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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

My Review of Teen Wolf 5.17- A Credible Threat

Scott and Stiles come up with a plan to stop the Beast from killing at a charity lacrosse game, Kira has trouble containing the fox, we find out some surprising information about Parrish and the Hellhound, and Malia comes face to face with the Desert Wolf.

The surprising news about Parrish?  He's not actually Parrish.  If I am putting the pieces together correctly, Parrish was killed in Afghanistan while defusing that bomb at the same time Scott, Stiles, and Allison were sacrificing themselves to save their parents.  When he died, the Hellhound moved in and set up shop so that it could come to Beacon Hills to help contain the supernatural forces unleashed by the reactivation of the Nemeton.  So the Hellhound is actually a entity completely separate from the person we know as Jordan Parrish.  So during the day, Jordan Parrish moves around and then at night the Hellhound takes over his body and does what is has to do.  It would seem that the Hellhound is much like the Beast, a supernatural being distinct from the person who is housing it.  In a way, that is much the same thing as Kira, a fox spirit exists within her and she can use it.  That would mean that there are supernatural beings who exist as spirits separate from humans, but can join with them under certain circumstances.  That is unlike supernatural beings like werewolves or banshees who are humans with abilities that are beyond the human norm.  The only thing that gets me is that Kira's mom has described both of them as kitsunes, which would imply that the kitsune within is both a part of them and apart from them.  Or maybe I'm just overanalyzing this.

At any rate, I want to postulate that the Beast is much like the Hellhound.  In the case of the Beast it is a malevolent spirit that wants to kill.  I don't think it revels in chaos the same way the nogitsune did, but it does delight in death and carnage.  Either way, that is not a good thing.  The other thing I found interesting is that, like last week, the Hellhound addressed Lydia as "The Banshee" rather than by her name, which implies a certain separateness there as well.  Anyway, given that the Hellhound said that it has had different names, I think that it has probably worked through different humans down through the ages and battled the Beast, which would explain the image on the wall.  The Hellhound is trying to protect the supernatural world from being exposed, so it tries to contain the carnage from the Beast and also to take the Beast out.

Kira desperately needs to get the fox under better control.  There were large portions of the episode tonight where it was clearly in charge.  Only when Scott called out to Kira was she able to come to the surface and regain control.  I'm afraid that if she doesn't get the fox under control, she will be as big a danger to the pack as she will be to anyone else.  The fox was certainly indiscriminate about who it was attacking.

I found it interesting that Scott managed to wrangle Brett's pack into helping him with the Beast.  Given the fact that they were playing Brett's school, it was a very useful idea because Scott's pack is rather small and Brett's pack owes him big time.  They used the girl (Brett's sister?) to try and find if anyone in the crowd had bloody shoes while Corey and Mason searched Devenport's bus.  When Stiles was trying to look at the one girl's shoes, it was totally hilarious the way she kicked him and he hit his head.  That is the old Stiles we all know and love.

Theo needs to be careful because it seems that both Corey and Hayden are more or less throwing their lot in with Scott and his pack, which should make Scott even stronger.  I say should because of the fact that both Hayden and Corey are chimeras and chimeras don't always follow the normal werewolf rules.  However, Scott's pack is a very atypical pack and we do know that he is drawing strength even from non-wolves, so my guess is that he will still become stronger if they stay with him.

Malia facing off against the Desert Wolf was interesting.  Malia hates her with a passion and makes no bones about the fact that she will kill the Desert Wolf if she gets a chance.  I'm still trying to figure out how the Desert Wolf fits into all of the events right now.  Is she with the Dread Doctors or did she just take advantage of the timing to come back and steal Malia's power?

I do want to know what Liam was thinking (if anything!) about jumping to attack the Beast.  That would seem to be a seriously suicidal move and a totally heroic one.  Really hoping he survives the experience....

Next week, we have the backstory of the Beast and the Maid of GĂ©vaudan.  Until then!