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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

My Review of Teen Wolf 5.15- Amplification

The gang finds out what is happening to Lydia and plans a rescue but events and Theo's pack intervenes, another adult starts to make their way into the secret, and we find out something interesting about Dr. Valack....

Is Dr. Valack one of the Dread Doctors or can he just create them?  I guess neither could be true, but given that he put a Dread Doctor mask on that nurse, I really think it is one or the other.  Couple the mask with his propensity for experimentation on supernatural creatures and I really think he is connected to the Dread Doctors somehow.  I want to suggest that he is the Beast and he is controlling the Dread Doctors.  The hole in his forehead has disappeared and he dresses in a very old fashioned manner, much like the Doctors.  We have also never seen him anywhere near the Beast, which could indicate that he is it.  Deaton said that drilling holes in the heads of supernatural creatures amplifies their abilities, so he could have used everything to turn himself into a chimera and then the Beast.  The chimeras aren't affect by any normal supernatural deterrents like mountain ash, so he could still slip in and out of eichen House without any issues.  Also, Parrish didn't turn into the Hellhound until Valack got close to Lydia.  That could have been because Lydia is in trouble, but if Valack is the Beast, Parrish probably sensed the presence of his enemy and reacted.

Speaking of amplification, Lydia and everyone around her is in trouble.  As Deaton mentioned, she is already extraordinarily powerful, so drilling that hole in her head will amplify powers that are already highly charged.  Since banshees scream in order to clear their heads and since their voice can also be a weapon, an out-of-control Lydia could easily kill people all around her if she screamed a supercharged scream while trying to clear her head of all the deaths she would be sensing.  Just remember how far her voice has carried in the past.  When Jennifer was holding her in the school, her scream could be heard by every supernatural creature in Beacon Hills.  Magnify that and the potential for destruction is epic.  We are talking about destruction on a level that is almost unimaginable.  Given that she can use her voice as a weapon, could she team up with Parrish to defeat the Beast?  If her voice is amplified and that potential for destruction controlled and directed, I am not sure if even the Beast could stand up to it.  Just a thought.

Scott and Siles' plan to rescue Lydia wasn't awful,, but it was too reliant on everything going their way.  Kira can barely control her powers, so making her the crux of the plan was not smart.  I appreciate that Scott is trying to bolster her self-confidence. but she is so scared of her own abilities that this was not smart.  Watching Liam reluctantly agree with Scott and the Malia's complete inability to convincingly say that she believed in Kira was funny.  Malia is not a good liar, so relying on her for something like boosting someone's confidence is just not a good idea.  I do have to admire that she did manage to pull through for Kira when she really needed it.  Watching Malia make the case for sticking around to save someone else does show a large amount of growth over where she was during season 4 when she was ready to leave everyone behind in Mexico when things looked rough.  So that is good.

Scott's call to the rest of the pack when he and Liam were under assault was just cool.  That is the type of roar he used when he broke through the barrier to get at Jennifer, so I would not be surprised if he managed to break through the barrier to get to Lydia.  The only issue is that, as he said, there is more than a simple barrier like he faced with Jennifer.  Eichen House is chock full of mountain ash which means he may very well have to fight for every step.  On the other hand, when he broke through the barrier to get at Jennifer, he did dispel the barrier, so it is possible that breaking through could break the power of the mountain ash and make it easier for him and the rest of the pack to get to Lydia.

What I do find interesting that that Parrish was able to get to the isolation wing easily.  Are hellhounds immune to the effects of mountain ash?  Given that they are guardians of the supernatural, they may be able to pass through things that hold back most other supernatural creatures.  It is also possible that he had not run into mountain ash yet, so we may not know how hellhounds are affected by mountain ash.

Methinks Lydia's mom is about to get incontrovertible proof that the supernatural exists.  She arrives at Eichen House when it goes int lockdown, so she is probably going to be confronted by one of the packs or the Dread Doctors.  She is smart and could be useful to the gang as another adult in on the secret.  I just hope she doesn't try and convince herself that anything she sees is something its not.

Next week, the gang tries to escape from Eichen House as Kira loses control of her abilities.  Until then!