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Monday, March 28, 2016

My Review of The Fosters 3.20- Kingdom Come

Callie and Jude have very different reactions to Jack's death, secrets are revealed, Jesus makes a well-intentioned mistake, Monte faces judgment, and Brandon acts the fool....

Callie, I love you, but you have got to learn better self-control.  On the one hand, her reaction to finding out what we've known for a while now, that Justina has been manipulating her, is understandable, but accusing her of something without any proof is not a smart move.  And believe me, I totally get why Callie called Justina out.  If Justina had been anywhere near honest in why she was supporting the bill, Callie might have been able to deal with everything.  The problem is that the company paying Justina is the same company that placed Jack in the house of her abusive former foster father in the first place and Justina lied about knowing the company to Callie's face.  Look, government agencies may be impersonal and may screw up on occasion, but at least their primary motive isn't just making money, which can't be said of any for-profit company.

As for the whole sleeping with Brandon situation, I am really curious who leaked the whole thing in the first place.  It's obvious that Justina leaked the whole thing this time in order to discredit Callie, but who posted something in Fost and Found in the first place?  The only people who know about it (that we know of) are Callie, Brandon, and Daphne.  Callie and Brandon obviously didn't leak it and I can't imagine Daphne doing so.  So obviously, someone else either knows about it or knows enough about their past to make up something plausible.  And now Stef and Lena know about the whole thing, so this is not going to be pretty.  Callie can honestly tell the reporter that she is not sleeping with Brandon because she only slept with him one time and that was before she was adopted.  I did look up adoption law and I don't think that this incident can affect her adoption, which can only be done if both agree to it or if fraud of some sort was involved.  So, I'm not worried about that.

Jude had a very interesting reaction to Jack's death.  For some reason, he went super spiritual and now thinks that God doesn't want him to be gay because He took away the only two boys Jude kissed.  Odd as that may sound, I have to admit that I totally understand it.  When I was younger, I fooled around with a friend and he was seriously injured in a car accident.  For a long time, I thought that God was mad at me for what happened and was punishing me.  It may not be the most sensible reaction, but it is one that makes sense from a certain point of view.  My only question is when the heck did Jude become so religious?  We've never seen an indication of this before, so I am honestly curious where it came from.  Callie was right when she told him that he needs to be himself, but I think he also needs some serious therapy to help himself figure out who he is.  He seems to be very uncertain and he is definitely in emotional turmoil.  I also wanted to smack Callie upside the head for telling Jude what Jack told her.  I get that she was trying to make Jude feel better, but telling him that a boy he was interested in gave him a pity kiss was not a smart move, particularly then.

Poor Jesus.  He was honestly trying to help Gabe and ended up getting him in even more trouble,  In Jesus' defense, I would have assumed that Gabe being at the play was ok too, particularly since Stef was around the whole time,  Given the fact that she is a police officer, you'd think that she would have made sure to clear everything with his PO first or something.  So sorry, but I can't be mad at Jesus about this one.  If anything, I am annoyed at Stef for not making sure that Jesus knew about what could happen to Gabe, particularly after she knew that Jesus wanted to help Gabe by talking to his PO.

I so want to smack some sense into Brandon. While renting the house for Cortney was a very nice gesture, using his college money to do so was a really stupid idea and just shows that he's not ready to be an adult yet.  I get the whole romance of the whole thing and his reasoning made a certain amount of sense, but it was still not smart.  And Cortney is not much smarter/  If you're saving up to move away or something, don't leave that money where the person you are leaving can access it!  That's just basic common sense.  I do also have to admit that I am worried that Cortney may be scamming Brandon.  I hate to say it, but it is possible that she and her husband staged everything to try and get money or something out of Brandon.  Not sure why they would target him, but it's a possibility that I just can't shake.

Then we have Mariana.  She and Mat decided not to get together, but when they were saying good bye, Nick came by, saw the kiss, and misinterpreted it.  Coming on the heels of his father's emotional abuse, Nick snapped, burned the set (which they were going to use to continue to put on the play), and brought a gun to school.  That boy is someone else who needs serious therapy.  His dad was a complete ass to him and was being really abusive emotionally.  His timing absolutely sucked and I am really worried about what he is going to do next.  Speaking of emotionally abusive, I wanted to smack Brandon again for the way he talked to Mariana.  That was just really cruel and seriously pissed me off.

Well, Monte's story was believed, but Lena is in trouble for using Gabe to build the sets.  That just shows one of the awful things about the sex offender registry.  Someone like Gabe, who didn't do anything horribly wrong, should never have been on the list and now his being on it is causing some serious ripples for a lot of people.

I can't say that I'm surprised that Mike and Ana are together.  The two of them have had feelings going for a while now, so it wasn't a huge shock.  And Brandon's comments to Mike, while true, made me want to smack him a third time.  The bot really needs to get a filter on his mouth and think before he says things because he gets in more trouble saying things he really shouldn't be saying.  I do have to say that he has a bit of a point.  Stef does tend to bull her way through people and Mike lets it happen a lot.  The only thing is that we've seen Mike to it to Stef too.  Remember the whole drama where Mike insisted on being involved in Brandon's punishments and Lena felt like an appendage to that relationship?  So yeah, it's not just a one way thing.

We'll be back over the summer, so I'll see y'all then!