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Friday, March 4, 2016

My Review of The Originals 3.15- An Old Friend Calls

Kol returns, Klaus faces the consequences of his sire line bond ending, Hayley deals with her grief, and another old face returns….

Finn is back.  <groan>  The most insufferable of the Original siblings has returned and I don’t see any good coming from it.  Seeing as he’s dedicated his immortal existence to ending his siblings and all vampires, I am worried.  If he’s like Kol, he is a vampire again, which is actually a blessing.  He won’t be able to do magic anymore, so that is one less weapon in his arsenal.  I am just worried that he will use what he knows about his sibling to pit them against each other.  I suspect that Freya is their best defense against him, but I am not sure if she would do much against him.  I so wish we had only gotten Kol back.  Oh well….

Speaking of Kol, he made himself immediately useful.  While he may not be a witch anymore, he knows enough about magic to help his siblings out.  Klaus is worried about his old enemies returning now that he can be killed without threatening his sire line.  Kol’s spell which would allow Klaus to leave while making appear that he is in New Orleans was a brilliant idea.  I can only assume that he came up with it as a way to protect himself and his siblings from the wrath of Mikael.  Kol does need to work on his self-control.  He promised Davina no killing and then broke that rule.  He may be gorgeous, but I don’t think she’ll let deaths slide just because of that.

I have to say that Hayley’s method of dealing with grief was singularly spectacular.  I don’t like the Strix, so seeing her kill the vampires who killed Jackson was a not too horrible thing.  The problem, as Elijah saw, was that if the Strix discovered it was her, she would be hunted down.  So his idea about making it look like Klaus’ enemy Cortez did the killings was a smart move.  By doing that, he not only made sure that Hayley was protected, but he gathered a group of fighters to help protect himself and his family.  Very smart.

Klaus is really not having good luck recently.  Last week he lost the sire line bond and this week he lost Cami.  Granted, he lost Cami because she isn’t sure what he’d do if/when Aurora returns, but that still had to sting.  And now he is going to disappear with Hayley and Hope to protect himself from the myriad of enemies that he has managed to amass over the centuries.  I’m not quite sure whether or not I should feel sorry for him.  After all, he’s been a bad guy for so many years that he’s earned some seriously bad karma.  Then again, he has also lost almost everything now and has to depend on other people to survive, not exactly Klaus’ specialty.

Is Cami right to worry about Aurora?  Probably.  I am not sure how she’d be able to get out of the prison Klaus had made for her, but if anyone can do it, I am sure she can.  I also suspect that she pushed Klaus away for his own good.

I do wonder if The Originals is going to do a three year jump in order to keep pace with The Vampire Diaries.  That would allow the shows to stay on the same page time wise and would explain the comment to Caroline last week that no one had seen Klaus in years.  If they do jump, it will be interesting to see.

Until April 1!