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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

My Review of The Flash 2.18- Versus Zoom

As we get a lot of backstory on Zoom, Barry comes up with a whopper of a plan to stop Zoom....

Well, my guess about how Zoom came to be Zoom was mostly wrong.  About the only thing I got right was that Jay Garrick and Zoom are one and the same and that obsession was involved.  Turns out Hunter Zolomon created the persona of Jay Garrick in order to give people hope so that he could then tear that hope away.  What I could never have predicted was how closely his life parallels Barry's for a bit and then completely diverges.  When Hunter Zolomon was a kid, his father murdered his mother in front him, which landed his father in prison.  Hunter was then placed in foster care and went on to become a mass murderer, killing 23 people in one spree.  While Barry had the Wests to take him in and give him a loving home, Hunter didn't have anyone to care for him that way.  And for how he became Zoom, it happened when the particle accelerator exploded while he was getting electroshock therapy.  Somehow it connected him to the Speed Force.

One thing that I find really interesting is that he felt the need to create the Jay Garrick persona.  That is something I am trying to figure out.  Why did he feel that he needed to create this hero?  I think that could be a very interesting topic to explore.  My guess is that it has to do with the fact that his father, who had just come back from fighting for his country, was a hero in his eyes who then fell and ripped his life apart.  That could lead someone to want to make everyone else suffer in the same way he did.  That is one seriously damaged person.

The other aspect of Zoom that I find interesting is that he seems to have seriously fallen for Caitlin.  I almost have to wonder if he has feelings for the Caitlin on his world that she didn't share,  Caitlin showed him that someone really could care about him.  The problem is that she obviously doesn't feel the same way about him now, which could cause serious problems since he kidnapped her.

It was nice to finally see when exactly Barry crossed over to Supergirl.  Unless I am very much mistaken, it happened during his run back from Keystone City.  We saw him run into a breach and then right out of it again and he asked how long he had been gone, indicating that he had to have been gone for some time from his perspective, even if he wasn't from the perspective of everyone on our Earth.  What really confuses me is why he didn't say anything about what happened to him.  I know the shows are on different networks, but you'd think they would be ok with him having a line or something about what happened, particularly since that trip was probably what convinced him that his plan to travel back to Earth-2 was a viable one.  I kept waiting for him to say something, but he didn't.  Not a huge thing, but still a little annoying.

Using Cisco's abilities to open the breach between the worlds was a pretty cool expansion of his powers.  It makes sense that he could do it given the fact that his vibes use the frequencies of the different universes in the multiverse in order to allow him to see and sense different things.  I also found it interesting that he was afraid that using his expanded abilities would lead him down the path to becoming Reverb, something he really wants to avoid.  But Barry was right, nature doesn't completely dictate how you turn out.  The people around you and the events that you experience (ie nurture) have some impact on who you become.

It was really cool of Barry to nudge Joe into asking Wally to move in with him.  My only question is how Zoom knew that Wally would be at the Wests'.  He may have visited there before, but he had just started to move in.  Again, not a big thing, but it was a niggling plot hole.  My other issue is that Barry only mentioned he and Joe living together.  I thought that Iris had moved back in after losing Eddie.  Obviously, I could be remembering wrong, but is she really staying in the same apartment that she and Eddie lived in?

Now that Barry has lost his speed, I wonder how they are going to get it back.  I assume that there is going to be some way to steal it back from Zoom, but I want to know how they will do it.  It's obvious that "Jay" never really lost his connection to the Speed Force, so we are in somewhat uncharted territory here.  The Velocity serums cause the person taking them to get sick, so that won't work.  I am really interested to see how they handle this now.

Until next week!