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Friday, February 26, 2016

My Review of The Vampire Diaries 7.14- Moonlight on the Bayou & The Originals 3.14- A Streetcar Named Desire

Because tonight’s episodes were a 2-parter and shared some major plot points, I am going to review both episodes at the same time, so this is going to be a little longer than my normal reviews.  The good news, you only need to click in one place.  J

The episode sees Stefan running from Reyna, Damon dealing with the impact he’s had on Stefan’s life, Caroline and Alaric moving with the babies, Enzo (re)united with his family, the sire lines being messed with, and a major character returning courtesy of Davina Claire.

Let’s start with Stefan since he spans both episodes.  He is in a major pickle at the moment.  He was marked by Reyna and goes to New Orleans to hide from her.  Klaus is pissed because Reyna will kill any vampire she comes into contact with and that is not good for his city.  I don’t think Stefan knew where Reyna came from, so I don’t think he knew she was from New Orleans.  I do have to applaud the plan he used to lure her to the Strix’s hideout in order to use her as a decoy so Hayley could rescue Elijah and Klaus.  That was smart.  If any one person can stand up to the Strix, it would be Reyna.  Klaus and Elijah may be able to hold them off for a while, but there are so many Strix, I fear they would be overcome eventually.  Reyna, on the other hand, can decimate vampires with the arsenal at her disposal.  So use Stefan’s bad luck of being marked by Reyna to save Klaus.  Nicely done.

It was funny watching him meet Freya for the first time.  She seemed to think that the “friend” portion of the prophecy was more or less defunct and then Stefan, an “old friend” shows up and she was so not happy about it.  To her credit, she managed to figure out a way to hide him from Reyna.  Am I surprised she couldn’t remove the mark?  Nope, that seems to be something that is beyond almost anyone’s abilities.  But hiding it was obviously a whole other story.  I can only assume that he scraped off the mud (or whatever it was) in order to let her track him to the Strix’s hideout.

Klaus is now truly alone.  Davina managed to use the spell to break the sire bond between him and his line.  The good news is that all of our friends on The Vampire Diaries are now safe should something happen to Klaus.  The bad news is that Klaus could now easily have anyone who has pissed off over the last 1,000 years after him without fear of a large portion of the vampires dying off if he is killed.  I wonder if the spell will prevent him from creating a new sire line if he turns anyone from here on out.  Given that the spell Davina performed was meant to undo Esther’s magic, I would suspect so, but they never said.  That seriously sucks for him.  And I got the sense that he was genuinely scared of Reyna.  Could her sword have hurt him?  Obviously it couldn’t kill him, but I would expect that a spell meant to trap his spirit would still work on him.

I found the differences in the ways he treats Caroline and Aurora interesting.  Both of them have tried to kill him at some point, but his feeling for Caroline obviously run much deeper than do his feeling for Aurora.  I’m not sure if that is just because Aurora is an out and out loon or if it has to do with something about Caroline.  When she’s been a part of the plans against Klaus, she’s generally just a decoy and not the aggressor.  And then there is the fact that Caroline obviously has feelings of some sort for him, which has always fascinated me.  He has always done horrible things to her friends, yet she keeps coming back to him when he is around.  And she makes him a better person because he was willing to risk pissing off Reyna in order to save Stefan because Caroline asked him to.

Damon is not in a good place right now.  He is racked with guilt about what happened to Bonnie this week and Stefan last week, so he has decided to take himself off the board.  If we hadn’t seen him in the coffin in the future, I would expect him to kill himself.  Instead, given the previews for next week, it appears that he will just seal himself away in order to protect the people he cares about.

I am trying to figure out how The Vampire Diaries is going to handle things at this point.  Caroline and Alaric are with his kids in Texas, Damon is ready to go into hibernation, Stefan is on the run from Reyna, Bonnie is in the hospital, Enzo is with the Armory, and Matt is in Mystic Falls.  I can only assume that the show is going to jump forward to the future and stay there relatively soon.  If so, does that mean that The Originals will do the same in order to keep both in the same time?

Is the woman (missed her name) from the Armory really Enzo’s descendant and did his father really establish the Armory?  If so, why did they abandon Enzo so long ago?  There are a lot of pieces missing from that particular puzzle and they need to be answered ASAP.  I did feel sorry for Enzo when Bonnie chopped off his hand.  That had to seriously suck.

Having Hayley kill Aya was just perfect.  Aya killed Jackson and was the prime mover behind the whole sire line delinking spell, so she needed to be killed and it was rather obvious that Elijah would never do it.  No matter how much he hated what Aya had become, I don’t think he could have killed her.  My main concern is that this is probably going to throw a major monkey wrench in their relationship.  While I expect him to forgive Hayley, it may take a while.

I loved watching Elijah verbally flay Aurora and expose her for just how crazy she is.  That man knows how to insult people and make it sting, so that was very nice.  Now that Elijah has the gun with the bullets, I expect them to be destroyed, which means that Aurora will no longer be a danger to the Mikaelsons directly.  The only thing she’ll be able to do is hurt those they love.  And since she’s on her own now, I am not sure how effective she’ll be at that.

Kol’s back!  I was so happy about that.  Aside from Elijah, he’s always been my favorite Original, so that will be very cool to see.  I just wonder how Klaus will feel knowing that the magic ripped from him was used to resurrect his brother.

Until next week!