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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

My Review of Arrow 4.16- Broken Hearts

Cupid returns with vengeance on her mind, Oliver and Felicity set a trap for her, Dahrk is put on trial causing someone to testify against him....

I'm not sure where to start with Olicity.  My feelings on the two of them are complicated.  On the one hand, I want to slap Felicity upside the head very hard.  For over 3 years now, she's worked with Oliver and she knows the type of person he is.  She knows that he will do whatever he needs to do to protect the people he loves, even if that means lying to them.  I'll admit that his not telling her about William was not a life or death situation, he was faced with a more or less impossible choice.  Either have a relationship with his son and hide it from everyone (including Felicity) or tell Felicity about his son and lose the chance to get to know him.  Felicity's ire is much better directed at Samantha, who was (let's face it) a complete bitch about the whole situation.  As for sending Samantha and William off, I'm sorry but Felicity rightfully had no say in that.  If she was, in fact, married to Oliver then, I could see her being consulted, but William is not her son or even her husband's son, so she has no say in how Oliver protects them.  Period.

I sort of want to smack Oliver upside the head too.  While I do think he has been making the best of a series of bad choices, he does have a tendency to make some very unilateral decisions that might be accepted by people if he at least pretended to consult them first.  The good news is that he's been getting a lot better about this recently.  Until everything with William and Samantha, he has been doing a good job about including other people in his decisions.  And, as I said above, William and Samantha was a decision that no one else really had the right to have a say in, so I think his decision making there was the right thing.  I know I'm probably going to anger some Felicity fans, but I am standing solidly behind Oliver on this one.

I fell sorry for everyone else who is caught between the two of them.  While they're not seriously sniping at each other, there is definite tension going on, which means that Diggle and Thea have to act as mediators between the two.  I'm just glad that they're job wasn't too hard this week.  With Felicity leaving the group, presumably temporarily, things are going to get very interesting again.  I just hope that Donna returns and talks some sense into Felicity.

Then there is Dahrk's trial.  It's interesting that they're taking the "he's actually someone else" route.  It makes sense given that the only real evidence Laurel has would have to come from a group of masked vigilantes, but it still stinks.  I would feel sorry for Lance, but he did make his bed, so now he has to lie in it.  It was nice to see him lay everything out with complete and brutal honesty, because that was what needed to happen in order to keep Dahrk in jail.  I am just wondering what was up with that ring at the end.  Is that another source of magical power for Dahrk?

As for the flashbacks, it seems like we'll have to wait for this series to be over to really understand how they fit into the present story.  Honestly, I think that they could mostly do away with the flashbacks and it would help the show.  I appreciate that they are meant to give us more insight as to how Oliver became the Arrow, but they have been so separate from the rest of the episode that they sort of seem like a waste of time.

It was nice to see Cupid back again.  Is she annoying?  Sure, but she's also fun to watch.  And having her back dovetailed nicely into the episode's exploration of what is going on between Olicity.

Until next week!