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Friday, March 4, 2016

My Review of The Vampire Diaries 7.15- I Would For You

Damon decides to solve the Rayna problem but runs into an unforeseen problem, Matt decides to make a stand, Stefan and Valerie look for a way to shield him from Rayna, and we catch up to the flash forwards.

I loved Damon’s brutally direct way of dealing with Rayna.  Since she keeps returning from the dead and only has so many lives, keep killing her until she stays dead.  It’s a charmingly direct way of dealing with the problem that is oh so very Damonish.  The only problem is that when the shamans cast the spell linking her life to theirs, they made it so that any vampire she had marked would die when she died for the last time.  Which means that if Damon kills her, Stefan dies too.  And that is not something Damon is willing to do.  Fortunately for everyone, the Armory caught her and imprisoned her before she could kill Damon.

And we finally found out how Damon ended in the coffin in the future.  He put himself there because he couldn’t stand the fact that he would hurt everyone around him while waiting for Elena to come back.  So, he put himself in the coffin to desiccate for 60 years until Bonnie died and Elena came back.  Which leads us to the flash forwards (or now the present) where he has offered to allow Rayna to transfer the mark from Stefan to him in order to save Stefan.  She seems willing to do it, but I suspect that Stefan will still do everything he can to save Damon from Rayna.  This is not going to be good.

I can almost respect Matt’s stand against vampires.  The problem is that He’s allowing himself to be persuaded to see the world in black and white, and the world is not that simple.  I get that he is simply trying to rebuild his hometown, but I don’t see it happening.  I want to know how he intends to keep all vampires out.  Will he have someone do something like the Traveler’s spell to create a barrier?  And will he keep Caroline out as well?  I really hope he actually thinks this through.

If that one garden was the only place to get the herb Freya used to shield Stefan from Rayna, than how on earth did she get it?  Did she just keep some lying around in case she needed it?  Actually, now that I think about it, that is possible.  If she wanted to shield herself from Dahlia, she may have needed that particular herb.  And if she did, you’d think she would have made sure to keep some safe for future use.  Just seems like a weird plot hole to put Stefan in a position where he couldn’t keep running from Rayna.

Bonnie’s last speech to Damon was heartrending.  I totally get why she is mad and she totally deserves to be.  Was Damon making the right choice?  Probably not, but he is blinded by grief at everything that has happened and he is not thinking straight.  It did allow us to skip forward though.

When the show returns, I am really hoping that we get some answers about how Matt ends up working for Rayna and betraying Caroline, why people end up with the people they are with, and how the brothers are going to save each other without killing Rayna.

Until April 1!