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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

My Review of Teen Wolf 5.18- Maid of Gevaudan

The identity of the Beast is revealed, Scott takes a step towards revealing the truth, and the beginning of the Argents is revealed.

Out of all the possible choices, Mason is the one person I did not want to be the Beast.  It makes sense that he's the Beast because they need to have some serious emotional stakes involved in its identity and he is the only person we haven't seen in at the same time we've seen the Beast.  It still seriously sucks though because if the Dread Doctors succeed in restoring the Beast's memories, Mason will be gone.  And the personal consequences for Scott and the pack (particularly Liam) are horrific.  And while I want to yell at Corey for disappearing with Mason, I also want to cheer him on because I want everyone to figure out a way to either split the Beast from Mason or make sure the memories are never recovered.  Sadly, I suspect that the memories will be recovered and something serious will happen to Mason.  I hope not, but I am not at all hopeful on that score.

If people didn't know what Scott was up to before, they have got to know now.  He fought the Beast in front of at least a dozen students in the library.  It seems like he was looking for a way out until he saw that there were a lot of innocents in the library.  At that point, he had to fight the Beast in order to make sure that they could survive if possible.  Thank goodness Liam, Braeden, and Malia showed up in time to keep him from being completely decimated.  That thing is really strong and Scott had no chance of taking it on his own.  But he is the Guardian of Beacon Hills now that the Hales are gone, and that is a role he takes very seriously.  He will do whatever he has to do in order to make sure that as many people are saved as possible, even if it means that he is killed in the process.

I loved Hayden's solution to making Liam's pain go away.  While she only needed to touch him in order to siphon off the pain, kissing him also distracted him.  I get where Stiles is coming from because the gang has often caused damage of some sort in order to jumpstart the healing process, but I suspect that the Beast's claws are slow to heal much like the injuries from an Alpha.  It was the original Demon Wolf and it is really, really powerful.

Parrish leaving is a bad thing.  While the Argents were right that the supernatural controls him, the thing is that he is not really there.  Can the original Parrish actually be in there somewhere?  I suspect so, but I am still a little unclear on everything.  Given what was said last week, I think that Parrish is more like a disguise worn by the Hellhound so that it can pass as human during the day.  If that is the case, then the personality we know is not real.  But I could be wrong.  Maybe the trick is to somehow integrate the personality of Parrish with the essence of the Hellhound.

I'm still not exactly clear on why the Argents think that Lydia can defeat the Beast.  As a banshee, she can sense death, so she can tell when the Beast is loose, but can she somehow do something to cause the Beast to disappear within Mason now?  Or maybe she is the key because of the link between the banshee and the Hellhound.  Maybe she can get it to come out and attack the Beast.  So many questions there.  And we only have two episodes left in the season, so these questions need to be answered.  Fast.

It was nice to see Crystal again.  We've known from the first season that the Beast of Gevaudan was defeated by an ancestor of the Argents and I could have sworn that it was revealed to be the Maid of Gevaudan who defeated it when Allison was researching the Beast int he first season at Kate's behest.  What was a major surprise was that the Beast was also one of the Argents ancestors.  I wonder if that might be why Gerard knew how to fend off the Doctors in the sewers a few weeks ago.  If he knew that they were trying to resurrect the Beast, maybe he was also looking at how to protect himself from them.

Until next week!