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Friday, April 1, 2016

My Review of The Originals 3.16- Alone with Everybody

Elijah has his hands full now that Kol and Finn are back, there is an auction for the white oak bullet, and Klaus and Hayley are on the run....

So Lucien is the person behind the auction of the white oak bullet.  I am not entirely sure if I am surprised.  On the one hand, it makes perfect sense.  Tristan and Aurora made the mistake of making their animosity for the Mikaelsons openly, thereby making themselves enemies of the entire family.  Lucien, on the other hand, has decided to not tip his hand, which allowed him to manipulate the Mikaelsons so that he could get the bullet for himself.  Very, very smart maneuver.  Now that he has something that Finn really, really wants, Lucien may be able to pit the siblings against each other so he can take them down easier.

Finn doesn't appear to have grown much since we last saw him.  He is still the same self-loathing person we have come to know and despise.  The only difference now is that he seems to have gotten over his mommy worship and just wants to abandon his vampiric siblings in order to be with Freya.  The only thing is that I don't see Freya going with him even if he had jumped bodies before Davina locked him in his own.  To be fair to Finn, his siblings have done awful things over the years, but that doesn't mean that I have to like him.

Kol's impulse control issues continue to rear their ugly heads.  He even said that everything is worse now than it was before.  I wonder if they are worse because he was brought back or if they're worse because he's out of practice controlling them.  He nearly bit Davina tonight and he tried to kill Finn, although that was not without a certain amount of justification,  I know that Davina is pinning her hopes on his being different from his siblings and he seems to be trying to be better for her, but he needs to relearn control and fast.

I feel sorry for Elijah.  On the one hand, he has Kol and Davina who are itching for revenge on Finn.  On the other, he has Finn who (as mentioned earlier) hasn't changed all that much and really wants to kill himself.  Part of me wants to say that he should have seen if he could have gotten Freya to paralyze Finn so that he could destroy the bullet.  Granted, that would have caused a lot of problems with Finn, but it would have made sure to destroy the one thing that would kill a member of his family.  Instead, he went along with what Lucien suggested and gave the bullet to Freya to hide.  Not a bad plan, but doomed because the enemy was right in his very bosom.

It was nice to see Hayley lay the verbal smackdown on Klaus.  That is one thing she and Cami have always been good for.  They are almost the only two non-family members (the other being Caroline) who can smack Klaus across the face with reality and not have him end up in a blind rage as a result.  Of his family, only Elijah and Rebekah have ever been able to pull of the same feat, and then only occasionally.  I don't want Klaus to lose his edge, but he does need to learn that sometimes he may need help, particularly now that he is vulnerable after being disconnected from his bloodline.

Next week, Lucien tries to become even more powerful than the Originals.  Until then!