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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

My Review of Arrow 4.17- Beacon of Hope

We remeet a familiar face from The Flash who is after Felicity, Curtis meets the gang, and Oliver tries to deal with the breakup...

I loved that this episode was so light and fun.  I'm just worried now because light and fun generally indicates that something awful is about to happen.  I think my favorite part of the episode was Curtis working with the gang.  When he arrived in the Arrow Cave (sorry, bunker!) and realized the identities of the heroes out saving the city every night, he fainted.  The was just completely classic as were his constant pop culture references and quips.  I get why he grated on Oliver's nerves, particularly because Oliver doesn't want to see someone else taken down the same road he chose and because he is stressed out from dealing with the breakup with Felicity.  But yelling at Curtis wasn't the smartest move.  I am a little unsure about whether or not Curtis intends to continue working with Team Arrow.  He lied to his husband, which is understandable all things considered, but I'm worried that he might want to continue to help since Felicity isn't helping the team anymore.

As for what Laurel said to Oliver, I think everyone knows where I stand on that issue.  She is right that he did make choices and that is why Felicity left him, but what she and Felicity can't seem to grasp is that Oliver really didn't have any alternatives.  The only thing he lied about in their relationship was William and that was only because Samantha forced him to choose between Felicity knowing the truth and his getting to know William.  Oliver obviously wanted to tell Felicity everything, but he wasn't going to sacrifice getting to know the son he never knew he had.  And I suspect that if Oliver had chosen to not get to know William, Felicity would have been mad at him for that choice.  So it was really a lose-lose situation.  And as I said before, not consulting her about how to protect William should not be an issue because she never had a right to have a voice in that conversation in the first place.  Oliver at least admits that he made a mistake, Felicity needs to realize that he has changed and that the choice he made was the only viable one.  Instead, she is crucifying Oliver and giving Samantha (the real villain here) a free pass.  So not cool.

That training session at the beginning was very reminiscent of R'as, Malcolm, or Nyssa training in the League headquarters, only with fewer people.  Can't say I'm terribly surprised that Oliver managed to wipe the floor with the three of them,  He is uber-focused on fighting and training right now and that always makes him more dangerous.  And I loved the fact that they had Oliver not only knowing who Voldemort was, but only knowing him from the books and not knowing that the movies were made.  Very amusing there.

I so hope that Donna has finally figured out that Felicity with working with the Green Arrow.  She certainly received enough clues tonight.  I also loved that Felicity put Donna's hair into her mouth so Felicity could concentrate when Donna was babbling away.  It was a not too nasty move and quite amusing.

Also amusing was Dahrk in jail.  Only he could be so comic book villianous that he was upset because he couldn't give his speech about how he managed to turn the tables on the men who attacked him.  And he is not happy with Malcolm or HIVE right now, since they decided to leave him in jail.  I am seeing a nasty clash when Dahrk gets out of prison.

I think I should have been shocked that Diggle's brother is still working with HIVE and now Malcolm, but I wasn't.  I'm beginning to wonder if his decision to turn on Dahrk was something planned by the other leaders of HIVE because they wanted to neutralize Dahrk.  That would make a certain amount of sense.

Having the Bug Eyed Bandit from The Flash on the show helped to make this episode so fun.  Was she ridiculous?  Sure.  Is she the best villain ever?  Hell no!  But she is fun and has a major bone to pick with Felicity, so it made sense to bring her back.  It also made for a really good reason to bring Curtis onto the team, since he could help the team in Felicity's absence.

I thought the promo said that there would be a new episode next week, but I know that The Flash is on a break for a couple of weeks and I saw somewhere else that Arrow is on break as well.  I will be back whenever the next episode airs.  Until then!