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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My Review of Teen Wolf 5.13- Codominance

Scott and Stiles go on a road trip, Kira goes through some rough "training", Lydia continues to learn how to harness her abilities, Liam learns something about what Theo is looking for, and Theo continues his search for more power.

It was really nice to see Scott and Stiles continuing to heal their fractured friendship.  Only people who care about each other as much as Scott and Stiles care about each other can hurt each other as badly as they did and then solve the situation relatively quickly.  Scott was right when he said that they needed more time to talk, but I don't think either of them could have that night.  Theo had gotten so deeply into their heads that I don't think they could have continued that conversation and remained friends.  Scott was hearing everything Stiles was saying through the filter of what Theo said to him and Stiles was too freaked out about the possibility of losing Scott to be able to talk rationally.  They both just needed time and distance, which is what they got.

The good thing about what Theo did is that it exposed a major flaw of Scott's.  Scott lacks confidence in himself as a leader.  With no adults around right now to help guide him, he is managing to piece his pack back together on his own, which is when he is at his strongest.  Scott is at his worst when he is trying to be someone else.  Anyone remember his horrible speech to Liam right after he turned him?  He was channeling Derek, which is never a good idea.  As I've said before, Derek as a teacher is great.  As a leader?  Not so much.  Scott does a great job when he is being himself and when he trusts himself to do the right thing.  If he can do that consistently, he will be a great leader.  After the fall he took in the first half of the season, he really needs to be himself to get his pack back.  He needs Stiles and Lydia to be the reality check and brains, he needs Liam and Malia to be his claws, and he needs Kira to help hold his heart together.  While he does a good ob on his own, he does a stellar job with the whole crew.

And he is a good portion of the way back.  He and Stiles have repaired their friendship enough that they can continue to work their way back to what they had.  And now he has managed to get Kira back and the two of them picked right back where they left off.  I am worried about Kira's control.  What she needs to do is figure out something to help her control the fox within.  In the first couple of seasons, Scott relied to Allison to be his anchor and ground to humanity, so can he serve the same function for Kira?  Or is she just so worried about the power she has that she needs to gain the confidence to use it properly?  Hopefully Scott can use some of the lessons he learned when he was learning to control the wolf that he can help her.  On the other hand, I wonder if her problem is that she needs to learn how to share control with the fox.  If neither of them is fighting for dominance, could they form a partnership which would allow her to access the fox's power and keep it under control?

I had to feel sorry for Liam.  He wants to make everything up to Scott so badly, but Scott isn't ready to just yet.  While I can't entirely blame Scott, he does need to remember that the Liam on the night of the supermoon was completely out of control because he was freaking out about what happened to Hayden.  Add to that Liam's anger issues and you have a potent mix that is not good for anyone.  Like Kira, Liam really needs to learn how to control his power.  He also needs to earn back Scott's trust.  Given that Scott is willing to forgive him eventually, I don't think that will be a huge issue, but it is something that Liam will have to do.

So are the Dread Doctors using Deucalion to get information on everyone in Beacon Hills?  Given the fact that he told Malia he knew how the Dread Doctors were finding everyone and then it was revealed that he was looking for a blind wolf, that would seem to be a valid assumption.  The only question is how Deucalion would know everything.  Also, didn't Jennifer give him his sight back during their last confrontation before Scott broke through the barrier and became a True Alpha?  So is he really still blind?  I also have to say that seeing Theo almost getting off on Malia beating him was more than a little freaky.

Speaking of Malia, I have to admit to being surprised that Scott seems to simply accept that she and Braeden are looking for the Desert Fox in order to kill her.  I wonder if this is simply his way of acknowledging that he can't control everyone or if he has bigger concerns (or maybe both!).  I also found Scott's revelation that he was always worried about someone getting too much blood on their hands interesting.  Could that be how Theo got into his head so easily?  We know Scott said that he didn't want to ever kill anyone, but now it seems like he just didn't want any of his friends to kill anyone, which would indicate that he is willing to sacrifice his purity to protect his friends, which is pretty cool if a little worrisome.

Given the fact that Lydia's training seemed to take place entirely within her mind, how on earth did she manage to affect that light in the real world?  Which also poses another interesting question.  Is "Meredith" merely a figment of her imagination to give herself a reason to unlock her abilities?  Everything "Meredith" is teaching her is based off of what Lydia has witnessed, which would seem to indicate that her subconscious mind is putting pieces together so that she can utilize her talents to their fullest extent.  It is possible that this is a psychic echo of the real Meredith, but I am leaning towards the subconscious manifestation explanation myself.  Of course, it could also be Valack in her head somehow.  Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Kira's "training" was brutal.  I want to know how exactly that was supposed to teach her.  You really want to throw an out of control trickster spirit into a combat situation?  You have to show her what control is first and then she can figure out how to do it.

I have to wonder how much longer Roscoe will be in this world.  It seems to be held together by spit and bailing wire.  Stiles needs to really invest in getting a mechanic to do something to keep roscoe in working order.

And who is the Beast?  According to Theo, it is a teenager during the day with no knowledge of what it is at night.  Sounds a lot like Jackson as the kanima to me.  So is the Beast the shape that someone is taking because of what is inside of them?

I loved how cute Liam and Hayden and Mason and Corey were together.  I really hope that Corey isn't the Beast.  Given that we know he is a chimera and I don't remember ever seeing him at the same time as the Beast, it is a possibility.  An even more horrifying possibility is that Mason is the Beast.  That would be totally awful.

Until next week!