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Friday, April 29, 2016

My Review of The Originals 3.19- No More Heartbreaks

Ne'er has there been a more misnamed episode as this episode was nothing but heartbreak as everyone deals with the aftermath of Lucien biting Cami....

Tonight, we bid adieu to Cami.  I was honestly hoping that the gang would find a way to save her, but nothing worked.  Lucien's blood wouldn't heal her, Hope couldn't (I want to know what they tried with her!), the necklace that stored Finn would only contain Mikaelsons, and Elijah was adamant that they not use a spell to place her in another body.  I am really going to miss Cami.  She was really, really good for Klaus and brought out a side to him that hadn't really been seen by anyone except maybe Caroline; who refused to actually see it.

Watching Klaus spend the majority of the episode with her was just gorgeous.  She insisted that he act as her stenographer as she told him about her last will and then he entered her mind to give her one last, perfect day.  It was there that the chemistry between these two absolutely shined.  Cami told Klaus that she knew that he still felt real human emotions and that he needed to be light for Hope.  While a lot of her lines could have come across as vapid sentimentality, it was obvious that she was trying one last time to be the therapist that Klaus needed, the woman who loved him (and he loved in return) and brought out the best parts of his nature.  I hope he continues to carry that forward and doesn't try some insane revenge plot against Lucien.

And we know that is what Lucien is counting on.  He killed Klaus' love in order to drive Klaus into an insane fury so Klaus would attack him.  The problem is that Lucien has the Ancestors protecting him, which is making him virtually unstoppable.  Even Davina's magic couldn't stop him because the Ancestors were shielding him.  And I think the Ancestors are his Achilles heel.  We know that nature will not allow an all-powerful, truly immortal creature to exist.  Every creature must have a weakness.  The Originals have the white oak, vampirized Alaric was tied to Elena's life, the vampires are weak to the sun, etc.  I suspect that if Lucien can somehow be cut off from the Ancestors, he will be vulnerable to something.  Maybe it will be magic, maybe something else.  It's also possible that cutting him off from the Ancestors will kill him if their magic is what is keeping him alive.

If I am right, then it is possible that Davina's move of going to Kol could have been a plan to let him kill her so that she could confront the Ancestors on whatever the alternate plane is.  She knew that the Ancestors had messed with her spell to make Kol want to kill her, so she might have decided to let him in order to confront the Ancestors on their own turf.  Likely?  No, but it is possible.

And the Ancestors do need to be confronted and stopped.  They are messing with powerful forces and quite possibly tipping the forces of nature in weird ways in order to kill the Mikaelsons.  If they are not stopped, then they will continue to cause trouble.  The problem is that stopping them will probably eliminate magic in New Orleans because most of the witches there practice ancestral magic.  There may be other types of witches, but if so we haven't really seen them.

I did love that they gave everyone a chance to say goodbye to Cami, that was really sweet.  Now we only have the revenge to look forward to.

Until next week!