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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Some Thoughts About DC's Legends of Tomorrow 1.09- Left Behind

I am not ready to write full on review of this show again (yet), but I have to say that tonight's show was a good, solid step in the right direction.  The episode serviced all of the characters wonderfully without seeming to be dragged down some of the previous episodes have.  If the show continues this trend, I'll go back to writing full reviews.

I mainly wanted to write about the big reveal that Rory is Chronos.  When I saw that Chronos had kidnapped only Snart, I knew that Rory had to have something to do with it.  When he came walking into the room with Snart to do the reveal, I realized that Chronos was Rory.  That was a very, very cool reveal,  I am glad that Snart didn't kill him, because killing has never been Snart's thing.  Well, except for his dad, who (let's face it) deserved it.  It also makes sense why Chronos kept finding them so easily.  He had been with them in the past, so he knew where to go.

One other nifty aspect of the reveal is that it parallels Sara's story.  In hoping that Rory is redeemable, she is also striving for redemption herself.  Seeing her with R'as and the League was pretty nifty.  And why isn't Talia in the present?  Did something happen to her?  Inquiring minds want to know.

So the gang has Rory now and they are trying to get him back on their side, which is will be a long, long road.  And confronting Savage in 2147?  Not sure if that's smart or suicidal.

Until next week!