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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

My Review of Teen Wolf 5.12- Damnatio Memoriae

Scott starts to pull his pack back together, Theo prepares for what is to come, Lydia gets a teacher, we find out where Kira is, Liam and Mason work together, Malia and Braeden work together, Argent makes a desperate move, and we meet la Bête du Gévaudan.

I am beginning to wonder if Scott is going through another psychosomatic episode like he did back in Season 3A when he thought Derek had been killed.  He seems to be taking forever to heal and he seems to have lost some strength.  That being said, he hasn't lost it all given how quickly he took apart Theo's pack when they attacked him and the fact that his eyes are still red, indicating that he is still an Alpha.  It is entirely possible that his loss of confidence brought about by what happened in the first half of the season is affecting him if he takes the time to think about it.

That being said, he and Stiles took a huge step forward to bringing the pack back together.  Liam seems primed to come back, he just needs to be assured that Scott will forgive him and accept him back.  Malia is going to be harder than I expected because she is planning on going after the Desert Wolf.  The thing is that she knows that Scott won't like what she has planned and she is distancing herself from him for that very reason.  When Kira comes back, I have no doubt Scott will welcome her with open arms.  As I said last week, I think Lydia will be the hardest to bring back because she is in Eichen House.  But given the very determined look he had on his face, I have very little doubt that he can get her out if he really wants to.  If he is determined enough, I would be surprised if even Eichen House's defenses could keep him out.  While it wouldn't be easy, I fully expect him to be able to breach any sort of ash wood barrier they have.

Speaking of Lydia, how awesome was it to see her and Meredith together?  Or at least something that took on Meredith's form.  Given that this is Teen Wolf, I wouldn't be surprised if some other creature got in her head and is talking to her as Meredith.  I'm not saying that the creature is evil, but you never know.  It was nice to get a probable answer about how she used her voice as a weapon in the season premiere.  I'm not sure how Meredith (or whatever) learned to use their voice as a weapon, but combining that with the training she received from Parrish was a potent combination.

I loved seeing Mason and Liam together.  Liam is feeling so guilty about what he did to Scott and about what happened with Hayden that night and Mason is trying to get him to just suck it up and make things right with Scott.  Given the way he and Hayden were kissing, I'd say that they're going to be good.  The only potential hitch there will be Theo, who is being as enigmatic as ever.  He told Scott that they need to work together, but he seems to be trying to isolate his pack from Scott's and had Scott attacked.  I suppose that it's possible he just wanted to check and see if Scott was up to fighting, but that is doubtful.  What I am fairly certain of is that he is scared of la Bête and seems to be willing to do whatever he needs to do to protect himself.

How the heck did the Doctors bring la Bête back?  Did they resurrect the actual Beast or did they somehow recreate it?  Whichever it is, I don't think they will be able to control it unless they have some sort of device.  And you know things are seriously bad when Argent cured Gerard in order to get his help.  I wasn't sure if I would ever see that happen.  I just hope that he keeps in mind the fact that Gerard absolutely cannot be trusted.  Add to that the fact that Deucalion is supposed to be coming back and you have a recipe for an absolute disaster.

Until next week!