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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

My Review of Teen Wolf 5.14- The Sword and the Spirit

Malia and Braeden confront the Desert Wolf, Scott and Liam mend fences, Theo shows his true colors (again), and everyone realizes the danger that Lydia is in.

First off, I am really glad we have finally caught up with the first scene from the season premiere.  We still have a couple of scenes to catch up with: Malia cowering in a cave with a figure (presumably the Desert Wolf) standing over her and the scene where Theo and his pack break into Eichen House to get Lydia.  Given the fact that next week is apparently going to be the gang trying to rescue Lydia, I think we can safely assume that will happen then or maybe the week after.  What worries me is that we now know that Theo will probably use it as a trap to get Scott and hand him over to Deucalion.  Only problem for Theo is that the one time his pack confronted Scott, Scott wiped the floor with them.  Now that Scott's pack is mostly back together, I don't know if Theo stands much of a chance, particularly if they can arouse Lydia enough to fight herself.

Scott didn't seem to betray any weakness to his injury this week, so I think it is safe to assume that it has started to heal.  Given that an Alpha's (or any werewolves) strength grows in proportion to the size of their pack, I suspect that having everyone back together is making him stronger, even if most of them aren't wolves themselves.  It was nice to see him and Liam make up with each other.  Liam has been so freaked out by what he did to Scott that he has never approached him to try and sort everything out.  I think Scott just needed to know that Liam really was sorry about everything before he could really forgive him.  Liam seemed almost broken and Scott obviously realized that he needed to forgive Liam so that they could get everyone back together.

Finding out that Chris is teamed with Gerard was an unpleasant surprise for Scott.  It is a measure of the trust Scott has in Chris that he just went along with it after Chris reassured him that it was necessary.  I do love it when a new member of the pack meets someone from Scott's past.  Liam's reaction to Gerard was almost as funny as Isaac's reaction when he met Peter for the first time.  Liam knew that this was not a Good Thing, but he was missing the particulars,  And Gerard's reaction to Scott's eyes flashing red was incredibly nonchalant.  I hope he isn't planning on crossing Scott again because I don't doubt that Scott could and would take him down if needed.  As for his "test" for Parrish, the less said the better.  Classic Gerard.  I did love Chris' reaction when Parrish incredulously asked if Gerard really was his father.  "Wasn't my choice."  <snerk>

I find it interesting that Jennifer's healing of Deucalion's eyes was only temporary.  I have to wonder if it was temporary by design or if it ended because Jennifer was killed.  And any hope I had about him being back in town to help Scott was seriously dashed when he told Theo that the price of his help would be Scott's eye on his claws.  I was hoping that he had been chastened by the events of season 3, but that is not the case.  Instead, he is harboring an understandable and rather substantial grudge.

I was really hoping that Theo would actually be helpful to Scott, but he is (as always) out for just himself.  He wants to kill the Beast in order to gain its power.  Add that to his chimera status and I am worried.  The Beast is already the most powerful and most feared werewolf in history, so that is bad for everyone.  And given the complete drawing Chris and Gerard showed Scott and Liam, I am really worried.  The fight between the Hellhound (Parrish) and the Beast (?) will apparently be such a massive battle that it will result in large amounts of collateral damage.  I can only hope that Scott and his pack can do something to contain and limit the damage.  Given the enemies arrayed against them, that is going to be tough.  Between the Dread Doctors, the Desert Wolf, Theo and his pack, and Deucalion, Scott and his pack are going to have their hands full.  Having Derek, Isaac, or anyone else from the past return would be a real boon for them.

And we finally found out why the Desert Wolf is after Malia.  Shortly after she was born, Talia Hale stole Malia from the Desert Wolf who (at some point) lost a large portion of her strength, speed, and healing.  She blames Malia for the loss, but I don't know if powers from one simply pass to another through birth that way.  Everything we have seen would indicate that if someone is born a werewolf (or presumably a werecoyote), they can have the inborn abilities that come with the status without the parent losing theirs.  Malia needs to be really careful.  She may have the edge in speed and strength, but the Desert Wolf is trained, dangerous, and motivated which gives her an edge.  Malia lucked out that the Beast showed up when it did and that Lydia's scream distracted the Desert Wolf.  After Theo shot her, she was in bad shape.  Fortunately, she heals fast and she can learn quickly, so hopefully she'll learn the right lesson and only go after the Desert Wolf with the full pack.

How the heck did Gerard know the frequency to use to block the Dread Doctors?  I know he is incredibly well acquainted with the supernatural, but that is showing a level of familiarity that surpasses everyone else.  Even Deaton doesn't know much about the Dread Doctors, and he knows a lot about most of the supernatural world.  I hope that Gerard will tell Scott what he needs to know, but I can't say that I'll hold my breath waiting for him to do so.

I found Meredith's explanation to Lydia very interesting.  Using her hands to direct the power of her screams is an interesting idea.  It really does make sense though.  Every banshee scream we've seen so far is unfocused and affects everything in the area.  Using the hands that way can force the mind to focus in a particular direction.  I suspect that eventually Lydia won't need to use her hands, but I could (of course) be wrong.

I am surprised that it's taken people this long to catch onto the fact that the supernatural is in Beacon Hills.  Before this, we've only had one person outside of the pack (Danny) who knew that the supernatural existed, but he was pack adjacent and really smart and observant, so that wasn't super surprising.  The deputy talking with Scott and Stiles about the supernatural is a sign that people in certain places are starting to notice the weirdness and wondering what is going on.  That could make Scott's job harder, particularly if people start trying to eradicate the supernatural themselves as vigilantes.

Next week, the gang goes to rescue Lydia.  Until then!