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Thursday, February 18, 2016

My Review of DC's Legends of Tomorrow 1.05- Fail Safe

Rip and Sara are faced with a moral quandary, Stein tries to withhold the secret to Firestorm from the Soviets, and Rory makes his allegiances clear.

I was surprised how upset Snart was at Rip this week. Last week he seemed to almost admire the way Rip took the long view and was willing to temporarily sacrifice people in order to take Savage down.  This week, he was most definitely not happy with Rip at all.  It's not like a lot of time has passed, so he didn't exactly have a long time to reconsider his position, so I am not sure what changed.  I know he wasn't happy about leaving Rory behind, but he seemed to get where Savage was coming from.  And this week we also saw him butt heads with Sara for the first time ever.  I do get his disagreement about how to handle Stein if he broke, but in the long run, Sara and Rip were right.  It would be far better to sacrifice one person to save so many more.  Was it a good plan?  No, but I think that had the situation seriously deteriorated beyond their ability to stop it, it was the best of a bunch of really bad choices.  Fortunately, the choice never seriously came up until the end and by then Rip had the pieces in place to make sure that Sara wouldn't need to take the shot.

Despite what anyone may think about him, I think Rip really does care about the whole crew.  But, like I said last week, he knows that some might have to be sacrificed if there is no other alternative.  We know that he would never do anything that would purposefully sacrifice one of his people except as an absolute last resort.  Like I said, he had other options this week once Kendra and Jax went into the gulag, so he didn't need to sacrifice Stein.

As for Jax and Kendra, I do get why he benched them initially.  As he said, they are the two people Savage wants the most in the world.  He could give Jax to the Soviets and create more Firestorms and Kendra is who he needs to become stronger.  Keeping them safe on the ship was the best option at the time.  Did that change?  Sure, and he acknowledged that when he needed to.  He's a smart guy and he knows when to bow to the inevitable and do what is the best for the world.

Would Sara have killed Stein if Snart and Rip hadn't told her to stop?  Probably.  She is an assassin and will do unpleasant tasks in order to protect that which she loves the most.  I'm not saying that she would have liked it or anything, but I have little doubt that she would have done it.  I'm just glad it didn't get put to the test.  And how much fun was it to watch her take apart those Russians?

I think Ray earned some respect from Rory this week for using his mouth to make sure that Rory wasn't beaten by the torturer.  Not a lot, but some.  Up to now, unless he was in the ATOM suit, Ray hasn't shown himself to be terribly useful where Rory and Snart are concerned.  I don't think Snart is fond of him, but Rory seems to realize that there is more to Ray than a pretty face.  It's a step in the right direction.

You gotta hand it to Stein.  He managed to withstand hallucinogenic drugs and whatever else was dished out to him.  He only broke when he saw Ray and Rory being hurt.  Even then, he managed to not give up everything.  It took Dr. Vostok seeing the scarred writing on Stein's arm before she realized that he was the piece that she needed.  And how stupid was she to not listen to him when he said that she needed the splicer.  Well, maybe not stupid, because it could have been something he was making up in order to delay her, but it was not a good idea as was demonstrated when she exploded after he forced a split.  I was impressed that Jax remembered the writing thing.  Nicely done, nicely done.

Until next week!