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Monday, March 7, 2016

My Review of The Fosters 3.17- Sixteen

The fallout from the kiss continues, Jonnor hits some serious rocks, Brandon and Callie's secret is revealed to someone, and Mariana makes a decision to help Gabe.

I am not sure what the truth is in the whole debacle with Monte and Sally.  It's obvious that Sally is not straight like her mom thinks, but it is an open question what her sexuality is.  I think the main problem is that Monte never said anything about being kissed until Lena confronted her.  And Sally's parents are being completely unreasonable and more than a little obnoxious.  Demanding that Monte be fired without determining the truth behind what happened?  The tells me that there is something that they don't want coming out.  It could be as simple as they don't want to consider that Sally is not straight, or it could be more.  I am seriously worried that Monte's helping Sally and Lena could seriously come back and be twisted into something to look like she initiated something with Sally.  Monte's lack of candor and her questionable decisions in the past are certainly not going to help her here.

I was glad to see Mariana help Gabe.  While I can't say that I am completely against the idea of a sex offenders list, Gabe is the sort of person who should never have been on the list in the first place.  Ana's parents were right that he was technically an adult, but given the fact that they were dating and he never actually raped her, being labelled a sex offender for the rest of his life is just wrong.  In all candor, I do have issues with the whole sex offender lists.  While they can be good because they can let people know if someone truly dangerous is around, all too often they seem to catch people like this, people who simply made a mistake and then have to keep paying for it for life.  And this situation is very different from Dani and Brandon because in that case he was drunk and could not have consented to having sex with her.  If they had been together or in love, it might have made a difference, but they weren't, so it doesn't.

I just want to know what happened at Gabe's between him and Ana.  He had to know that she's an addict who has been sober, so offering her a beer was not a smart move.  I hope that he just did it unthinkingly, but I am afraid that her parents won't want to help him now.  It is also possible that she got drunk/high somewhere else and not at Gabe's place, but somehow I doubt that.

Stef's talk with Jesus was perfect.  He's been having issues recently and is feeling rejected by Gabe.  And his methods of dealing?  Not good.  I am worried that this could all be connected to the accident and he needs to find someone to talk with.  Whether it's a counselor at school or a therapist, he needs to deal with whatever is going on.  It was great to hear him reaffirm that he loves having two moms and everything, but I think he just wants to find out where he comes from.  Seeing that his biological mother is an addict and his biological father wants nothing to do with him can't be good.  I am hoping that Gabe doesn't want him around because he feels guilty about not being there for the twins and not something else.

I am very confused about what is going on with Connor and Jude.  I get that getting a picture from Connor could have given Jude the impression that Connor was looking for sex, but Jude's reaction seemed a bit extreme.  I am wondering how much of his reaction has more to do with being mad that Connor left and how much has to do with Connor sending him that picture.  Neither of them seems to be putting a lot of effort into their relationship which is part of what is confusing me.  Connor is an athlete, so his being involved in sports makes sense.  But if he wants to stay with Jude, he is showing it in an odd way.  And Jude isn't making things any better with the whole passive-aggressive thing he is doing.  It almost seems like he wants to force Connor to break up with him.  I keep hoping that the two of them will work this out, but it may be too late for them.  If they want to save their relationship, they need to get in the same city and have some serious time to talk things out and really figure them out.

Brandon and Callie also need to figure things out.  Cortney is being really cool about the whole thing.  She has her own complicated situation with her ex, so she knows that Brandon and Callie have some stuff to figure out.  AJ's reaction, on the other hand was not good.  He knows that something is up, but I suspect that he thinks it is ongoing, when it really isn't.  The problem is that the two of them have this lingering awkwardness of sleeping together and their feelings for each other that they can't act on.  Getting between these two right now is not going to be good for anyone.  The good news is that they are both really trying to move on, even if they aren't being terribly successful.

Until next week!