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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

My Review of Teen Wolf 5.19- The Beast of Beacon Hills

The gang rushes to save Mason leading to an unlikely alliance, Theo takes some serious steps to finding the Beast, Braeden and Malia face off against the Desert Wolf, and Lydia and the Sheriff work on keeping Parrish around.

As much as I admire what Corey was doing for Mason; and his reasons for doing it; leading Mason away from Scott and the gang was a stupid move.  It's true that theo wants to kill Mason in order to get the Beast's power, but Scott is looking to save him.  And leading Mason away from Scott and his pack ultimately made it much easier for the Dread Doctors to capture him and move towards the fruition of their plan.  But, all that being said, Corey did what he did because he loves Mason, so it makes it all completely understandable.

And we finally found out why Mason could become the Beast and why no one ever looked at him as a possibility before.  Turns out that he had a twin.  But somehow he absorbed his twin in utero and that made him a genetic chimera.  I can only assume that because there was a twin involved and their DNA would have been virtually identical, this somehow made Mason a better candidate to become the Beast than other people who had DNA from people who were not related to them.  The scary thing is that Mason managed to turn into the Beast without any frequencies being used to turn him.  Again, here I can only make assumptions because they haven't explained it yet.  I suspect it was one of two things.  Either the big needle in the back of his neck brought Sebastien's memories to the surface, completing the change and allowing the transformation or seeing his friends in danger from the Dread Doctors gave him the impetus he needed to make the change.  Either way, Sebastien has resurfaced and Theo is apparently gone.  Oh, and the Dread Doctors are apparently gone too seeing as the Beast was tearing them apart.

I'm glad the gang went into the alliance with Theo with open eyes.  They know he is probably going to betray them in order to get what he wants, but if they know it and can keep an eye out for the betrayal, they are more likely to be able to make sure Theo can't do too much damage.  And it doesn't look like he'll be able to.  The Hellhound has shown up and is ready to do battle with the Beast and anyone who steps in the middle of that particular clash is probably not going to survive the experience intact, if they survive it at all.

What were Chris and Gerard talking about that might save Mason?  While Gerard dismissed the idea out of hand, Chris seemed willing to believe that there might be something to save him from the Beast.  Is ti possible that there is something which can separate the two so that the Beast can be killed?

And what is the price Kira will have to pay for the help from the shifters?  She wants her sword back because she believes that she needs it to fight the Beast and save her friends, but what will they ask of her?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Next week is the season finale.  We still have Deucalion to contend with, the price asked of Kira, and whether or not Mason can be saved despite the fact that Sebastien has emerged from the Beast.  Until then!