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Monday, March 28, 2016

My Review of Blindspot 1.15- Older Cutthroat Canyon

Jane is targeted by a former ally, Weller takes a blow for the team, and Reed makes a decision to protect someone....

I'm still not entirely sure if we can trust Oscar.  He genuinely seems to care about Jane and will do whatever she wants him to do.  I get the impression that he would be reluctant to do much to harm the team unless he thought it was seriously putting the mission Jane is on in danger.  But he is such a murky character right now that it is hard to tell whether he is good or not.

As for Jane, she definitely needs to take time and figure things out.  One of her tattoos is displayed as artwork by a street artist and then Weller nearly gets himself blown up by a bomb meant for her.  Add to that the fact that she is being hunted by a former ally and you can understand why she ran.  Well, separated herself from the FBI in order to protect them.  As Weller said, it really did make perfect sense.  It was interesting to discover that the guy who shot at her tonight was the same guy who shot the creepy man in her safehouse in the first few episodes of the season.  What she really needs to do now is decide if she can in fact trust Oscar or not.  If she can, then she needs to work with him, period.  If she can't, then she needs to pretend to work with him in order to help the FBI.

Weller got himself knocked around really good.  Having a piece of a statue cut into your neck is not a good thing.  And sorry, but there is no way someone is getting back that quickly after major surgery.  I have been through a few surgeries and that was simply not believable.  I know that humans can power through a lot when they really want to, but there is a limit to what they can or cannot do.  So yeah, I call shenanigans there.  I did like his method of blowing the door to escape the trap that he, Reed, and Zapata were in.  That was pretty cool.

Poor Reed got put into an awful situation.  He had already told Mayfair that he was onto something about Jane when he was attacked and then his girlfriend (and Weller's sister) was threatened.  So shutting up about the whole thing was not the worst reaction.  That did seem to get Mayfair's instincts going because she did not seem to believe him when he said that he thought that there was nothing amiss about Jane.  And then breaking up with Sarah was just the icing on an awful cake.  Again, I get it, he was protecting her.  But I can't imagine that Weller is going to be terribly happy when he discovers that Reed broke up with his sister.  I'm not saying that he was the biggest fan of the relationship or anything, but his sister is hurt and I can't imagine that Weller will like that.

Jane's attacker is out there and is not happy about what happened.  I am definitely seeing him returning to try and get her again.  He'll have to lay low for a while and recover, but he'll be back.  Probably for the finale or the penultimate episode.

Until next week!