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Monday, February 15, 2016

My Review of The Fosters 3.14- Under Water

Callie tries to help AJ, Callie and Jude try to help Jack, rumours start about Monte and Lena, the kids get a major bomb dropped on them, Jesus talks with his alleged dad, and Brandon finds out something unexpected...

Callie was super rough on Stef this week.  Can't say that I blame her, given everything.  Stef really does need to figure out how she can separate her job from her life at home.  I know that mixing the two is unavoidable in most cases, but in this case I think her view about what she should do was colored by the fact that two of her kids and their biological mom were involved.  Honestly, I don't know if there was a good way to handle the whole situation.  Ty was involved in a hit and run and AJ was with him.  No matter how it was handled, there was going to be an issue with someone.

I am not sure what to think about Jack.  He is obviously afraid of being pulled out of another home, but the one he is in is not a good one.  I can't say I blame him for looking out for himself, I remember that Callie was very much like that when we first met her.  She didn't trust anyone and did everything she could to make sure things were good for Jude and herself.  Now that she is in a good place, she has the luxury of taking a broader view of everything, but she has to remember that not all kids are as lucky as she was.  I was a little surprised that she forgave Jack so easily, but when he explained what happened, it made sense.  She was the one who thought he was AJ and he went along with it for whatever reason.  Not that he is blameless, but it wasn't like he set out with the intention of tricking her, and that does make a difference.

I hope Mariana keeps her eyes open around Nick because I so don't trust him.  He's really cute, but he also seems to be the type who will use his good looks and charm to get out of any situation.  She does have a good head on her shoulders, but even the smartest person can act stupid around someone they are attracted to.  As long as she remains safe and keeps using that incredible brain of hers, she'll be ok.

Brandon's crush having a kid was a bit out of left field.  That is a complication that is a lot for a 17 year old (or is he 18 now?) to handle.  The two of them are really good together and I think she can be good for Brandon.  She doesn't take any guff from him and teases him in a really nice way.  He does need to get over Callie, and she can help there.  My concern is that he sometimes seems to be the type who falls in love with the idea of love, which is never good for a relationship.  If he wants this to last, he needs to make sure that he really is over Callie first.

That foster advocate still gives me the screaming willies and it seems like Callie is starting to sense something too.  While having the moderators on is not a bad thing per se, not telling Callie about it in the first place was sketchy.  I get wanting to make sure people aren't bullied or anything, but "Fost and Found" was intended to give a voice to kids who have never had one.  Censoring their speech, unless there's a really good reason like bullying, is not a good thing.  Callie definitely seemed to sense a time or two that something was up and I hope she trusts her gut, because it is a good one.  I am afraid that she'll be too blinded by the need for a sponsor who will help fund the app and website to see if a problem starts developing.

That operation for Stef is widely different than any my mom had when she had breast cancer, although my mom's case was a mastectomy to remove full on cancer, not the prophylactic procedure Stef is having.  It's also been almost 20 years since my mom's operation and that changes a lot too.  It sounds like the doctor will be removing all of the tissue inside of the breast and then it will be replaced with saline implants.  That is going to take a while to do.  Fortunately, the kids seemed to handle the news rather well and immediately asked what they could do to help out.  That bodes well for the Adams-Fosters.

I was actually a little annoyed at Lena for having that conversation with Monte.  I get that she needed someone to talk to and she wants to be strong for Stef, but that is the sort of thing that started the trouble before.  She needs to nip all of this in the bud and find someone else to talk to, maybe a therapist or something.  Obviously, talking with Stef is best, but there may be times she needs to talk with someone uninvolved first and Monte is so not the right choice for that, particularly after that tweet about the two of them having an affair.  I hope Monte didn't start it, but I am afraid that she might have if she thought it might break up Stef and Lena.

Gabe was arrested for some sort of sexual crime dealing with a minor.  I don't want to leap to any conclusions, because it could be something as simple as he was an adult and had sex with his underage girlfriend or something relatively innocent like that.  I am just worried that Jesus or Mariana will leap to conclusions about what is going on.  And Jesus going back to see him at work is not a good thing.

Until next week!