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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

My Review of Blindspot 1.13- Erase Weary Youth

Missed the episode last night, so I watched it tonight.  We got the return of OPR agent Fisher, a mole hunt, and the the revelation of many secrets.

Jane is not in the post position right now.  The team knows that there is something off about her story the night Carter was killed, but they don't know what it is yet.  Both Reade and Mayfair know that something is off and that Fisher was onto something, but they don't know what yet.  If they keep investigating, could they be in trouble from Oscar?  He seems to be a person who would be willing to kill if needed, but taking out FBI agents might be going too far.  We also know that Jane would seriously object to the whole thing.  She's uncomfortable enough as it is hiding things from the team.  I can't imagine how she'd react to their being killed.  Add to that the fact that she also has some serious trust issues where Oscar is concerned.  Something like that would be guaranteed to drive her away from him.

While I understand where Weller is coming from regarding his sister and Reade, what he did was just wrong.  She is an adult and so is Reade.  She knows how dangerous Reade's job is and she knows what she's lost so far.  If they want to date each other, there shouldn't be anything he can do about it.  About the only objection I can see being relevant is about his relationship with Reade, which is more his issue than Reade's.  So yeah, I don't exactly have a lot of sympathy for him.  I'm just trying to imagine how he'll react when he discovers that Jane is involved in Carter's death and her own memory wipe.  That will not be a pretty sight.

So Fisher was the mole all along?  Interesting.  And no wonder he wanted command of the NYO.  With that, he'd be able to leak whatever he wanted out of the office and quite possibly ensure that he would never be caught.  It's almost too bad he's dead now.  I had expected him to be around for a bit longer as a serious antagonist for Mayfair.  I just wonder if Jane could have not killed him.  I suspect that she could have, but there was obviously a reason she did.  Maybe she feared that he would figure her out and then reveal it to the team.  Or maybe he just pissed her off one too many times.

I'm not sure challenging the people who put the bug in her apartment was the smartest idea Zapata has ever had.  If they are working with Carter at the CIA, then they could force her to work for them the same way Carter forced her to work for him.  Or they could just do worse to her.  And are they the ones calling her or was that some sort of freaky coincidence?  Guess we'll find out next week.

Oscar has some serious work to do if he wants Jane to continue working with him.  She is very unhappy that he is forcing her to lie to her friends and that he is doling out the information in drips.  I get that he seems to be following her plan, but it is a plan that she doesn't remember.  I also get that he wants to make sure that she can be trusted with the secrets.  The problem is that she knows the type of secrets he is keeping and she wants her answers now.  He is walking a very, very small tightrope and he is on the verge of plummeting off of it.

What was up with that priest Jane remembered killing?  So many unanswered questions.

Until next week!