saw that symbol carved into the wall of the building he and Hayden were in.  With Scott still around, his chances of bringing anyone from Scott's pack into his pack is vanishingly small, assuming that Scott can fix the relationships that are currently in tatters.  With everyone on notice that Theo can play head games, I think Scott will have an easier time holding his own pack together.  Knowing about Theo gives them that much more protection against his manipulations.

Until next week!