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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

My Review of The Flash 2.19- Back to Normal

Barry adjusts to life sans speed, Caitlin tries to get away from Zoom and meets Killer Frost, Wally makes a request of Joe, Harry gets in trouble and then makes Barry an intriguing offer...

Is Harry serious?  He wants to recreate the particle accelerator accident to give Barry back his speed so that Barry can face Zoom.  While I understand the logic behind the decision, I have to say that there are so many things that can go wrong.  I assume that Harry thinks he can glean enough information from his own failure as well as what Thawne did in order to make sure that the recreation is contained and to make sure that only Barry is affected.  I admire his moxy, but I really hope that he is right.  Of course, with Cisco, Jesse, and Barry (all scientific/technical geniuses) helping him out, I do think he stands a better than even chance of successfully in containing the explosion he plans to set off.  All that said, there are some seriously awful repercussions if he is wrong.  But it may be their only chance to stop Zoom from taking over the multiverse.

And that is his plan.  He killed Killer Frost and has taken Caitlin with him to Earth-1 so that he can take it over the same way he has taken over Earth-2.  Oh, and did I mention that the guy is not only insane, but completely delusional?  He thinks that Caitlin will actually love him someday.  Somehow, I don't see that in the cards.  Caitlin maybe able to use that to manipulate him, but she'll probably only have one shot at that because if he figures out that she is manipulating him, he may not give her another chance.  He might kill her or he might just kill a bunch of other people to cow her into submission.  Either way, it won't be pretty.

Even without his speed, Barry is still a hero.  Facing Griffin Grey without his speed, but in the Flash suit was brave, if a trifle on the not terribly bright side.  Since Grey aged as he used his abilities, it made sense to have him attack people, but without his speed and the healing it brings, Barry could have been in serious trouble.  As it was, he was knocked around more than just a little bit.  But despite all that, Barry did what he felt was right.  Like Oliver Queen, he can't just sit back and do nothing.

Enlisting Jesse to help locate Harry was really smart.  I do believe that she is easily the smartest person presently on the team. I just want to know who the hell actually has 5 majors!  That is a lot of classes to take.  The most I know of was a guy a year above me in college who had a triple major (Math/Math Ed/Music Ed), but since one of them had a lot of classes in common with the other two, it made sense.  Her knowledge of her father and his gadgets was indispensable to the team tonight.  I do hope she sticks around and helps them come up with a plan to foil Zoom.  As I said above, having her, Barry, and Cisco helping Harry will up the odds of his plan working tremendously.

Wally met the Flash and got to thank him for saving his life.  I assume that Barry found some sort of voice scrambler which would let him mimic the vocal cord vibrations he normally uses to mask his voice when he is being the Flash.  I just wonder how much longer it is going to take him to figure out who the Flash is.  He was able to figure out that Joe knew the Flash, but can he make the leap to figure out that Barry is the Flash?  I would say it is possible, but it might take him a bit longer.  I do hope he finds out soon, because then he would see some of the reasons that Joe and Iris admire Barry so much.

I still want to know who the man in the iron mask is.  He was still tapping away tonight, so he is still trying to say something.  I will say that I keep saying he because the person in the iron mask appears to be a man.  I could be wrong, but I am making an educated guess here.  Why is he so important to Zoom that he is still alive?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Until next week!