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Thursday, February 25, 2016

My Review of DC's Legends of Tomorrow 1.06- Star City 2046

Sara and Ray try to adapt to a new reality, Rory and Snart have a fight, romance starts to introduce itself, and we meet some new characters (as well as an old one)...

I have to say that I was very surprised when Connor Hawke revealed that he was John Diggle, Jr.  I was really not expecting that one.  It makes sense, given the fact that his father worked with the Green Arrow, but it was still a surprise.  I was even more surprised to see that the Deathstroke we saw was Slade's son.  That is what we call a serious familial grudge match.  I just want to know when Slade found the time to have a son.  Was it before or after Lian Yu?  Given everything, I am not surprised he went right after Oliver and destroyed the city.  As Slade figured out, the best way to hurt Oliver is to go after that which he cares about the most.

So we know that by 2046, Diggle and Lance are both dead and everyone else is gone.  Oliver never actually said everyone else was dead, so it is possible that they are still alive.  I can only assume that after Oliver went into hiding, the rest of the team (if they were still alive) left Star City for whatever reason.   I do find that confusing given that they protected the city last year after Oliver left, but maybe something changed this time.

Snart and Rory are really going to need to have their issues out.  Rory is not much more than a thug or goon.  He's street smart, physically strong, and he enjoys wreaking havoc.  Snart, on the other hand, is tremendously intelligent and uses that intelligence to get what he wants.  But, as I've noted before, he is also a man with a certain sense of honor.  He doesn't like harming innocents and prefers to commit crimes that don't cause mass destruction. I also suspect that he has some yearning to be seen as a hero or get recognition of some sort.  He is also bonding with certain members of the team, mainly Sara, and doesn't want to abandon them.  I think he sees himself, Sara, and Rory as some sort of weird quasi-familial unit.  He and Rory really just need to figure out how they can mesh their goals if they want to remain a team.

Sara had a really rough week.  Her hometown was in shambles, her father is dead, and her sister is gone.  The man she was (is?) in love with has been beaten and almost broken and the son of one of the men she hates most in the world is responsible for all (or most) of this pain.  To top it all off, Rip was rather hypocritically asking her not to care about what was going on and focus on the future.  While I admire his ability to see the bigger picture, he really needs to start figuring out that this team he has put together is not going to fall in with his plans.  He started off on the wrong foot and has yet to show them why they should trust him.  To his credit, he did ask the team to help Connor, Oliver, and Sara out when they were taking on Deathstroke and his forces.  Once again, this team shows that they are infinitely better together than they are when they are apart.

I found the whole romance storyline to be an interesting aside.  Jax is seriously attracted to Kendra, but hesitant to approach her because of her link with Carter.  And Ray wasn't even thinking of her as a potential love interest until Stein started asking him questions.  I felt for poor Stein and Jax at that point.  Stein was trying to be helpful and make sure that Jax had a clear field, but he accidentally managed to get Ray out there.  That actually ended up being good for Jax because when Ray asked her out, Kendra told him that she wasn't ready for anything like that.  That meant Jax wouldn't have to ask and wouldn't feel put down as a result.  And that little psychic link between Jax and Stein was all sorts of fun to see in action.  It was seriously affecting Stein and gave Jax the hint he needed that Stein had accidentally done something wrong.

Until next week!