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Monday, February 29, 2016

My Review of The Fosters 3.16- EQ

Jesus is having trouble dealing with everything, Stef teaches a class, Brandon gets an unwelcome surprise, Rita and Callie have an unpleasant encounter with Rita's daughter, and Lena gets an awkward piece of news.

Did Monte really kiss the student body president?  I know I don't think highly of her, but that is hard to imagine even for her.  I don't want to discount the news immediately, but I also don't want to jump to any conclusions.  I don't know why the student body president would lie, but (as I said) I also can't imagine Monte going that far.  I know she's shown certain people preferential treatment and has crossed lines, but that particular line is one I have trouble picturing her crossing.  I'm just afraid that if Lena does anything about this, Monte will use the fact that she decided to jump Jesus to the front of the admissions line as revenge or something.  Either that or she'll try and make Lena look like an evil schemer out to get the job she lost to Monte.  Not good, not good at all.

I totally get why Stef was hard on Jesus, and I can't say I blame her.  He left a school, came back, starting looking for his biological father behind his mothers' backs, lied about his age to get a job with his father and went to see him even after he was told not to, and has been getting drunk.  And that doesn't count the drag racing with Nick.  Was she too hard on him?  Probably, particularly with that crack about his father not wanting him.  Not a good thing to say to a kid who was abandoned by his mother.  Other than that, I think she was in the right, but that comment definitely took it over the edge.  I was glad that Lena stepped in and told Stef off for that one, because Stef needed to be brought up short.  It was also good for her class to hear an adult (particularly a police officer) admit that they screwed up, so kudos on that.

As for the play, I think that was a tricky situation.  While I totally get that certain things can be triggers for people, I do think that it can be taken too far.  The popular interpretation of the play does lend it self to a romanticization of suicide as the ultimate act of love, but I think Brandon had a good point.  Show the play as an example of kids in love doing something stupid, which is something that anyone who has been that age is familiar with.  Anyone who is in love is more liable to do something that they might not normally do because they're not thinking clearly.  That being said, I do think that having the play off campus is a good idea because then people can choose whether or not to attend.  But, would it have been any different if the play had been in the school's theater?  I assume attendance would have been optional, so maybe it wouldn't make a difference at all.

I'm glad that Rita and Callie decided to just agree to disagree.  Sorry, but I think Callie is acting like a brat about this whole thing.  She has purposely said some incredibly hurtful things to Rita about the bill and about her daughter.  Was she right in this instance?  Sure, but given Chloe's history of crying wolf where committing suicide is concerned, I have a hard time blaming Rita for ignoring it.  After all, look at what Chloe said to Callie.  She was just trying to get money, supposedly for an apartment.  I can get that any suicide threat should be taken seriously, and would normally agree, but when someone is consistently threatening to do something and then doesn't do it, it can be hard to take them seriously.  Overall, that was a seriously messed up situation that had no really good answer.

I'm still not sure what to think of Nick.  I am having a hard time trusting him because he seems to morph into whatever he needs to be at the time.  He may be a genuinely good guy, but I need to have some hard evidence before I'll believe that for sure.  I just hope Mariana continues to keep her eyes open and is smart about him.

I have to admit that it was nice to see Callie and AJ together.  They do really get each other and she is a good influence on him.  Not to mention he is a whole lot more appropriate for her than Brandon is, so there's that.  When they put Jesus to bed, I was totally giggling when she was just staring at his bare chest.  It was sort of funny.

Until next week!