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Monday, March 21, 2016

My Review of The Fosters 3.19- The Show

While Brandon and Mat's play goes on, Stef returns to a hauntingly familiar place, people contemplate their love lives, and tragedy strikes....

First off, I loved the musical and the music.  It was nice to see Lou back and as much as I hate Chase, Garrett has a great voice, so it was good to bring him back as well.  In fact, everyone who got to show off their pipes did a great job.  So kudos to everyone for the great job.

I get why Callie wants to come clean, but I really think it would be an awful idea.  It was a one time thing that happened because both Brandon and Callie thought she would never be adopted.  They definitely have some issues to resolve, but I don't see how confessing that they slept together can be helpful in any way, shape, or form.  It wouldn't get Callie taken away or anything, but it would put a lot of strain on the whole family.  The two of them just need to figure out a way to live with each other and be with other people.

I loved the scene in the one song where it switched from Mat and Mariana singing to Brandon and Cortney to Brandon and Callie.  That was pretty nifty.  When Callie became Mariana, I nearly freaked out because I thought Brandon was fantasizing about Mariana, which is just weird and sort of gross.  Callie is understandable because he only met her recently, but he did a lot of growing up with Mariana.  I was so happy when they pulled back and showed Mat.  That was a nice trick to pull.  Well done.

Mat and Mariana also definitely have some stuff to work out.  They both obviously have feelings for each other and their both with other people.  Mat's girlfriend is totally being a passive-aggressive bitch to Mariana and Nick is rather worried about everything, for good reason.  I honestly don't think Mariana has been purposefully leading him on, but she needs to figure out what's what soon or else there's going to be trouble.

I'm honestly not sure how to feel about Jude.  I don't get the feeling that he had feelings for Jack, but when Jack kissed him, he definitely seemed to have something happen.  I'm not sure if it was just that Jack was the only guy besides Connor to kiss him or if maybe he does have feelings for Jack.  I just wish Jack had told him that the kiss didn't actually mean anything.  That just sucks for Jude.  And now that Jack is dead, it apparently is going to cause Jude to question a lot of stuff.  I'm really curious where this is going now.

When I saw last week's promo, I though I recognized the guy with the gun as Callie and Jude's former foster father, but I was not expecting Jack to be placed with him.  I really want this to be going somewhere which leads to the end of the foster care privatization.  Whether or not it does will really depend on how Jack got into the home in the first place.  Almost as soon as Stef heard that the wife wasn't around and when we saw the texts not being returned to Jude, I was worried that it was Jack in the kitchen.  While he may not have been the greatest character, he was definitely a tragic one.  It totally sukcs that Stef's first day on the job involved her being called to the former foster home of her kids and discovering Jack dead.

I almost want to weigh in more on the whole Jude sexuality issue, but I think I'll wait until next week to see how it is handled.  I just hope that they figure out something to do with him because it seems like the writers' haven't been sure how to handle Jude for a while now.

Until next week!