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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

My Review of The Flash 2.17- Flash Back and Some Thoughts About the Supergirl/Flash Crossover

Barry is still obsessed with increasing his speed and comes up with an audacious plan to get some help which has some unintended consequences...

Let's start with the Supergirl/Flash crossover last night.  Number one, it was an incredible episode.  Seeing two heroes who both have so much fun with their abilities was just all sorts of fun.  The best parts were when various people were completely geeking out about meeting each other.  Barry was so excited to meet an alien and Winn was totally fascinated by the idea that the multiverse was an actual thing.  And I think it was really good for Kara to meet someone else who enjoys their abilities as much as she does.  I just found it to be very interesting that the Earth on Supergirl was so very different from the one on The Flash.  It was a good thing though, because it gave a plausible reason why we have never heard of Superman or Supergirl on Arrow or The Flash.  I have to admit to being annoyed at Barry for throwing lightning at Livewire.  Why on earth would he think it was a good idea to throw electricity at an enemy who harnesses and uses electricity?  Sorry, that was truly dumb.  I also loved that Cat figured out that Barry was the Flash, but she still can't see that Kara is Supergirl.  Granted, she thought it earlier and then Kara used J'onn to "prove" that she isn't Supergirl, but still.  I also loved seeing the citizens of the city save Kara for a change.  She really needed to see that she could still be the hero and symbol of light that they need.  And then there was the race which ended with Kara tossing Barry into a breach.  Totally cool.

Now, onto tonight's episode.  Barry had a really great idea.  Run back in time to get "Wells" to show him how to increase his speed.  What he didn't count on was that Time Wraith or "Wells" figuring out that he wasn't their Barry.  Barry really needs to remember that you don't mess with a past timeline.  If he hadn't decided to stop Hartley from using his explosives to escape the cage, I am not sure if "Wells" would have suspected him.  He still may have, given the time equation that Barry was researching, but it would have given Barry a better chance of getting back with the timeline intact.  We now have a timeline where Hartley is working with the team at STAR Labs.  Does that mean that we might see more of him?  That could be truly interesting.

Watching "Wells" this time, knowing exactly who he is and what he has done was a little creepy.  Kidnapping Barry and then threatening him was a good move.  I just wonder if Barry really did write a letter to his past self telling him all about "Wells" or if  that was purely a bluff on Barry's part.  I am suspecting a bluff, particularly seeing how he totally lied to "Wells" about him going back home and not dying.  In those scenes, it was really easy to see that Barry was barely holding it together while facing "Wells" down.  And calling him Thawne was a good idea.  It stroked his ego a bit and made it a little easier for Barry to do what he needed to do.

When the past Barry came into the room and confronted our Barry, I thought "Wells" was going to have a heart attack.  He certainly looked like he was more than a little anxious and pissed.  It was almost like he was waiting for Barry to out him.  Or maybe he was truly worried that Barry might say too much and change the timeline.  Either way, that was a fun little exchange to watch.

Given the fact that "Wells" gave him the rest of the equation and told him that the tachyon emitter was what he needed to increase his speed, I expect that crossover to happen between this episode and the next one.  It obviously didn't happen tonight, because Barry wasn't wearing the emitter like he was yesterday, so it will either happen  next time or the next episode will start with Barry coming back from the other Earth.

The only other major thing to happen was Barry getting Eddie to tape a video for Iris.  That was totally sweet and something she really needed.  Kudos to Barry for thinking of that idea.

Next episode will be in three weeks, so I'll see y'all then!