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Friday, February 5, 2016

My Review of The Originals 3.11- Wild at Heart

Klaus tries to help Cami adjust to being a vampire, Aya has proposals for both Davina and Elijah, Hayley mourns for Jackson, and an old face returns…

My first question is how the hell did Marcel pass that test?  At first, I thought maybe he switched the cards, but given the fact that the vampire Aya killed was plotting against her, I find that unlikely.  I am wondering if the witches are sensing that he is truly loyal to Klaus and wants to take out the weapon that could kill his sire or if he has truly sided with the Strix.  I am really hoping it is the former because I don’t want to see him turn into one of the Strix.

Aya’s proposal for Davina was an interesting one.  Aya would make Davina a part of the Strix’s coven and, in exchange, would give her power and a spell to resurrect Kol, which is what Davina wants the most.  Davina is certainly in a low place because of the shunning, so between that and the offer to bring Kol back, Davina has got to be tempted.  She is also used to having power, so that has to be a factor too.  The thing I am wondering about is that Davina spent all of last season protesting that she didn’t want to get mixed up in vampire of Mikaelson business again, so I am wondering if she would put that aside.  I suspect she will, but it is a consideration.

As for her offer to Elijah, that was crucial.  I do wonder what the witch saw in Elijah’s head that was so bad that Elijah would kill her.  Was it worse than anything we’ve seen from him so far?  Or is it just something we know that his siblings don’t know, like the fact that he is the one who daggered Rebekah?  I just wish that his efforts to distract Klaus from Cami had worked better.

The problem is that Klaus is genuinely trying to help Cami, but she is refusing to take the help.  I know that Klaus is not the paragon of good vampire behavior, but he does know how to remain more or less invisible to the human world if he wants to and that is something Cami needs to learn.  Yes, she can compel humans to forget what she does to them, but if Klaus hadn’t stopped her, she would have killed that girl.  Cami’s problem is that she is completely out of whack from what happened to her.  Learning from Klaus is not a horrible idea.  I know Hayley rejected Klaus’ help, but Hayley also has always had much better control of herself than Cami has, probably because she was a werewolf first.

Stealing the one weapon that can kill the Originals did not do anything to endear Cami to Klaus and Elijah.  While it may be effective leverage, she is quickly alienating everyone around her.  I think the biggest problem is that she knows everyone well enough (and has psychological training) that she can get in their heads and twist everything around.  I’m sorry, but she was deliberately cruel to Hayley, who was only trying to help her out.  Was she right?  Sure, but it was still really cruel to say.  Hayley is dealing with enough crap without having Cami pile on her too.  I do wonder why Klaus never thought to compel Cami in order to have her do what he wants.  I am sure that he wants her to learn on her own, but compelling her at first might not be the worst thing to do, particularly given how completely out of control she is.

It was really cool to have Josh back.  I would love to have him on more and hope he finds a good guy to love.  He really deserves it.

Until next week!