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Monday, March 14, 2016

My Review of The Fosters 3.18- Rehersal

Sparks fly between a broken up couple, Stef and Lena get a couple of surprises, Jesus and Mariana connect with Gabe, and some secrets are revealed.

I have to start with Stef and Lena.  First, while I am not the biggest fan of really short hair on most women, Teri can pull off the look really, really well.  I know, I am a bit old-fashioned.  I think most guys look better with short hair and most women look better with longer hair.  When Stef came out with that new haircut, I have to admit that I loved, loved, loved it.  What I loved even more was her explanation for why she did it.  She wanted to make sure that she looked the way she wanted and that meant breast implants and short hair. You go!  And as for that whole kitchen scene, I was giggling the whole time.  Stef was so obviously uncomfortable, particularly when the two women took off their shirts and the one offered to let her and Lena feel her perky new breasts.  I love the way this show embraces the idea that you can be beautiful/handsome no matter who you are and no matter what happens to you.  I laughed even harder when Jesus walked in and got to see a sight he never expected.  He hightailed it upstairs so fast, I wanted to look for skidmarks on the floor!  I love the way this show has handled Stef's breast cancer scare.  They could have drawn it out for a long time, but instead they spent a couple of episode talking about what to do and then went right to the recovery and Stef discovering how beautiful she can be even without breasts.

Speaking of Jesus, it was really cool to see him connect with Gabe.  Jesus is obviously resentful of the fact that Gabe never came for him and was hurt when Gabe implied that he and Mariana were mistakes.  It was nice to see Gabe apologize and acknowledge that he doesn't know how to handle this whole situation.  Jesus seemed to be finally connecting with Gabe when he was arrested for being alone with Mariana.  You have to feel sorry for her.  She was just picking something up and forgot to turn off the alarm, so the police showed up when she and Gabe were alone.  Anyone want to bet that Jesus is going to be pissed at her for that one?  A bit unfairly, to be sure, but it would be hard to blame him if he was upset.

And then there is Mariana and Mat.  She still obviously has feelings for him and the reverse is true too.  And no disrespect meant to Nick, but it doesn't seem that they've reached the stage in their relationship for the serious chat about their romantic history.  Has he told her everything that he has done?  I suspect not.  And how about that kiss?  I mean, WOW!  This whole thing is going to turn into a train wreck of epic proportions.  I just hope she has the sense to figure out what she is feeling before she does anything she'll regret.

When Brandon was talking with Mariana, I honestly thought he was talking about the night he and Callie spent together too.  I discounted Dani because that was a drunken mistake and I had thought he had told everyone about it.  Obviously I remembered wrong because Callie was shocked when Brandon told her.  And I loved the fact that she made sure he knew that she knew what Dani did was wrong and that he had done nothing wrong himself.  And when she said that it was Brandon who made her feel better about herself, my heart went aflutter.  Those two have such a wonderful bond.  As for Corttney, I hope Brandon realizes that he needs to proceed carefully.  While I don't think Lena and Stef would do anything to Cortney if she and Brandon slept together, the two of them are in very different places.  Could it work out?  Sure, but it will not be easy.

I felt so bad for Daphne.  She has been trying so hard to get her daughter back and that lawyer was totally trying to make her look like a horrible, unstable person.  While she did punch Callie in the pilot, she has really grown and matured since then.  She made the major mistake of kidnapping her daughter, even though she did return her that same night.  And I am not sure what to think of the judge's decision that Daphne couldn't have any sort of government assistance.  That may be standard, I honestly don't know, but it also felt sort of cruel.  Maybe she was worried that Daphne might not be able to care for her daughter as wells as the foster parents or something.  I was glad Callie got a job for her, but I don't like that it puts Callie into Justina's debt.

Justina still creeps me out.  The way she can justify everything she does is just amazing, and not in a good way.  Obviously, a personal story is more touching than another person's story, but if it ever came out that she lied, it could undermine everything Justina does.  And yes, while everyone gets help from those around them, that is a far cry from what Justina did in lying about her friend.  I just have a really bad feeling about where this is going.

Next week, Romeo and Juliet the musical!  Until then!