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Thursday, February 4, 2016

My Review of DC's Legends of Tomorrow 1.03- Blood Ties

Hunter and Sara go after Carter's body, Ray and Stein try and save Kendra, and Snart tries to change his past.

You have to feel sorry for Snart.  He tried so hard to change his past to make sure that his father wouldn't end up in jail and his dad ended up in jail anyway, so nothing changed.  For a bit I was wondering if Snart may simply have been reliving something that already happened, and would end up not giving the emerald to his dad.  Sadly, that wasn't the case and he was unable to save his father from himself and he, his mom, and his sister ended up with an abusive father anyway.  Changing a past event, as Barry showed on The Flash, is not a good idea because the timeline can come along and bite you on the ass.  The problem with messing with time is that there are some people who can't change who they are without some major pressure to change.  Snart's dad didn't have that pressure, so he didn't change.  Snart, on the other hand, wants to change and has people around who can help him.   He'll never be a good guy like Barry, but he can be a better person, which is all that can be asked of anyone.  I just hope he does what he can.

You have to admire what Stein did for Ray.  He lied through his teeth, but it was a harmless lie for a good cause, so that was a good thing.  Ray needed the morale boost and Stein gave it to him.  The two of them have a really interesting relationship.  Both are tremendously smart and have rather large egos, so when you put the two of them together, it is really funny.

It was a great thing that Sara invited herself to go along with Rip.  She is trained in observation and noticed things that Rip completely missed, like the fact that their cover at the bank was completely blown.  Unfortunately for her, the bloodlust can still assert itself.  I just hope she doesn't have the same issue Thea is having right now.  Given how she was stabbing her knife around the guys head at the end rather than beating him to a pulp or something, I would say she has a decent amount of control over the bloodlust.  She is absolutely not a monster.  Dangerous?  Yes.  The thing is that she has more control over herself, particularly when she is paying attention to what is going on.  I think that part of the reason she lost control is that she let herself be completely absorbed in fighting the people at the bank.  I am wondering if there is anything she can't fight in.  She fought in a formal dress (with a big slit) and a skirt tonight, which is pretty rare.  Up to now, she normally wears pants, presumably to give herself more freedom of movement.

I find it interesting that Rip Hunter had already traveled to the past to try and kill Savage.  And he made enough of an impression that Savage's followers know about him and can recognize him on sight.  I am hoping that Hunter starts to trust the gang more.  He pulled them together, but he doesn't seem to want to work with them.  He seems to be changing that attitude, which is a good thing.  Although they are a wildly disparate bunch, they pull together nicely when needed.

Even without becoming Firestorm, Jax can still do a good job fighting.  It shouldn't be surprising that he is using football type maneuvers to fight (tackles, etc.), but it was still interesting to see.  I just hope they flesh him out a bit.  So far, he has been the one member of the group who has been used the least.  Well, him and Rory.  I am impressed that he could repair the ship even though it was from the future.  Maybe Hunter should start using him when the ship needs fixing.

I do want to know how exactly Kendra knew what was going on at the ceremony Savage and his followers were.  Was it her connection to Carter or something else?  I really hope they explain.

Until next week!