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Monday, April 25, 2016

My Review of Blindspot 1.19- In the Comet of Us

The team gets involved with a shooting at a college while investigating one of Jane's tattoos, Mayfair deals with a surprise visitor, and Oscar has a personal crisis....

I loved how the episode was structured.  Having each of the four acts after the titles be from the perspective of one of the agents, as well as showing where they were before they went on the investigation was pretty nifty.  It allowed us to view multiple areas during the same time period which was just fun to see.  I was surprised at the reason behind the shooting.  Having the coach be a sexual predator was rough, particularly since he was an idol of Reade's.

When we heard the first explosion at the end of Jane's segment, I knew from the previews that it was Reade's, so I was surprised to see the same type of bomb by Weller.  My only question is how the heck they had enough time to set up those bombs, because they looked seriously complicated and were being held on by *A LOT* of tape.  That and the numbers just happening to be in the newspaper that Zapata was looking at stretch believability just a bit.

I think that is one thing I have always struggled with when it comes to this show.  Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy the show, but having the team always figure out a tattoo just as what the tattoo indicates is happening stretches believability.  I would be willing to concede that it is possible that the people who tattooed Jane are behind the different events, but that is unlikely.  After all, how would they know that which tattoo has been decoded?  I know, the idea is central to the show, but it does bug me.  Maybe I am being overly picky, but there it is.

It I was Mayfair, I don't know if I would have helped Sofia.  I get why she did, but it didn't strike me as a particularly good idea.  Granted, when there are feelings involved, people often make bad decisions and I think that is what happened here.  I was impressed that Mayfair had the presence of mind to give Sofia a choice of the money or protection.  I was sort of hoping Sofia would choose protection, but can't say I'm surprised that she didn't take it.  I do wonder if she knows who is chasing her or if she is just being paranoid.

Then there is Oscar.  He wants to stop being Jane's handler because he is afraid that his feelings for her are getting in the way of the mission.  If the people involved were worried about that, then why did they choose Oscar, who obviously had a past with Jane, to be her handler in the first place?  I think it's rather obvious that his feelings for her are what they were hoping for, at least on some level.  He just needs to figure out if he can work with her.  She obviously wants to work with him because she feels that she can trust him.  I do want to know why they have Carter's body.

It was really nice to see Weller continue to make up with his dad.  Seeing Zapata at the meeting and hearing her story about her first partner was a nice insight to her character.  And Reade continues to struggle with losing Sarah, even if it was a choice he made.  He did look nice in that bow tie though.  Not everyone can pull that off without looking nerdy, but he can.

Until next week!