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Friday, April 29, 2016

My Review of The Originals 3.19- No More Heartbreaks

Ne'er has there been a more misnamed episode as this episode was nothing but heartbreak as everyone deals with the aftermath of Lucien biting Cami....

Tonight, we bid adieu to Cami.  I was honestly hoping that the gang would find a way to save her, but nothing worked.  Lucien's blood wouldn't heal her, Hope couldn't (I want to know what they tried with her!), the necklace that stored Finn would only contain Mikaelsons, and Elijah was adamant that they not use a spell to place her in another body.  I am really going to miss Cami.  She was really, really good for Klaus and brought out a side to him that hadn't really been seen by anyone except maybe Caroline; who refused to actually see it.

Watching Klaus spend the majority of the episode with her was just gorgeous.  She insisted that he act as her stenographer as she told him about her last will and then he entered her mind to give her one last, perfect day.  It was there that the chemistry between these two absolutely shined.  Cami told Klaus that she knew that he still felt real human emotions and that he needed to be light for Hope.  While a lot of her lines could have come across as vapid sentimentality, it was obvious that she was trying one last time to be the therapist that Klaus needed, the woman who loved him (and he loved in return) and brought out the best parts of his nature.  I hope he continues to carry that forward and doesn't try some insane revenge plot against Lucien.

And we know that is what Lucien is counting on.  He killed Klaus' love in order to drive Klaus into an insane fury so Klaus would attack him.  The problem is that Lucien has the Ancestors protecting him, which is making him virtually unstoppable.  Even Davina's magic couldn't stop him because the Ancestors were shielding him.  And I think the Ancestors are his Achilles heel.  We know that nature will not allow an all-powerful, truly immortal creature to exist.  Every creature must have a weakness.  The Originals have the white oak, vampirized Alaric was tied to Elena's life, the vampires are weak to the sun, etc.  I suspect that if Lucien can somehow be cut off from the Ancestors, he will be vulnerable to something.  Maybe it will be magic, maybe something else.  It's also possible that cutting him off from the Ancestors will kill him if their magic is what is keeping him alive.

If I am right, then it is possible that Davina's move of going to Kol could have been a plan to let him kill her so that she could confront the Ancestors on whatever the alternate plane is.  She knew that the Ancestors had messed with her spell to make Kol want to kill her, so she might have decided to let him in order to confront the Ancestors on their own turf.  Likely?  No, but it is possible.

And the Ancestors do need to be confronted and stopped.  They are messing with powerful forces and quite possibly tipping the forces of nature in weird ways in order to kill the Mikaelsons.  If they are not stopped, then they will continue to cause trouble.  The problem is that stopping them will probably eliminate magic in New Orleans because most of the witches there practice ancestral magic.  There may be other types of witches, but if so we haven't really seen them.

I did love that they gave everyone a chance to say goodbye to Cami, that was really sweet.  Now we only have the revenge to look forward to.

Until next week!

My Review of The Vampire Diaries 7.20- Kill 'Em All

The gang continues their mission to save Bonnie, Damon makes a desperate move, we learn why Matt hates Stefan, and Rayna throw everyone for a loop....

For everyone who has been wondering why Matt hates Stefan, we found out what happened to Penny.  Turns out that two year ago, Matt got a promotion to sergeant and proposed to her.  Shortly afterwards, Stefan came to visit Liz's grave in the hopes of running into Caroline.  Penny saw him and tried to take him in, but he escaped.  Penny chased him and was accidentally killed by Matt.  Stefan erased Matt's memory in order to spare him.  What Stefan didn't know it that Matt had a dash cam and saw Stefan compel him.  He assumed that Stefan had killed Penny, so he wanted revenge.  Now, he still blames Stefan because if Stefan hadn't been there, Matt wouldn't have shot her.  While that is true, blaming Stefan is just a way for Matt to feel better about himself and gives him an excuse to continue hating vampires.  I might care more if they gave a reason to care about Penny, but they didn't, so I won't weep too much.  I still want to know how Matt managed to run all of the vampires out of Mystic Falls.  They haven't said and it's obvious that there is not a mystical barrier, so it has to be something else.  I hope they explain that at some point.

Damon's deal with the Armory was a brilliant, albeit desperate, move.  Even though the gang was moving as quickly as possible to kill the vampires on Rayna's list, they were running out of time, so he gets the Armory to use its troops to kill the vampires in exchange for Bonnie opening the vault.  I am not entirely sure that his explanation to Enzo was the entire truth, but I don't think he was lying.  He wanted to save his friend and he wanted her to be happy, so he saved Enzo from having to decide whether or not to work with the Armory.  Since Bonnie already hated him, he let her continue to hate him while saving her relationship with Enzo.  I seem to remember him doing something similar with Stefan and Elena several seasons ago.  This is the wonderful side to Damon that Elena brought out.  He took one for the team in order to help everyone out.  What he didn't count on was Rayna's twist...

We probably should have seen a twist coming, but I know I missed it.  Rayna decided to get her final revenge on the gang by passing both her life and her vampire hunting magic onto Bonnie.  That is not good.  Now, I don't know if the new magic will affect her magic or not.  We know that someone cannot be two types of supernatural creatures at once, but I am not entirely sure if Rayna is technically a supernatural creature or if she is a magically enhanced human.  If the latter, then Bonnie will be very dangerous because she will have access to the Bennett magic as well as the magic from Rayna's curse.  If the former, then she'll merely be dangerous because she'll hate and want to kill all vampires.  Neither is good.

It was nice to see Caroline back in action.  She and Alaric obviously have a good amount of stuff to hash out.  I am not sold on them as a couple yet, so I am not entirely sure where I want this to go.  I don't think she'd get back with Stefan, but it is possible.  Here's hoping the two of them figure out what they are going to do and hoping that Stefan stays out of the whole situation until whatever smoke there may be clears.

Until next week!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

My Review of Arrow 4.19- Canary Cry

The team deals with Laurel's death in different ways as they work to cement her legacy as the Black Canary....

This was a wonderful episode and one that really showed the character of Laurel Lance and the actress Katie Cassidy the respect both deserved.  I especially loved the way they showed the contrast to how Oliver reacted to her death versus how he reacted to Tommy's death.  Seeing the flashbacks of Oliver and Laurel together mourning Tommy made for some wonderful scenes and helped to fill in some gaps between seasons 1 and 2.

What I think I loved the most was how each character reacted differently to Laurel's death.  Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity each blamed themselves for her death.  Oliver makes sense because he always blames himself for anything bad that happens.  Felicity makes sense on an emotional and irrational level, which she herself acknowledges.  Diggle rightfully accepts blame.  I know Oliver and Felicity told him that he wasn't at fault, but I disagree with them.  While he was not the direct cause, his misplaced trust in Andy was definitely a factor in her death.

I don't want to harp on it too much, but as Diggle noted, if he had listened to Oliver and trusted what Oliver was saying about Andy, Laurel might be alive.  I do want to emphasize the word "might" here because it is entirely possible that they would have gone anyway and she would have been killed by Dahrk as a message to Lance.  There is really no way to know for sure.  But, as we saw this week, he is definitely verging on going over the edge because of his guilt and grief.  While I totally understand his wanting to get revenge for Andy's betrayal, he does need to make sure that he is being as calculating as possible because we know that working from a place of rage never works out properly.

Lance's reaction was the most gut wrenching.  He and Laurel have really come to depend on each other for support in times of crisis.  With Sara and Dinah both gone, they have relied on each other, Lance especially so.  Laurel has always had Oliver and the gang to support her if needed, Lance has never really depended on them for that sort of emotional support.  I really hope that he comes to rely on Oliver and the gang to help him through and doesn't retreat into a bottle or revert to his vigilante hating persona.  I also hope that he relies on Donna, because she has shown herself to be very good for him.  He just needs to rely on someone to help him through the grief he is feeling.

While I understand his denial given everything he has seen, he really needed that hard slap of reality that Oliver gave him.  He saw how damaged Sara was when she came back, but he still was looking for the Lazarus Pit anyway.  I am surprised that no one had mentioned its destruction to him before.  Well, I assume no one mentioned it to him because no one in the gang was acting like he knew about it.  The only other "resurrections" he has seen were Oliver and Sara returning from the shipwreck, and neither had actually died.  It was good to see him accept that Laurel really was dead by the end of the episode because I don't think a side plot of him looking for a way to resurrect her would have been a good thing at this point in the season, particularly since we had a similar plot earlier in the season with Laurel and Sara.

I also loved that Oliver revealed that Laurel was the Black Canary at her funeral.  Because of what the imposter was doing, Laurel's legacy as the Black Canary was being tarnished and Ruve was using the events to try and turn the city against the vigilantes again.  I hope she'll have a harder time doing that now that the Green Arrow saved her life and because the public servant she was eulogizing was revealed to be the true Black Canary.  Then again, she is a skilled politician and she has shown a willingness to do whatever she needs to do in order to further HIVE's aims, so anything is possible.

Given the fact that Barry rushed out with his speed, I can only assume that this episode is chronologically placed before he lost his speed to Zoom.  I hope they clear it up with some sort of explanation, but if they don't it won't be the biggest deal.

Next week, Diggle confronts Andy and Oliver and Felicity look for ways to stop Dahrk's magic.  Until then!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

My Review of The Flash 2.19- Back to Normal

Barry adjusts to life sans speed, Caitlin tries to get away from Zoom and meets Killer Frost, Wally makes a request of Joe, Harry gets in trouble and then makes Barry an intriguing offer...

Is Harry serious?  He wants to recreate the particle accelerator accident to give Barry back his speed so that Barry can face Zoom.  While I understand the logic behind the decision, I have to say that there are so many things that can go wrong.  I assume that Harry thinks he can glean enough information from his own failure as well as what Thawne did in order to make sure that the recreation is contained and to make sure that only Barry is affected.  I admire his moxy, but I really hope that he is right.  Of course, with Cisco, Jesse, and Barry (all scientific/technical geniuses) helping him out, I do think he stands a better than even chance of successfully in containing the explosion he plans to set off.  All that said, there are some seriously awful repercussions if he is wrong.  But it may be their only chance to stop Zoom from taking over the multiverse.

And that is his plan.  He killed Killer Frost and has taken Caitlin with him to Earth-1 so that he can take it over the same way he has taken over Earth-2.  Oh, and did I mention that the guy is not only insane, but completely delusional?  He thinks that Caitlin will actually love him someday.  Somehow, I don't see that in the cards.  Caitlin maybe able to use that to manipulate him, but she'll probably only have one shot at that because if he figures out that she is manipulating him, he may not give her another chance.  He might kill her or he might just kill a bunch of other people to cow her into submission.  Either way, it won't be pretty.

Even without his speed, Barry is still a hero.  Facing Griffin Grey without his speed, but in the Flash suit was brave, if a trifle on the not terribly bright side.  Since Grey aged as he used his abilities, it made sense to have him attack people, but without his speed and the healing it brings, Barry could have been in serious trouble.  As it was, he was knocked around more than just a little bit.  But despite all that, Barry did what he felt was right.  Like Oliver Queen, he can't just sit back and do nothing.

Enlisting Jesse to help locate Harry was really smart.  I do believe that she is easily the smartest person presently on the team. I just want to know who the hell actually has 5 majors!  That is a lot of classes to take.  The most I know of was a guy a year above me in college who had a triple major (Math/Math Ed/Music Ed), but since one of them had a lot of classes in common with the other two, it made sense.  Her knowledge of her father and his gadgets was indispensable to the team tonight.  I do hope she sticks around and helps them come up with a plan to foil Zoom.  As I said above, having her, Barry, and Cisco helping Harry will up the odds of his plan working tremendously.

Wally met the Flash and got to thank him for saving his life.  I assume that Barry found some sort of voice scrambler which would let him mimic the vocal cord vibrations he normally uses to mask his voice when he is being the Flash.  I just wonder how much longer it is going to take him to figure out who the Flash is.  He was able to figure out that Joe knew the Flash, but can he make the leap to figure out that Barry is the Flash?  I would say it is possible, but it might take him a bit longer.  I do hope he finds out soon, because then he would see some of the reasons that Joe and Iris admire Barry so much.

I still want to know who the man in the iron mask is.  He was still tapping away tonight, so he is still trying to say something.  I will say that I keep saying he because the person in the iron mask appears to be a man.  I could be wrong, but I am making an educated guess here.  Why is he so important to Zoom that he is still alive?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Until next week!

Monday, April 25, 2016

My Review of Blindspot 1.19- In the Comet of Us

The team gets involved with a shooting at a college while investigating one of Jane's tattoos, Mayfair deals with a surprise visitor, and Oscar has a personal crisis....

I loved how the episode was structured.  Having each of the four acts after the titles be from the perspective of one of the agents, as well as showing where they were before they went on the investigation was pretty nifty.  It allowed us to view multiple areas during the same time period which was just fun to see.  I was surprised at the reason behind the shooting.  Having the coach be a sexual predator was rough, particularly since he was an idol of Reade's.

When we heard the first explosion at the end of Jane's segment, I knew from the previews that it was Reade's, so I was surprised to see the same type of bomb by Weller.  My only question is how the heck they had enough time to set up those bombs, because they looked seriously complicated and were being held on by *A LOT* of tape.  That and the numbers just happening to be in the newspaper that Zapata was looking at stretch believability just a bit.

I think that is one thing I have always struggled with when it comes to this show.  Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy the show, but having the team always figure out a tattoo just as what the tattoo indicates is happening stretches believability.  I would be willing to concede that it is possible that the people who tattooed Jane are behind the different events, but that is unlikely.  After all, how would they know that which tattoo has been decoded?  I know, the idea is central to the show, but it does bug me.  Maybe I am being overly picky, but there it is.

It I was Mayfair, I don't know if I would have helped Sofia.  I get why she did, but it didn't strike me as a particularly good idea.  Granted, when there are feelings involved, people often make bad decisions and I think that is what happened here.  I was impressed that Mayfair had the presence of mind to give Sofia a choice of the money or protection.  I was sort of hoping Sofia would choose protection, but can't say I'm surprised that she didn't take it.  I do wonder if she knows who is chasing her or if she is just being paranoid.

Then there is Oscar.  He wants to stop being Jane's handler because he is afraid that his feelings for her are getting in the way of the mission.  If the people involved were worried about that, then why did they choose Oscar, who obviously had a past with Jane, to be her handler in the first place?  I think it's rather obvious that his feelings for her are what they were hoping for, at least on some level.  He just needs to figure out if he can work with her.  She obviously wants to work with him because she feels that she can trust him.  I do want to know why they have Carter's body.

It was really nice to see Weller continue to make up with his dad.  Seeing Zapata at the meeting and hearing her story about her first partner was a nice insight to her character.  And Reade continues to struggle with losing Sarah, even if it was a choice he made.  He did look nice in that bow tie though.  Not everyone can pull that off without looking nerdy, but he can.

Until next week!

Friday, April 22, 2016

My Review of The Vampire Diaries 7.19- Somebody That I Used to Know

The gang fans out across the nation to track down the escaped vampires as the Salvatores face some brutal truths and we get a look at how Bonnie and Enzo became a couple.

I'll be honest and say I am still not sure how I feel about Bonnie and Enzo, mainly because I don't like Enzo much.  Granted, he's not as annoying now as he used to be, so I've grown to tolerate him, but I feel the same about him as I did about Tyler.  I've never seen the attraction people have had for either character (aside from their aesthetic value).  But regardless, I have to admit that he has been there for Bonnie when she needed someone and Damon abandoned her, so that is a good thing.  The bad thing is that he has been inadvertently poisoning her with the pills which were meant to protect her from the Armory.  Even there, it's hard to be mad at him because he obviously didn't intend to hurt her.

Still, the fact that she is so mad at Damon means that she still has some residual feelings for him.  If you don't care deeply for someone, you wouldn't get that upset at them for leaving like Damon did.  I'm not saying that she love him romantically, but there is something there,  I just hope they figure something out soon because I really do love watching the two of them bicker and the bond they formed while in the prison world.  All that being said, it is totally understandable why she is pissed at Damon.  He was a very good friend to her and he just left her for 3 years.  I've asked it before, but I think we do have to ask if he had a good reason.  That is the hard part.

Speaking of broken relationships, we also have Stefan and Caroline.  Again, he left her and this time we know if was for a good reason.  He had Rayna on his tail and he wanted to protect Caroline and the babies she was carrying for Alaric.  I'm not sure if what she and Alaric have is real or not.  Nothing we've seen from them so far shows anything other than a good friendship, so it doesn't seem to be a love match.  That being said, having a good friendship is a good place to start a relationship.  I don't think she would leave the twins and Alaric is part of that deal.  I just hope that she isn't just staying with Alaric out of a sense of obligation or because she's mad at Stefan.  Alaric deserves better than that and so does she.

Watching the two groups take out the vampires who were is the stone was fun, if a bit macabre.  Stefan playing golf with one vampire's heart?  Damon using a wet floor sign to behead then one vampire?  And then there was the scene where Damon and Enzo played hoops with a heart and a head.  Those moments were definitely amusing, albeit in a very sick and twisted way.  And how many more vampires did Rayna add to her list?  This could take a while.

So the Armory needs Bonnie to undo a spell that Lucy Bennett cast on a vault where Alex's sister is trapped.  According to Alex, her sister is still alive.  I am not sure I want to know what is down there.  I fear it cannot be good for anyone.  And I'm trying to remember if we've heard of this Lucy Bennett before or if this is a random relative we were just introduced to recently.  I suspect the latter, because I can't find a mention of her anywhere.

Until next week!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

My Review of The Flash 2.18- Versus Zoom

As we get a lot of backstory on Zoom, Barry comes up with a whopper of a plan to stop Zoom....

Well, my guess about how Zoom came to be Zoom was mostly wrong.  About the only thing I got right was that Jay Garrick and Zoom are one and the same and that obsession was involved.  Turns out Hunter Zolomon created the persona of Jay Garrick in order to give people hope so that he could then tear that hope away.  What I could never have predicted was how closely his life parallels Barry's for a bit and then completely diverges.  When Hunter Zolomon was a kid, his father murdered his mother in front him, which landed his father in prison.  Hunter was then placed in foster care and went on to become a mass murderer, killing 23 people in one spree.  While Barry had the Wests to take him in and give him a loving home, Hunter didn't have anyone to care for him that way.  And for how he became Zoom, it happened when the particle accelerator exploded while he was getting electroshock therapy.  Somehow it connected him to the Speed Force.

One thing that I find really interesting is that he felt the need to create the Jay Garrick persona.  That is something I am trying to figure out.  Why did he feel that he needed to create this hero?  I think that could be a very interesting topic to explore.  My guess is that it has to do with the fact that his father, who had just come back from fighting for his country, was a hero in his eyes who then fell and ripped his life apart.  That could lead someone to want to make everyone else suffer in the same way he did.  That is one seriously damaged person.

The other aspect of Zoom that I find interesting is that he seems to have seriously fallen for Caitlin.  I almost have to wonder if he has feelings for the Caitlin on his world that she didn't share,  Caitlin showed him that someone really could care about him.  The problem is that she obviously doesn't feel the same way about him now, which could cause serious problems since he kidnapped her.

It was nice to finally see when exactly Barry crossed over to Supergirl.  Unless I am very much mistaken, it happened during his run back from Keystone City.  We saw him run into a breach and then right out of it again and he asked how long he had been gone, indicating that he had to have been gone for some time from his perspective, even if he wasn't from the perspective of everyone on our Earth.  What really confuses me is why he didn't say anything about what happened to him.  I know the shows are on different networks, but you'd think they would be ok with him having a line or something about what happened, particularly since that trip was probably what convinced him that his plan to travel back to Earth-2 was a viable one.  I kept waiting for him to say something, but he didn't.  Not a huge thing, but still a little annoying.

Using Cisco's abilities to open the breach between the worlds was a pretty cool expansion of his powers.  It makes sense that he could do it given the fact that his vibes use the frequencies of the different universes in the multiverse in order to allow him to see and sense different things.  I also found it interesting that he was afraid that using his expanded abilities would lead him down the path to becoming Reverb, something he really wants to avoid.  But Barry was right, nature doesn't completely dictate how you turn out.  The people around you and the events that you experience (ie nurture) have some impact on who you become.

It was really cool of Barry to nudge Joe into asking Wally to move in with him.  My only question is how Zoom knew that Wally would be at the Wests'.  He may have visited there before, but he had just started to move in.  Again, not a big thing, but it was a niggling plot hole.  My other issue is that Barry only mentioned he and Joe living together.  I thought that Iris had moved back in after losing Eddie.  Obviously, I could be remembering wrong, but is she really staying in the same apartment that she and Eddie lived in?

Now that Barry has lost his speed, I wonder how they are going to get it back.  I assume that there is going to be some way to steal it back from Zoom, but I want to know how they will do it.  It's obvious that "Jay" never really lost his connection to the Speed Force, so we are in somewhat uncharted territory here.  The Velocity serums cause the person taking them to get sick, so that won't work.  I am really interested to see how they handle this now.

Until next week!

Monday, April 18, 2016

My Review of Blindspot 1.18- One Begets Technique

Weller and Jane team up with an unlikely person to find a major underworld player, Jane meets Weller's dad, personal issues arise, and someone thought dead returns....

I have to say that this was a fun and interesting episode.  It was obvious that Rich was manipulating everything, but his endgoal was not entirely what I expected.  The thing is that every step of the way, he made himself invaluable to the FBI.  First, he offered up a major banker for terrorist organizations.  Then, only he knew how to get the paintings that person wanted and where they were.  Third, he knew a forger who could fix the painting quickly.  And last, only he knew what the banker supposedly looked like, so he had to go to the party with Jane.  His ability to play everyone like a violin was absolutely masterful.  I would be careful if I was Boston (the forger), because Rich may just be playing with him.  I sort of hope not, because they made for an amusing couple, but you never know.

Jane and Weller's glances have not gone unnoticed by people.  Weller's girlfriend noted it and was not amused.  In fact, she was so unamused that she broked up with him.  Find it hard to blame her there because it has been rather obvious that he and Jane have feelings for each other.  She seems to be trying to resist them in part because she has feelings for Oscar and in part because she doesn't want to be used to betray Weller.  Weller has also been resisting it, I suspect mostly because he knows (on some level) that Jane is hiding stuff from him.  I don't think he is consciously aware of it, but he does seem to be holding back a bit with her.

Watching Jane with Weller's dad was sort of sad.  I'm not sure if she made up remembering things to make Weller and his dad feel better or if she really is trying to advance the plan Oscar laid out.  I suspect that there might be elements of both,, particularly because Oscar has threatened Weller's life if Jane doesn't go along with the plans they made together.  Weller seemed to realize that Jane was making it up at first, but he also seemed to buy into her memory returning story really easily.  I was hoping he'd see through it.  It's possible that he did and that he just isn't showing it in order to see what she's up to, but I doubt it.  I honestly think that his feelings for her and his memories of her as a child are blinding him to certain aspects of her.

Things sort of sucked this week for Mayfair.  First, rich plays the entire team for suckers.  Then, just as she is getting to know a beautiful woman, her ex (long thought dead) shows up in her car.  Inquiring minds want to know what the heck is going on?  Why did she pretend to be dead?  Was she hiding because of Carter?  If so, why didn't she come forward earlier?  So many questions.  Oh, and Mayfair better hope that giving that drive with the images on it to her friend to send to the guy he knows doesn't come back to bite her on the ass.

Until next week!

Why I Will Not Be Watching Castle Anymore

Today, it was announced that ABC has chosen not to renew Stana Katic's (Kate Beckett) or Tamala Jones' (Lanie Parish) contracts should there be a 9th season of Castle.  Given what I have seen a lot of people saying, I know I am not alone when I say that I am refusing to watch Castle again.  Normally, I am fairly phlegmatic about cast changes because I trust that the change will be made for story purposes, but this was announced as a decision made by the network (not the show runners or actors) as part of plans to cut costs.  Not since Fox canceled three awesome shows in the course of a year (John Doe, Dark Angel, and Firefly) have I been this pissed off at a network.  And that decision by Fox led me to boycott the network for most of a decade.  About the only reason I won't do it this time is because some of my other favorite shows are a part of ABC's TGIT (Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder).

Caskett (Richard Castle/Kate Beckett 'ship name) is essential to the success of the show.  Watching Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic play off of each other is what has made the show so much fun, even this season when the storylines haven't been that good.  Their chemistry and the fun they have together makes the show a great show to watch.  Remove that crucial element of the show and you have a recipe for disaster.

And then there is Lanie.  I'll admit that she's not the character I watch the show for, but she is also all sorts of fun.  She acts as a sounding board for Beckett and a good on-again/off-again romantic foil for Esposito.  She's been on the show since the very beginning and helps make the show well rounded and fun.

If Stana and Tamala were leaving of their own free will, or even if the show writers' decided that they needed to write them out for the good of the story, I might have been able to handle it.  But to cut out two main characters simply to cut costs, particularly after two lackluster seasons, is beyond ridiculous.  Honestly, I am not sure I would go back to watching even if ABC reversed course and asked for both of them back.

I did not watch tonight's episode, nor will I watch any future episodes because I refuse to let anyone think that this kind of decision is a good one in any way, shape, or form.  I feel really badly for the rest of the cast because they do all do stellar jobs, but this is something I cannot, and will not, show any sort of support for.

ABC, if you're just going to screw the show over this way, please just give them the dignity of ending it this season.

Friday, April 15, 2016

My Review of The Originals 3.18- The Devil Comes Here and Sighs

Lucien and Aurora go after the Originals with a vengeance while Freya tries to come up with some protection, the Ancestors have a nasty surprise for Vincent, and Davina tries to help out Kol...

I need to start with the Ancestors, who are a nasty group.  I've been rewatching the first season of The Originals, and the way the Ancestors are acting right now reminds me a lot of the way they were using Monique against the Originals then.  Actually, their attitude towards the Originals reminds me a lot of how Esther treated her children whenever she was on The Originals or The Vampire Diaries.  Which would make Lucien a lot like Alaric when Esther turned him into an Original back in season 3 of TVD.  Like I said last week, any supernatural creation like this has to have a weakness.  Alaric's is that his life was tied to Elena's, so killing her killed him as well.  So far, we haven't seen anything similar about Lucien, but I assume there has to be something.  I think it would be interesting if somehow his life was tied to the Ancestors.  After all, he is their champion and they are the ones who used Vincent to cast the spell which created the potion Lucien used to turn himself into the Super Original.  Maybe if the Ancestors power can somehow be cut off from the world, then Lucien would lose his power too.  The problem with that is the fact that the New Orleans witches require the Ancestors power to fuel their own, so cutting off the Ancestors would destroy the witches' power in New Orleans.  The only exceptions to this might be Davina and Vincent since Davina was shunned and (from what she said to Vincent) he no longer has access to their power either.  Of course, Freya would still have her power because her magic isn't bound to the Ancestors.

The other advantage to cutting the Ancestors off from the world is that they would no longer be able to influence Kol the way they have been.  We saw tonight that Kol is fine when he is away from their influence, so that is a good sign for him.

Another idea I had tonight is that the prophecy we have been worried about all season only mentions that three of the Originals will be brought down.  "One by friend, one by foe, and one by family" if memory serves.  Well, so far we have had Rebekah brought down by Elijah (family) and Finn killed by Lucien (foe).  What is the third is Kol, who is brought down by Davina because of what the Ancestors have done to him?  That would make her the friend, which would mean that we would still have Elijah, Klaus, and Freya up and about.  Remember, prophecies open themselves up to a variety of interpretations, so it is entirely possible.  Just food for thought.

Cami is in some serious trouble.  She has been attacked and bitten by Lucien, which means that she can't have a lot of time left.  If, as the first hybrid, Klaus' blood can cure a werewolf or hybrid bite, could Lucien's blood hold the key to curing the bite of a Super Original?  It would make sense, but I am not sure how the Originals will get their hands on any.  I guess they could see if they turn Aurora completely and then use her blood to try and cure Cami, but I don't know how successful that would be.  I would definitely hate to lose her, but it looks like we might be headed in that general direction.

It was sort of fun watching Klaus try and get into Aurora's head.  It didn't work, but it was a decent effort.  The problem is that she knows him too well, so his tricks don't really work on her.  He did manage to get Lucien all riled up when he got Aurora to confess that he was a means to an end.  That had to hurt.

Until next week!

My Review of The Vampire Diaries 7.18- One Way or Another

I know I said this would be over the weekend, but I wasn't able to go on my work trip like I had planned, so I am here as per normal.

This week, Damon and Alaric rush to save Stefan's life with Valerie's help, Enzo looks to help Bonnie who is looking for some answers herself, and some people head for Splitsville...

Damon managed to royally screw things up by putting himself in the coffin for 3 years.  He pissed Bonnie off big time and missed a lot of things in people's lives.  Did he do the right thing?  I think that is a very arguable point.  He did the right thing for himself, but by ignoring everyone else in his life, he managed to do them all wrong.  Also, he never really gave them a chance to help him really try and get as over Elena as he could.  He has wrapped so much of his own sense of goodness and self-worth in what she thinks of him that he can't do good on his own, because he thinks he can't.  It's called a self-fulfilling prophecy and it's pretty sad.  Like I said last week, he is really, really damaged and that is showing through clearly here.  Alaric flat out told Damon to leave him alone and Bonnie wants nothing to do with him.  Even Stefan, who (next to Elena) has always been the most willing to cut Damon some slack, isn't willing to do much anymore.  Damon needs to get his head straightened out quickly or else.

When Valerie told Stefan that Matt had made it so they couldn't go back to Mystic Falls, I have to wonder what she meant.  I know Matt wants Stefan dead, but the way she said it made it sound as if Matt has actually done something akin to what the Travelers did when they made magic disappear from Mystic Falls.  It is entirely possible that she is just referring to a particularly nasty group of vampire hunters, but I suspect there is more.  Is it possible that the Armory has settled into Mystic Falls?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Speaking of Valerie and Stefan, she decided to leave him because she realized that his feelings for her are not the same as her feelings for him.  Seriously sucks for them.  While I can't say they were anywhere near my favorite couple, it always sucks to see someone dumped that way.  I will say that I think their split was for the best.  When one person in a pairing has feelings that the other just doesn;t return, they really shouldn't stay together.  I just hope that Stefan doesn't try to make any moves for Caroline, because she and Alaric don't deserve that.

Not quite sure what to make of Bonnie and Enzo.  It seems like he has been helping her hide from the Armory by giving her the pills made from Reyna's blood.  The pills take away her magic and somehow cloak her from whatever means the Armory uses to search for her.  And I can't exactly blame her for slamming that door in Damon's face.  I do believe that he is truly sorry that he hurt her, but the fact remains that he did and he will need to do some serious stuff to make it up to her.  Besides, she and Enzo now need to discover what is in the vault in the basement of the Armory.  If only a Bennett witch can open the vault, can Bonnie even do it anymore?  Assuming Reyna is telling the truth, Bonnie will never be able to use magic again, unless she can somehow tap into Expression, but that may not be what she can use to open the door and see what is behind it.  Anyone want to bet that whatever is behind it will come back to haunt the group in season 8?

Until next week!

Monday, April 11, 2016

My Review of Blindspot 1.17- Mans Telepathic Loyal Lookouts

Patterson follows a trail of clues left behind by her dead boyfriend, Reed is faced with a dilemma, Zapata sees through distorted glasses, and Jane learns more about herself...

Tonight was Patterson's night and she ran with it.  It was really nice to see her finally really get to say goodbye to David after following a trail of clues that he left and getting herself kidnapped.  She has never really had the chance to mourn her loss because she immediately jumped back into work, so seeing her finally say goodbye at the end was a really wonderful thing to see.  It was sort of funny watching her talk with "David" and to see him periodically remind her that he isn't really there, rather he is a projection of her subconscious mind.  That would mean that everything she came up with tonight was something that she already knew on some level that she just needed to bring to the surface.  It was also nice to see her out of the office again, which is not something we get to see a lot of.

Reed gets caught in a really, really tough spot.  While he has stopped looking into Carter's death, Mayfair has not.  So he is tasked with destroying footage that she has obtained in order to protect Sarah.  Telling Mayfair about the whole thing was probably the best choice he had out of a whole load of seriously bad choices.  At least now she knows what is going on and will do what she can to protect him.  And he is going to need protection from Weller after breaking up with his sister that harshly.  I get why he did it, but with Weller not being in the know here, that could cause problems.

Speaking of not being in the know, someone really does need to bring Zapata up to speed on everything really, really soon.  That US attorney has convinced her that Mayfair is crooked and hiding something bad.  Well, she is hiding something from Zapata, but it's not what Zapata thinks it is.  I'm just seriously worried that the US attorney was working with either Carter or Fischer, which would mean that he is only looking for revenge.  Not a good thing.

It was also nice to see Mayfair out of the office and flirting with a pretty lady.  Good for her.  And her reaction to Reed's confession was an understandable one.  I get wanting to protect him, but I wonder if it might have been better to let him keep working with the Voice and see if they can figure out what the heck is going on.  Either way, I think Sarah is in an equal amount of danger, so I don't see that being a downside.  If Reed would agree to do it, I honestly think it would be the smartest move for them.

It was also really nice to see Jane learn a little more about herself from Oscar.  I'm not sure that having her fake memories is going to be the best move.  Not saying that it's doomed to failure, but I'm not sure that she'll be able to pull it off.

It was also really cool to see Weller and his dad have a few really nice moments before his dad suffered whatever type of attack he had.  If he dies, at least he and Weller made up with each other.

Until next week!

Friday, April 8, 2016

My Review of The Originals 3.17- Behind the Black Horizon

Lucien's plan comes to horrifying fruition in Mystic Falls as Klaus and Hayley make a horrifying discovery....

Wow, Lucien's plan to take down the Originals is even worse than I imagined.  He doesn't want to be an Original, rather, he wants to be even worse, so he took venom from descendants of the 7 major werewolf lines, combined them, and used them in the potion that changed him to an Original, making him a super-hybrid.  So, not only is he a hybrid, but his venom can overwhelm even an Original vampire, like it did with Finn this week.  This is seriously bad news.  If he and Aurora, now that she has the potion too, are more powerful than the Originals and can kill them, that spells trouble.  Since only Klaus' bloodline was split from him, they could kill most of the remaining vampires on earth by taking out Rebekah and Elijah.  Luckily, Klaus' former bloodline will be safe because his link to them was severed, but the same can't be said of the other two bloodlines.  My only question is: what is their weakness?  We know that nature will not allow an all-powerful being to exist without some sort of balance, so what is the balance here?  Esther tied the white oak to her spell, so only that tree could kill the Originals.  So what can be done about Lucien and Aurora?  Can they be staked like normal vampires?  And what effect will the backing of the Ancestors have on Lucien and Aurora?  Could the Ancestors' magic somehow get around the whole "nature's balance" thing?  I would be surprised if it could, because witches are supposed to be the servants of nature.  Inquiring minds do want to know.

Sorry, but I can't say that I'll miss Finn.  While he did seem to be better this time around, I still don't like him.  It sucks that he had to die in order to demonstrate Lucien's lethality, but better to sacrifice him than one of his siblings.  His death did manage to unite the normally fractious siblings, even Kol.

Speaking of Kol, he is apparently under the influence of the Ancestors, which is why he's been having so much trouble controlling himself.  I have to wonder what is going on with the Ancestors.  I get that they hate vampires, but creating uber-vamps and causing an Original to go more or less crazy with bloodlust does not seem to be a good way to ensure that carnage is kept down.  Maybe they think that they can use Lucien to kill the Originals and then somehow kill him to ensure that the vampires are wiped out or something.  Somehow, I doubt that a plan like that will work, but I could be wrong.

Apparently, Vincent made a good maneuver when he had Davina shunned.  As the only witch in New Orleans who is not connected to the Ancestors, she seems to be the only one who has a chance of fighting them.  Not even Vincent, who is the Regent, can oppose the Ancestors, even when he is as far away as Mystic Falls.  They have an awfully long arm.

I am getting a little confused by the timelines here between TVD and The Originals.  We know that TVD has done a 3 year time jump, but is The Originals still in the present or is it in the future too?  It seems like it has to be in the future because of the number of people who are living in Mystic Falls and how nice and clean everything is.  The one reason I am doubting it is because Hope is still a baby (I think).  I really hope they straighten the whole time thing out because it is a trifle confusing.

Like The Vampire Diaries, I'll miss next weeks episode on Friday, so I'll get the review up as soon as I can afterwards, hopefully Sunday the 17th.

Until then!

My Review of The Vampire Diaries 7.17- I Went to the Woods

After the destruction of the Phoenix Stone, Reyna warns about hell being unleashed on earth as Damon rushes to save Stefan and Alaric works with Valerie to track down one of the released vampires...

Wow, Stefan had a seriously sucky week.  After being put back into the Phoenix Stone and then released when it was destroyed, he ended up in the corpse of an addict who caused a bus crash.  Talk about not fun.  So he's stuck in the middle of a blizzard with Damon as his only hope of being rescued while he is going through withdrawal.  Yeah, that is going to make for a super fun time.  You know, I can't even really blame him for nearly giving up.  It was cool that his first instinct was to save as many people as possible, but he does need to realize that Damon is not the same as he is.

Honestly, after watching this episode, I have to say that Damon is a whole lot more damaged than I had previously thought.  To be honest, I have to wonder if he's secretly like Finn, a vampire who despises himself, so he does as many self-destructive things as possible in order to validate his low 'opinion of himself.  Don't get me wrong, I've always known that he is damaged, but I hadn't realized quite how badly until now.  He has been told for so long that he is a bad person (not without reason!) that he doesn't even see himself as someone who is worthy of being saved or someone who can do good on his own.  That is where Elena has been really good for him.  She saw that he had good qualities and helped to bring them out.  I would say that Sheriff Forbes was the same way.  I don't think either of them ever lost sight of the fact that Damon is not a great guy, but they both befriended him and he rewarded their friendship by becoming a better person, a person who tried to be what they saw.  The only question is whether or not he can hold onto that while Elena is gone and prove himself to be the person she thinks he can be.

I want to know what Valerie will do once they get Stefan's body back.  Can she really swap the soul of the murderer in Stefan's body with his own?  If she can, that will be cool.  I just hope they find the guy before Reyna does, because I don't think she'll hesitate to kill Stefan's body, which will doom Stefan permanently.

I just wonder how bad things will get now that 200 years worth of the worst vampires are out on the loose.  As much as Alaric wants to stay out of it, I don't see it happening.  I can only imagine that they'll try and get Jeremy to find some of them while he is out hunting; assuming he is still alive and hunting.  And I bet some of them will make their ways to Mystic Falls, which will definitely be a problem.

I have to wonder if Valerie is right about Alaric and Caroline.  While Stefan was gone, the two of them had a good go of it, but with Stefan being back now, will they still be able to make it.  I don't know how solid their relationship is or if their upcoming marriage has more to do with the kids than the two of them.  This should be interesting.

I won't see next week's episode until at least Sunday, so I will post my review as soon as I can.  My job is having their Annual Conference, so I'll be busy with that.  So please be patient and I will get around to everything as soon as I can.

Until then!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

My Review of Arrow 4.18- Eleven-Fifty-Nine

Death, betrayal, and magic on this week's episode of Arrow....

And the person in the grave from the first episode is...Laurel Lance.  I wish I could say I was super broken up about her death, but I really wasn't.  That's not to say that I am rejoicing or anything, but there's nothing about her death that made me super sad.  It really felt like an honest end to her story and it really made sense.  While there were all sorts of possibilities about who it could have been, she was in my top 5 people.  We knew it wasn't Oliver from the start and when we saw Felicity in the car, we also knew it wasn't her.  Curtis was also out because he's a regular next season, so the only ones who really made sense were Donna, Laurel, Lance, Thea, and Diggle.  Curtis' husband was a possibility because ti would give Curtis a good reason to be on the team and Lyla was also a possibility because it would destroy Diggle.  Samantha and William were better possibilities earlier in the year, but when they were sent away, I pretty much dismissed them from my mind.

More than her death, it was the events that led up to it that will probably haunt the team the most.  If Diggle hadn't blindly trusted Andy and dismissed Oliver's concerns, Dahrk might not have gotten the idol completed and wouldn't have had magic.  If Oliver hadn't shot the arrow at Dahrk, he couldn't have used it to kill Laurel.  If Thea hadn't shot Dahrk, he couldn't have used his blood to jump start the idol to get his magic back.  If Lance hadn't worked with and then betrayed Dahrk, Laurel would not have been chosen as his victim.  Oliver and Thea's actions were more incidental, but I think Diggle's were crucial.  Would Andy have gotten the piece to Dahrk anyway?  Probably, but it's possible that had Laurel not been around when Dahrk got his magic, she would not have been killed.  Then again, Dahrk did promise to make her father suffer for betraying him, so he may have hunted her down anyway.

All that being said, I want to reiterate and expand on a point I made above.  Laurel's death felt like a good, logical conclusion to her journey.  They seemed to be making a point to wrap everything up for her so there weren't any dangling stories left, so that was good.  And her death will certainly have an impact on everyone, so it services the overall storyline, which means it was a good death.  As I said in my review of the last episode of The Vampire Diaries, so long as a death on a show (or in a movie/book) services the overall story and makes sense, I can make peace with it.  I may not like it, but it is easier to swallow.  What I don't like is when a show kills people simply to kill people.  That is lazy writing.

I wanted to smack Diggle throughout the episode.  While I get that he wanted to trust his brother, he is the one who is constantly lecturing Oliver not to let his feelings for his family affect how he goes about his work of saving the city.  Once again, Diggle exposes himself as a major hypocrite because that is exactly what he did with Andy tonight.  And as for his remarks about Oliver being self-righteous and what not, sorry, but that speech more or less describes Diggle perfectly.  Diggle sees the world in black and white refuses to acknowledge the hard choices Oliver has to make, and then criticizes Oliver's decisions again and again.  As far as I'm concerned, Diggle is becoming less and less likable as the season goes on.  Actually, it's pretty much the same problem I have with how they're treating Felicity, but I won't go into that again.

I thought for a bit that Thea was going to die and Dahrk would make it look like Malcolm did it.  Doing so would turn Oliver against Malcolm permanently.  The only downside to that is that it would also turn Malcolm against Dahrk, so it didn't make a ton of sense.  I knew Malcolm couldn't kill Thea, so she was pretty much safe.  The problem is that since Dahrk has his powers again, Thea is as vulnerable as anyone else since she was cured of the effects of the Lazarus Pit.I was thinking that she could be Oliver's weapon against Dahrk, but that is no longer the case.

You had to feel sorry for Oliver.  He had seriously twigged into the fact that things were off with Andy, but Diggle wasn't hearing it.  The problem was the Oliver had no proof other than his gut feeling, which was never going to be enough for Diggle.  And now we know for sure that Dahrk knows that Oliver is the Green Arrow, which makes life very perilous for anyone close to him.  If Dahrk manages to find Samantha and William, that would be a very bad thing.

Watching Lance crumble at the end was heartbreaking.  He has lost both of his daughters now.  Granted, he got Sara back, but then she left to stop Vandal Savage, so now he has no family left.  Earlier this season, I might have said something snarky, but he had more than redeemed himself for aligning with Dahrk earlier.  By testifying against Dahrk, he placed his own life at risk.  I think he assumed that Laurel would be safe because she was trained to fight.  And that did keep her safe for the most part, but no amount of fighting skill is going to protect you from Dahrk's magic.

Next epsiode is on the 27th, so I'll see you then!

Monday, April 4, 2016

My Review of Blindspot 1.16- Any Wounded Thief

Jane experiences some memories of Weller while the gang chases down thieves who stole chemical weapons. Meanwhile, Patterson experiences a flash from the past and Weller and Reed have words.

Poor Patterson,  It's the her and David's one year anniversary and she starts getting reminders of him, such as a restaurant reservation.  I was glad that the therapist wisely told her to go through with everything.  She has never really grieved for David and I think tonight was a good start to that.  Unfortunately, she found that answer in the crossword puzzle "Got One Patterson", which apparently he planted at some point.  Did he really arrange for that puzzle to say that, was it just a coincidence, or did someone else set the puzzle up hoping to get her attention?  Only time will tell apparently.  And given the preview for next week, it looks like the answers might be quickly forthcoming.

There was definitely more than just a little bit of tenseness between Weller and Reed tonight after Weller's sister moved away and Reed told him that they broke up.  And even Mayfair is noticing that things are off, although her noticing has mostly to do with the lies Reed told her last week about not finding anything out.  I just wonder how much longer he'll be able to keep lying to her about this.

I must admit to being a little confused by the flashbacks that Jane was having.  They seemed to be relatively recent and they also seemed to be of a memorial for Taylor.  The question is why her mother was still having a memorial so many years later.  I get marking the day on your own, but to have a service like that with lots of people seems to be a little odd.  Totally not a huge thing, but it was a little weird.

Jane and Oscar appear to officially be a thing now.  After weeks of teasing and everything, they have officially consummated their relationship after he told her that he hated seeing her get closer to Weller.  I wondered how long it was going to take those crazy kids to get back together because the tension between them has been pretty thick, particularly with all of his threats and what not.  I do wonder if her feelings for him are real or if this is her way of getting closer to him to figure out what is going on.  Either one is equally likely, so it is up for debate at this point

Watching Jane jump through that window onto the trading floor was pretty cool.  It was about the only way she could save all those people from an attack, so it was needed.  Still cool though.  It did seem like an awfully big drop though, so I am wonder how she wasn't hurt.  I know that she rolled and everything, but it still seemed like a long way to drop and get up unharmed.  Just saying.

Until next week!

Friday, April 1, 2016

My Review of The Originals 3.16- Alone with Everybody

Elijah has his hands full now that Kol and Finn are back, there is an auction for the white oak bullet, and Klaus and Hayley are on the run....

So Lucien is the person behind the auction of the white oak bullet.  I am not entirely sure if I am surprised.  On the one hand, it makes perfect sense.  Tristan and Aurora made the mistake of making their animosity for the Mikaelsons openly, thereby making themselves enemies of the entire family.  Lucien, on the other hand, has decided to not tip his hand, which allowed him to manipulate the Mikaelsons so that he could get the bullet for himself.  Very, very smart maneuver.  Now that he has something that Finn really, really wants, Lucien may be able to pit the siblings against each other so he can take them down easier.

Finn doesn't appear to have grown much since we last saw him.  He is still the same self-loathing person we have come to know and despise.  The only difference now is that he seems to have gotten over his mommy worship and just wants to abandon his vampiric siblings in order to be with Freya.  The only thing is that I don't see Freya going with him even if he had jumped bodies before Davina locked him in his own.  To be fair to Finn, his siblings have done awful things over the years, but that doesn't mean that I have to like him.

Kol's impulse control issues continue to rear their ugly heads.  He even said that everything is worse now than it was before.  I wonder if they are worse because he was brought back or if they're worse because he's out of practice controlling them.  He nearly bit Davina tonight and he tried to kill Finn, although that was not without a certain amount of justification,  I know that Davina is pinning her hopes on his being different from his siblings and he seems to be trying to be better for her, but he needs to relearn control and fast.

I feel sorry for Elijah.  On the one hand, he has Kol and Davina who are itching for revenge on Finn.  On the other, he has Finn who (as mentioned earlier) hasn't changed all that much and really wants to kill himself.  Part of me wants to say that he should have seen if he could have gotten Freya to paralyze Finn so that he could destroy the bullet.  Granted, that would have caused a lot of problems with Finn, but it would have made sure to destroy the one thing that would kill a member of his family.  Instead, he went along with what Lucien suggested and gave the bullet to Freya to hide.  Not a bad plan, but doomed because the enemy was right in his very bosom.

It was nice to see Hayley lay the verbal smackdown on Klaus.  That is one thing she and Cami have always been good for.  They are almost the only two non-family members (the other being Caroline) who can smack Klaus across the face with reality and not have him end up in a blind rage as a result.  Of his family, only Elijah and Rebekah have ever been able to pull of the same feat, and then only occasionally.  I don't want Klaus to lose his edge, but he does need to learn that sometimes he may need help, particularly now that he is vulnerable after being disconnected from his bloodline.

Next week, Lucien tries to become even more powerful than the Originals.  Until then!

My Review of The Vampire Diaries 7.16- Days of Future Past

The past has caught up and now we are doing flashbacks.  There's death, mayhem, and revenge on people's minds...

I want to address something that is bound to be somewhat controversial: the deaths of Nora and Mary Louise.  I haven't seen a lot about it yet, but I'm sure there are people out there who will complain that the show killed off two lesbian characters.  Honestly, I don't see why it is controversial unless the show is killing them *BECAUSE* they're lesbians.  Sorry, but I don't think that your sexuality should give you a pass on a show like this where people die all the time.  As long as the death services the story in a believable way, I don't have a problem with the death.  The only valid criticism I have ever seen of this sort of death was one I saw years ago when it seemed that people would be killed shortly after having sex or something like that, as if they were being punished for what they were doing, and that is clearly not the case here.  I'll be honest and say that I felt the same way about Lexa on The 100 when she died a few weeks ago.  I also realize that I am in a minority here, and so be it.  Just throwing out my 2 cents.

Seeing the show try and humanize Reyna was sort of interesting, but it also seemed to contradict some of what we saw of her earlier in the season.  From everything we saw before tonight, she seemed to enjoy killing vampire because it was revenge for her father being killed.  But tonight, she more or less said that she was only doing it because the spell cast on her and the Phoenix Stone was driving her to kill vampires.  They need to pick one or the other and stick with it.

Did Stefan really kill Matt's girlfriend or is there some massive misunderstanding going on?  Seeing how Stefan generally shies away from actually killing people unless it's necessary, I suspect that he was either attacked and killed her in self-defense or he was somehow involved tangentially in her death.  Maybe she was caught in the crossfire between him and Reyna or maybe another vampire followed him to Mystic Falls and killed Penny.  Whatever happened, Matt blames Stefan for her death and he released Reyna from the Armory to get Stefan.  That actually explains a lot.

Damon is going to be stuck with a certain amount of guilt.  Reyna manipulated him by telling him that he would die before seeing Elena again, so he didn't get Valerie to transfer the scar in time.  As for kidnapping Valerie, I can't say that I completely disagree with either of them.  She did lie to Stefan about the spell, but her reasons were pretty sound.  Damon and Stefan are stuck in a situation much like the Winchesters on Supernatural, each brother will do anything to save the other.  They need to figure out a better way to deal with things.

When Mary Louise and Nora destroyed the stone, it seems like it might have set the souls inside free.  Does that mean that Stefan's soul was released and is in some body?  Given the previews for next week, I would assume so and I would further surmise that the body in question is not his own.  Which also leads to the question, if Reyna is being driven by the Phoenix Stone to kill vampires, will she now be able to give it up since the Stone is destroyed?

Until next week!