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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

My Review of The Flash 2.16- Trajectory

Welcome back to The Flash!  My reviews will now exclusively on this blog once the current TV season ends in May or June. Until then I will be posting TVD, Originals, and Blindspot on The Rogers Revue as well as on here.

On this week's episode of The Flash, Barry obsesses over how to get even faster, a new speedster comes to town, and a few truths come to light.

I want to start by addressing an issue I had previously posted with my other reviews of The Flash on relating to the identity of Zoom and how it ties into this week's episode because it is really important.  Before Zoom's identity was revealed, I posited that Jay Garrick was Zoom. My theory runs something like this:

Jay suffered from an accident that made him the Flash on Earth-2.  Because there were meta-humans around, he decided that he needed to become faster, so he developed the Velocity serum to increase his speed.  As we saw this week, the serum can have unexpected side effects, such as causing the lightning surrounding the speedster taking it to turn blue.  Since Jay was already a speedster, he wouldn't disintegrate the way Eliza did.  However, he did develop the split personality the way she did, but because of his abilities, the personality actually split off from him and became the entity known as Zoom.  The split eventually stripped Jay of his connection to the Speed Force and caused Zoom to become obsessed with becoming even faster than he already is.  Now, if Jay and Harry worked together to develop the serum, then that would explain Jay's insistence that Wells created Zoom.  This would also explain why Jay said that Zoom stole his speed.  Also, being split in two could very easily cause cellular damage to Jay and explain why both he was dying and why Zoom is dying.  If Barry took the serum, it could cause him to split as well, which would be even more tragic because it would create another Zoom type speedster on Earth-1.

I must concede that it is entirely possible that Hunter Zolomon from our Earth is Zoom, but I think my theory really does make sense.  If I am right, then the question arises about who the man in the iron mask that Zoom is holding is.  Could it be another version of Jay?  Or is it someone else entirely who knows Jay's secret?

If I am right, then it is imperative that Barry keeps his training going and finds ways to increase his speed that do not involve any artificial means.  I get why he wants to make sure that he is fast enough to take on any speedsters, but the side effects of the serum appear to be quite nasty.  I'm not sure if this is the equivalent of magic having consequences that you see on other shows or if the Speed Force is something that needs special circumstances to access safely.  We know that everything about Barry is sped up, so that may be it.  If a normal person who isn't acclimated to it tries to access the Speed Force, they are eventually burned up from the inside the way Eliza was tonight.  Just some thoughts to consider.

As for Jessie, I get her reaction to what Harry was doing, but she has to know that most parents will do just about anything to save their child.  Was what he did dark and the wrong thing?  Sure, but it was understandable.  I'm hoping that her leaving is just a temporary thing, because I think she would be lots of fun to have around.  I'm just curious if they are planning on turning her into a speedster like Jessie Quick from the comics.  If so, having been injected with the Velocity 9 could be the first step.  I wonder if giving her the transfusion might give her body some time to adjust to the serum and give her safer access to the Speed Force.

I'm also very curious about whether or not her meta-human detector was being set off by Barry and Cisco or if Wally was setting it off.  It did go off a couple times when he was close, but Cisco was close too, so it could be either.  Since Wally is a version of the Flash in the comics, it is entirely possible that he is a meta-human as well and that was what her detector was reacting too.

I felt sorry for everyone when they realized that Jay was Zoom.  Caitlin had a look on her face that spoke volumes and Barry's primal scream at the canyon was harsh too.  Being duped twice is not good for them and is going to make Barry even less trusting than he was earlier in the season.

Iris' boss is the type of person I intensely dislike: someone who only sees the potential for the worst in people.  Are there people out there who are hypocrites?  Sure.  But he has never liked the Flash even before Trajectory started stealing things this week.  He decided that the Flash was guilty and then set out to prove it rather than investigate and find out what was going on.  I get why he suspected the Flash, after all, how many other speedsters are there?  But, as a reporter, you are supposed to let the facts lead you, and that was precisely what he was not doing.

Cisco's dancing was just bad.  Amusingly, awfully bad.  I did love Barry and Iris' reaction to the dancing though,  That was funny.

Next week, the Flash appears on Supergirl and runs through time to work with Wells.  I will probably review this specific episode of Supergirl later in the week, because I won't be able to write three reviews on Monday night.  So look for it, hopefully on Tuesday or Wednesday, but it might be as late as next weekend.

Until then!