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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

My Review of Teen Wolf 3.16- Lie Ability

Things are finally coming together.  Questions are answered, the gang is back together, and Parrish shows off some interesting abilities.

I have to start with Parrish.  The Hellhound is more powerful than I could have imagined.  Not only is he immune to flame, but he is also immune to supernatural abilities.  Kanima venom, chimera electricity, and mountain ash couldn't even slow him down.  The only thing that could affect him was pure physical damage when Theo threw that rod and impaled him.  And that flame?  It is a dangerous weapon which he uses on Corey when he attacks him.  Not only can the Hellhound break through mountain ash, he can burn it away as he walks through it.  Oh, and to top it all off, he can contain and survive a scream from a superpowered Banshee that blew another person's head half off.  Considering the fact that the Beast seemed to take him down rather easily last week, I am seriously worried about stopping the Beast now.

To top it all off, he has a connection of some sort to Lydia.  I have to ask if this link is the romantic feelings we've seen them display for each other or if the feelings are the result of the pre-existing link.  Or maybe the two of them feed on each other to form a mutually reinforcing circle of some sort.  Either way, he does everything he can to make sure she is safe, which leads me to suspect that she will be key to defeating the Beast.  Her powers appear to be contained for the moment, so I don't expect her to use her scream the way she did on Dr. Valack, but she may be able to use her scream to remind the Beast of who it actually is and thereby foil the Dread Doctors' plans.

It was interesting watching Scott's pack work with Theo's pack this week.  Separate them from Theo and most of his pack isn't that bad.  The lone exception appeared to be Tracy.  Josh and Corey worked well together with Malia and Kira and Hayden worked with Mason to remove the lockdown on Eichen House.  Even Theo cooperated with Stiles, even if it was for his own gain.  He is after Lydia in order to get her to reveal the identity of the Beast so he can steal its power and kill it.  The only problem is that the only way Lydia can see the identity of the Beast is to have her powers magnified to such a degree that she would die in the process.  I am worried now that Theo has the Dread Doctor's mask. Valack wanted to use it to get Lydia to tell him who the Beast is and I suspect Theo wants it for the same reason.

Which leads me to a bit of a mea culpa.  Last week, I speculated that Valack had created or was controlling the Dread Doctors.  Turns out he definitely is not, he is just looking to use whatever he can to find out who the Beast is so he can stop them  I still have to wonder how he knows that the mask will allow people to figure out who the Beast is.  Is the fact that he tried to put it on the nurse last week mean that she was a banshee?  Or will putting the mask on anyone be enough to let him find out who the Beast is if the person is sufficiently strong?  If it is the latter, Theo may risk putting it on anyone in order to achieve his goals.  If it requires a banshee, Lydia will need to be protected from him.  Well, Lydia and Meredith, although I don't know how much help Meredith will be in the state she is in.

Liam is turning into quite the fighter.  He took those two attendees out without breaking a sweat and also managed to take out the big, hulking one too.  Granted, he collapsed afterwards, but he still managed to do it.  His fainting was quite amusing, if only because he asked right before it if the guy was out.  And when exactly did he and Hayden have sex?  Was it before everything happened last week or is that some sort of flashforward.  That was a bit of a weird moment.  Hot and intense, but weird and out of place.  Although I will never complain about seeing Dylan Sprayberry in just his underwear.  And that hash tag #puppystyle?  Too flipping cute!  :-)

I was surprised that Scott didn't think of using his claws to get answers from Meredith before she grabbed his hand.  I know he is gunshy about using it after the last time he forced his way into someone else's head, but since she is incapable of answering questions otherwise, I don't see where he had a lot of choice.  He has grown up tremendously since he was killed by Liam,  Using that particular ability needs a great deal of care, but it is appropriate in circumstances like the one he found himself in.  He just needs to be gentle about doing it, which he was.

I am worried about the blood coming from Stiles' ear.  That sort of thing normally indicates that there is something ruptured which is not good.  I really hope that he hasn't been permanently damaged because he can't heal the way everyone else around him can.  And are they reviving the possibility of Stydia as a couple?  If the two of them can have good, mature relationship, it would be cool.  Otherwise, their friendship is too cool to be discarded.

Malia continues to impress with her growth.  Just like last week, she refused to abandon Kira, even though Kira was urging her to leave.  Nicely done Malia, nicely done.

Other great moments:

[1] Mason attempting to psych himself up to run his car into the wall so he could access the transformers.
[2] Kira and Malia saying Mason knew exactly what he was doing, promptly followed by his panicked phone call saying that he had no clue what he was doing.
[3] Hayden leaping up to the roof.  That had to be 30-40 feet at least.  Quite the jump.
[4] Liam's absolute faith that Mason would get his part of the plan done.
[5] Mrs. Martin tasing Tracy and telling everyone to get her daughter out of there.  There is definitely another adult in the know now.

Until next week!